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  1. Aug 2015
    1. 1. What were the variety of exchanges that occurred in Native American Societies? What role did giving play in establishing status and obligation? The exchanges between Native American Societies was about trading goods, resources, marriages between two different community lines, different ideas, religious ideas. It expanded resources and alliances - both in political and religious perspectives. The role of exchanges established status and obligation, in a way that if your tribe was able to provide the most useful resources - you would be higher than others. Also, it gives the opportunity to establish obligation unto other communities if it was necessary. 2. What developments occur in Europe that helps set the foundation for European exploration and empire building?

      1. Massive growth in population after the epidemic that killed half the population within the area. 2. With the population growth, there was a growth of economy and high demand of the necessities of living. 3. From the growing demand of goods, led to ship building and navigation so merchants could expand their variety with what they were able to trade. 4. Trade led to the establishment of higher regions, and also people who want to establish their own hierarchy in their own regions. 5. As monarchies were made, communities had gained the amounts of necessities allowing exploration, trade between farther regions as well as producing routes for transportation as well as trade. 3. What was Portugal's intent in slave? What role do the Portuguese come to play in the trade of African slaves? African slaves were around before Portugal had began using slaves, going back to Muslim using them during the crusade. Due to sugar plantations being grown from the Mediterranean to the Atlantic, there was a growing need of labor. After seeing an exchange of slaves between their source and another slave trader, the Portuguese soon became another main source of slaves as well.