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  1. Feb 2024
    1. The SIFT method is intended to be a quick way to fact-check claims.

      Stop, Investigate, Find, Trace

  2. Oct 2023
  3. Nov 2022
    1. Trace claims, quotes, and media back to the original context
      • many things on the internet are distorted by removal of context
      • find the original source
      • sense-check the version you are evaluating against the source
    2. Find better coverage
      • look for trusted sources that repeat (or refute) the claim
      • look for consensus
      • do you agree with the consensus?
    3. Investigate the source
      • who wrote this?
      • what is their expertise?
      • what might be their motivation?
    4. Stop
      • sense-check, do you know the website or other source?
      • remember your purpose, and titrate your level of effort accordingly
    5. Four Moves

      A short list of steps to check a source, linked to effective web techniques.

    6. Context is everything - very many claims on the internet are distorted by lack of context.

  4. Jul 2019
    1. Rather than teaching students how todoubt a source as a first step, we are affirming their ownbackground knowledge about a topic, and helping thembuild on and explore their own intuition, in order to helpthem reach a conclusion

      Thinking about how this step might be before Mike Caulfield's first "Stop" step in the SIFT framework he developed out of his "four moves".

  5. May 2019
  6. Apr 2017