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  1. May 2023
    1. gents learn their behavior,

      Behavior here is experience, information that is stored in the memory and retrieved for reflection and learning to happen. Does that mean Believable Agents or Generative Agents can essentially become aware of their own existence and potentially begin to question and compare the virtual/internal environment with the external environment ?

    2. A novel architecture that makes it possible for generativeagents to remember, retrieve, reflect, interact with otheragents, and plan through dynamically evolving circumstances.The architecture leverages the powerful prompting capabili-ties of large language models and supplements those capa-bilities to support longer-term agent coherence, the abilityto manage dynamically-evolving memory, and recursivelyproduce more generations.

      AI is turning humans to look inward for a new take on life as our identities and roles within society are being profoundly disrupted and transformed by Artificial Intelligence systems that can replicate or exhibit human-like behavior. It is also a great reminder of how complex social interactions are.

  2. Apr 2023
    1. just than the State

      I think this is yet to be seen. Although it is true that the computer always gives the same output given the same input code, a biased network with oppressive ideologies could simply transform, instead of change, our current human judiciary enforcement of the law.

    2. god-fearing men in power, because a man who genuinely believed in God would behave well even if no one could punish him.

      I believe the elected and unelected leaders of society do not believe in God in the same way mentioned here, because ''fallible men'' with ''god-like technology'' believe their tools hold answers which only God or The Creator knows with absolute certainty.

    3. techno-economic affairs.


    4. the entire premise of sci-fi is that a new scientific invention has changed the world, though we only seem to fully understand that in the context of a movie (where the changes are often for the worse and happen in fast-forward montages), but not in the context of the world today (where the changes are often for the better and happen one day at a time).

      Why do people grasp the impact technology has on society through the art of storytelling, through media? Even then, people seem to only think of it for a brief moment, unable to adapt their thinking and behavioral patterns amidst life transforming technological breakthroughs that resemble or hint to what the media showed them. People aren't quick to incorporate god-like technologies into their lives in order to improve them, let alone do proper research to be informed and have open dialogues about whether we are responsibly advancing and integrating technologies to our daily lives (TO THE CHILDREN) which are increasingly becoming more digitally dominant.

    5. the private sector has made university-level learning accessible and free, employs over 70% of all Americans, and inches nearer every year to making death optional

      Is the private sector, aka Big Tech, more powerful and capable the government itself?