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  1. Apr 2023
  2. Sep 2022
    1. When central banks create low interest rates relative to inflation rates and when they make plenty of credit available, they encourage a) borrowing and spending and b) the selling of debt assets e.g., bonds by investors and the buying of inflation-hedge assets, which accelerates economic growth and raises inflation (especially when there is little ability for the quantity of goods and services to be increased). And, of course, the reverse is true i.e., when they make high interest rates relative to inflation and make the supply of money and credit tight, they have the reverse effect. 

      Again, easy money to inflate prices with low interest rates controlled instead of letting the market (people) to adjust naturally based on savings and investments.

  3. Aug 2020
    1. Early Bird Time Limit - The early bird price ($12) will be limited to the first 7 days of the campaign as opposed to a set number of backers. After that, it will go up to the ‘normal’ Kickstarter price ($14).
  4. Aug 2019
  5. Feb 2019
    1. The nomination has sparked criticism, however, over Mr Azar’s own track record at Eli Lilly, a pharmaceuticals giant that was one of several to repeatedly increased the price of insulin, a life-saving drug used to treat diabetes. 

      The man should be prosecuted. Evil!

  6. Sep 2016