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  1. Nov 2019
    1. According to Raskin, too many people working on hypertext have concentrated on mechanisms instead of on the user interface. It is necessary to look at the entire spectrum of interaction and to do continuous user testing.
  2. May 2019
    1. The issue of citing particular phrases in web documents has also been raised previously,with paragraph-level identifiers added by the purpleslurple29 tool,
  3. Oct 2015
    1. Also, I would like to create a roll your own PS bookmarklet builder that will allow one to specify for example where the anchors should be placed (beginning/end of paragraph), whether to use numbers/graphics, link/alink/vlink color(s), option to show/hide certain elements or include toggle button, etc.

      I think Hypothes.is folks can utilize this idea. Allow users to roll their own bookmarklet. (Bookmarklet's are not dead yet :)

    1. PurpleSlurple is a transcoding service that reformats Web pages on-the-fly to create granular addressability in document elements on EXISTING Web pages.

      Gotta love Web Archive. :)

    1. Another handy tool is PurpleSlurple, which provides granular addressability for any existing web page. In other words, it inserts links for paragraphs and headers, allowing you to reference specific sections of text on a given page. Each “slurped” page gets its own URL, as does each individual element that has been anchored with a reference number. It’s primitive, but could come in extremely handy. For bloggers, this provides another way to reference a particular passage in a long web document. Just slurp the page, then link to the specific section.
    2. Wikalong makes it possible to write notes in the margin of a web page (something we take for granted in paper books). Reviews, rebuttals, conversations, subversive commentary, a “roving weblog,” or just plain old notes – all of these are possible in the little sidebar wiki notebook that Wikalong places to the left of any web page you go to.
    1. 26.Peterson, Nils A Juxtaposition of Technologies: VUE, PurpleSlurple,Wikalong & Del.icio.us. Poster session, Social Software and the Academy Workshop, May 14,15, 2005 Annenberg Center, USC. (https://wiki.wsu.edu/index.php/User:Nils_peterson/Juxtapositio

      Nils Peterson's Wikalong and PurpleSlurple. :)