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  1. Sep 2016
    1. Erudite and civil apologia for I civility by David Bromwich. To be taken into account in responding to appeals to censor comments or trolls.

    1. disjointed and often disruptive

      A unified mechanism could certainly make user-generated content less disjointed, but it's not clear how it could make it less disruptive. Could do just the opposite: provide trolls with a more powerful platform.

    1. following an update added on 3 November, annotations can be shared with private groups. That should enable the tool to be used for journal clubs, classroom exercises and even peer review.


    2. adding 'via.hypothes.is/' to the start of any URL.

      Nice. Did not know this!

    1. the data

      Always assuming that whatever data the study is interpreting has been properly structured and gathered in the first place.

    2. The problem

      This is not the problem with looking at raw numbers; it's the problem of measuring impact by counting citations.

  2. Feb 2014
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