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  1. Jun 2016
    1. Use Hypothesis and add your first Daily Create as a public annotation to this blog post (

      Forgot to add this here the other day! Wk 3 TDC

    2. Daily Create

      My first Daily Create of the week! Just walking around... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ezRGqi2iNAA&feature=youtu.be

    3. DS106 Daily Create

      Daily Create #2: TDC1628 My 3 year old's walking feet with the cutest chubby legs! https://youtu.be/qrrgmR6ltdY

    4. DS106 Daily Create

      Daily Create #2 #tdc1628 My response for Today's #ds106 Daily Create is These feet are made for walking

    1. Produce your second DS106 Daily Create

      Another daily create, # 2 for this week. A little homage to the man that made animation possible, and changed photography- Edweard Muybridge! I used IMovie to bring his stills back to life with none other than Mr. Cash's 'walk the line'. https://youtu.be/5uuRMABElxk

      More about Muybridge: http://www.biography.com/people/eadweard-muybridge-9419513