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    1. And of course bitcoin is still number one that coined it has the best blockchain. Never any downtime survive for 10 years. Everything is going well. That means a lot. And I think a lot of the smart traders know that and investors know that. MMM.
    2. no, you know, that is kind of the holy grail for every retail trader.

      trading algorithms

    3. no, and I was talking to her at the meetup and find it very useful to see all my accounts on these three exchanges on one screen. I don't want to have to log in to each one separately and keep track of how much coins I have on each. I would rather see this on one screen every morning. I pull up the screen easy to see. I don't necessarily need to trade from that screen, but I can just an idea of what holdings I have because I'm constantly rebalancing.
    4. o I can't be pulling up my internet browser on my phone and loading the desktop version and some of these charts or some of these apps I need the mobile.
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    1. Discretionary traders are decision-based traders who scan the markets and place manual orders in response to information that is available at that time. System traders, on the other hand, use some level of automation to implement an objective set of rules, allowing a computer to both scan for trading opportunities and handle all order entry activity.
    2. Traders continue to monitor their open positions and look for any more opportunities.
    3. If everything is working properly, traders start scanning the markets for potential trading opportunities.
    4. After reading about events and making note of what the analysts are saying, traders head to their workstations, turn on their computers and monitors and open up their analysis and trading platforms.
    5. Traders will also review economic calendars to find out which market-moving financial reports – such as the weekly petroleum status report – are due that day.
    6. This involves reading stories from various newspapers and financial websites, as well as listening to updates from financial news networks, such as CNBC and Bloomberg.