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  1. Apr 2023
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  2. Mar 2023
    1. "There were four things we tried to teach these kids," Carter said. "It was accountability, integrity, how to be a great follower before you can ever be a great leader, and it was all about team and family."

      his words

    1. he difference is that 93 percent of SouthKorean students graduate from high school, compared withjust JJ percent of American students—only about 2 percent ofwhom receive athletic scholarships to college

      numbers - 2013

    2. Our analysissuggests that the most engaging environment you can offer stu-dents is one of cognitive challenge combined with individual-ised pedagogical support," he told me in an e-mail. "Ifyou offerboring and poor math instruction and try to compensate thatwith interesting sport activities, you may get students interestedin sports but I doubt it will do much good to their engagementwith school

      argument against sport

    3. In these communities, the dominant argument is usuallythat sports lure students into school and keep them out oftrouble—the same argument American educators have madefor more than a century. And it remains relevant, without adoubt, for some small portion of students

      argument of movie

    4. N MANY S C H O O L S , sports are so entrenched that noone—not even the people in charge—realizes their actual cost

      school sports cost

    5. The National Collegiate Athletic Association had emergedby this time, as a means of reforming the increasingly brutalsport of college football. But the enforcers were unable tokeep pace with the industry. Once television exponentiallyexpanded the fan base in the mid-2Oth century, collegiatesports gained a spiritual and economic choke hold on Amer-ica. College scholarships rewarded high-school athletes, andthe search for the next star player trickled down even to gradeschool.

      the beguinning of everythinggggg

    6. But what to make of this other glaring reality, and the signalit sends to children, parents, and teachers about the very pur-pose of school

      the question in this article

    1. o gen-uinely improve the life chances of poor urban youth wouldrequire a sustained political and economic commitment byall segments of society. Now that would be a story worthtelling on the big screen

      but we nees- social and political change

    2. California Governor Gray Davis was abig fan of Carter’s at the time of the lockout. He attended thefirst basketball game held after the lockout and proclaimedCarter a hero who epitomized the governor’s approach toeducation

      context at those times

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    1. The problem for the England selectors is perhaps similar to that facing England as a nation. For 30 years or more thosewith authority in education, assisted by politicians and those in the mass media, have conspired --- in the sociologicalsense of creating a climate of opinion --- to produce a public ideology designed to remove any sense of pride or senseof place in the hearts of those who are unequivocally English

      not in sports, but mostly social issue

    2. elsonian eye adopted

      blind-eye knowledge



    1. Film is the reflection of our society, and Coach Carter reflects not only the reality of sports in Americanhigh school but also the reality of education. Sports are 1mportant but not enough.


    2. Coach Carter is all about a teacher who taught his students about life. The movie goes against thebelief that education can only happen inside classroom and tell us that the education on life can belearnt anywhere. In this case, sports takes an important role but its significance has been obscured


    3. The movie has sent a strong message against the common belief ofsuccess can be found in sports but the classroom, especially for African American young menparticularly, and minority populations in general.


    4. Nonetheless, Coach Carter is still more or less a typical sports movie and it is understandable if themovie follows some conventional and stereotypical formula, especially the biased reactions from thecommunity, the portrayals of the girls or the depiction of school


    5. ell let me tell you what I see, I see a system, that is designed for you to fail, now I know thatall of you like stats so let me give you some, Richmond high only graduates 50% of it's students,and of those that do graduate only 6% go to college, Which tells me when I walk down thesehalls and look in your class rooms, maybe only one student 1s going to go to college, Well damnCoach Carter if I ain't going to college where am I going to go? Well that's a great question andthe answer for young African-American men in here is this, probably to prison, 1n this county20


    6. This storyprovides an msight on how the boys see their future, with and without guidance. The second sidestory was about Cruz and his process of becoming a man, when Cruz with the influence from hiscousin can easily become a drug dealer or a thug in the futur


    7. In fact, there is a common myth that sport can be the way to the richness andsocial class, especially in minority populations. ‘Thus, the movie challenges this idea through the storyof sport.


    8. However, the designingprinciple or how the stories are told is what makes Coach Carter standing out and different from others.At the beginning, it started as a normal sports movie with a coach and team struggling to be better.However, the main conflict of the movie revolves around the idea of which is more smportant: a gloryseason in high school or a secure place in college and life.


    9. Sport is not the life-changing subject for students in education movies. The lessons of sports were notbelieved to be educational, certainly to the sense of conventional education system. Film genre-wise,sports movies is also a separated genre from education movies because education movies talk aboutschool, teacher, and students while sports movies can be outside school. However, Coach Carter wasset in high school and the movie’s content is about education. Hence, how does Coach Carter reflectthe debate between sports and academics 1n reality? And what does Coach Carter say about the idea ofeducation?


    10. Most of these research is focus on the teaching, however, there are also other matters and questionscan be raised. First and foremost is a deeper focus on the problems inside the school through thefilmic depiction, especially inner-city school, and racism is one of the most circulated problems.


    11. le the outside classroom education is highly personal and subjective, with differentimpacts a case by case basis, the inside classroom education 1s more universal and relatable. For thosewho have been through school, the memories of an inspiring teacher, a best friend or an unforgettablelesson will always linger on.

      cinematic study

    12. n the other hand, Bowenand Hitt (2013) argued that both sport and academic success require focus and dedication, thus, thesuccess 1n one field will likely to benefit the other.

      benefits of sport - in education

    13. n the modern education system, sports are irrelevant to the education of the mind. Sir Ken Robinson(2006) suggested that there is a hierarchy of subject 1n education system around the world, whichbasically was built to serve industrialism, with mathematics and languages on top, then humanities,and finally arts, at the bottom; and the public education was built upon two ideas: what is essential forwork and what is required for college.

      education and sport in general



  3. Feb 2023
    1. I want to explore the idea of education and also theidea of sports education through the cinematic representation of Coach Carter. More specifically, howdoes Coach Carter reflect the debate between sports and academics in reality? What does Coach Cartersay about the idea of education?

      sport and education