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  1. Sep 2017
    1. Projects, as an entanglement, are “open, partial and indeterminate” (Hodder, 2012, p. 159).They might be being showed off at the next open house, orentirely forgotten. Peter noted that his hard drive was filling up with “functionally dead” shelved projects that got boring or require expertise from outside the space. Yet, to Peter failure was an indication of project success. He believed, as scholars of innovation do, that embracing failure contributed to better ideas. Projects also carried an ethical charge. Michael, a quiet member and software professional, reflected at length on what he called the “philosophical” side of projects. He saw them an inroad to “participation in the fabrication process” that was empowering. In his words, projects were “manufacturing liberation.”

      A pesar de los proyectos inacabados de HackBo, antes mencionados, Grafoscopio, el Data Week y las Data Rodas, tienen la intensión de permitir saltos desde la infraestructura y dar una noción de continuidad (ver gráfica de Markus). Se pueden mostrar en el siguiente evento, pero definitivamente no son para ser desechados. Manufacturar liberación es importante para tales proyectos, pero al confinar la apertura (preestableciendo tecnologías y temáticas) sobreviven a futuras iteraciones.