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  1. Oct 2021
    1. >>> page = Page.objects.get(title="A Blog post") >>> page <Page: A Blog post> # Note: the blog post is an instance of Page so we cannot access body, date or feed_image >>> page.specific <BlogPage: A Blog post>

      You can convert a Page object to its more specific user-defined equivalent using the .specific property. This may cause an additional database lookup.

    1. Use settings to change the default templates used for each tag Specify templates using template and sub_menu_template arguments for any of the included menu tags (See Specifying menu templates using template tag parameters). Put your templates in a preferred location within your project and wagtailmenus will pick them up automatically (See Using preferred paths and names for your templates).

      Dónde especificar las plantillas para los menús. Si no usas las tuyas, el paquete usa plantillas por defecto usando bootstrap3

    2. While main menus always have to be defined for each site, for flat menus, you can support multiple sites using any of the following approaches: Define a new menu for each site Define a menu for your default site and reuse it for the others Create new menus for some sites, but use the default site’s menu for others You can even use different approaches for different flat menus in the same project. If you’d like to learn more, take a look at the fall_back_to_default_site_menus option in Supported arguments

      Usar main menu o flat menu en wagtail

    3. Have you noticed how the aricle pages are not shown below the ‘Latest news’ item, despite specifying allow_subnav=True on the menu item? Only pages with a show_in_menus value of True will be displayed (at any level) in rendered menus. The field is added by Wagtail, so is present for all custom page types. For page types that are better suited to showing on listing/index pages (for example: news articles or events) - you can set the show_in_menus_default attribute on the page type class to False to exclude them from menus by default.

      Configuraciones básicas de wagtailmenus para que se muestren o no

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