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  1. Mar 2018
  2. Nov 2016
    1. Different citation styles, like MLA and especially APA, have different requirements,so it's important to follow these closely

      Even though MLA and APA look different they both have specific requirements which set them apart. Header, margin, and indentation are just a few to list.

    2. Venn diagrams use circles or arcs to show how one thing intersects or overlaps withsomething else. They are also used to show relationships, commonalities anddifferences.

      Over lapping circles of the Venn diagram show inclusions and exclusions of certain things.The closer you get to the middle, the more characteristics are shared.

    3. Flowcharts include visual illustrations and arrows to show how a process unfolds over time

      Flow charts are very resourceful but I prefer making a word web to organize my ideas/thoughts. The first time I saw a flow chart was in my computer information systems class when I were learning about the supply chain model.

    4. tone and style of the type reinforces the message of your content

      Tone was a concern that came up while I was working on my service learning project. We were torn between trying to decide if the website should cater to a more business side of view or display the more underlined cause.

    5. Use bold and italic for special purposes, such as to emphasize heading or wordsused in special senses

      Bold means to stand out and be obvious to viewers in the writing sense but also as a person. I use bold font in most of my writing for titles or sub headings. Subconsciously when I see bold writing in my text book or wherever I know it is important.

    6. Maps are visual illustrations of a physical space

      I like this definition of maps! When I think about the word map, I imagine visual directions that lead you to a specific destination.

    7. Tables are visual displays of data and enable readers to compare information and quickly view findings

      The table is meant for readers to quickly locate what they're looking for. Now I understand why in elementary school we were instructed to study the multiplication table. Understanding the relationship between the Y and X axis, makes finding the solution to multiplication problem much easier.

    8. This document, however, tells the audience - even before they begin reading thetext - that this is some sort of letter produced by someone at Purdue University.

      Format is everything when it comes to writing. This is a prime example when talking about letter heading. Being a technical writer, proper paper formatting makes a big difference in how someone's writing is perceived.

    9. we now have the capability to present information and persuade using textand visuals together in word processing programs, slide presentations, and dynamicposters, we must be able to wield textual and visual messages effectively.

      When I read this I thought about the saying "a picture is worth a 1000 words". Having both the image and the words we don't have to guess or assume what the author is trying to convey.

    10. Writers are now called upon to communicate with wider audiences incontexts beyond the walls of the classroom - on the Web, in student-producedmagazines and ezines, and in service learning project

      I agree with this point. As technology evolves the different platforms to display a writer's work becomes vast.