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  1. Aug 2022
    1. ...

    2. DoNotPay as "the world's first robot lawyer"

      Inevitably, this will turn into a very profitable business based on:

      • My lawyer is faster than your lawyer
      • Lawyer for Hire, rent or Sale
      • My lawyer lives in a better part of theCloud.than yours.
    1. Britain shattered its record for highest temperature


    2. Consider the 3 Cs and their relative importance in the short/mid/long terms:

      • Climate change
      • Conflicts (wars)
      • CoVid


      • Hypothesis in the light of ChrisA's recent Zettlekasten comments.
      • Hypothesis Use methods
  2. Feb 2022
  3. Oct 2021
    1. TweTda

      ... T(ime) ...

      The ability to link directly into a PageView is a key refinement to WaysH.e.TabH

    1. DebateGraph is designed as a tool for visualizing

      ... the complex relationships between Ideas that arise during debates.

      • Just a test of Annotation, that will be extended.
      • compare & contrast Diigo & Hypothesis
      • diigo[]
    1. compare & contrast Annotate & Diigo

      Testing the values of Tags with relatively rare characters

      Striving for autoTagging consistencies and efficiencies

  4. Sep 2021
  5. Aug 2021
    1. ...

    2. I accidentally created a second annotation.

      Decide how to merge these.

    1. PleadingCherub
      • Testing how extensive can these annotations be.

      • try annotating Flickr too

      • there are at least 2 ways to link to images at Flickr, as is evident in the following:



    2. RoomWithView

    1. DebateGraph is designed as a tool for visualizing various aspects of complex Issues, specifically in Debates.

      The preceding DebateGraph text was hi-lited in the originating site. Initial subsequent annotations include:

      The following Notes are part of the initial considerations that may be evaluated.

      Hypothesis as a way of annotating DebateGraph

      • Images can be inserted.

      Links can be incorporated.


      • link to a flickr image like Thinker, trying different sizes
      • Evaluate the use of gglDocs links

      Searches can nest Tags

      • Consider the practical limits of Notes like this one.
      • Increase the size of this Note


    2. DebateGraph
      • Review the markup support for HTML capabilities since the GUI is a bit limited.


      1. DebateGraph Ideas seem easily accessible via Hypothesis.
    3. A NewPage note can be used to provide addition material.

      Try linking to some of my other primary repositories; e.g.:

    4. ...

    1. Cardinal, 9 others on trial at Vatican in money scandals

      Corruption seems to appear equally in both Ecclesiastic and Secular environments. The promises seem to differ by stating "Pay me, so I can have a better life now." versus "Pay me now, so you might have a better after-life".

    1. Legal Information Institute

      Note the "onlyMe" private option.

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      • recursive reference test
      • proof of Edit capability
    1. ‘A code red for humanity’

      a start at annotation the comprehensive report

  6. Jul 2021
    1. This Page note provides additional Controls

    1. Tiddlyhost Hub

      An "open" site that hosts TiddlyWiki files for the community.

    1. Nasdaq Golden Dragon China Index

      this index is a significant Weight within the Global Emerging Markets Index.

    1. Ontario stopped enforcing credentials

      If laws are ignored, they should be removed.

      This can be done efficiently via SunsetClause in the initial legislation.

    1. Table Of Contents

      Meatball: HansWobbe

      • craft an convenient editCommandButton
        • review the CommunityWiki environment
      • Starting to update this (older) site.
      • consider annotating c2: also
      • pre-existing material should be removed to a proper repository
  7. Jun 2021