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  1. Apr 2022
    1. 5. Capture everything.  BUT only focus on 2-3 tasks per day If you think it, capture it then. If you tell yourself you will remember that, YOU’RE LYING TO YOURSELF! Add all details needed for that item to the list Brain Dump Mind Mapping simple mind+ Use voice input with Location based reminders – Siri & Google Now
    2. ADD Friendly Ways to Organize your life by Judith Kolberg & Kathleen Nadeau, PhD. 
    1. carnivoremuscle · 17 days ago   I also have ADHD, hence my statement about trying ALL of them lol. I don't have a ton of projects, the majority of my usage is recurring tasks and chores and basically reminders I need for one off tasks, etc. I have actually been using a notes list for the past few months to combine the data from my training and nutrition apps, keep track of special sports supplement usage and basically a small note one how the day went. It's been pretty good. I might actually migrate that to something else just in case I DO ever leave, that would be the most complicated part to migrate.

      a fellow ADHDer! I definitely get the feeling of wanting to try EVERYTHING.

    2. 54nz · 17 days ago   As far as I know, Ticktick is an international version of 滴答清单 ( the official website: https://dida365.com/ ). On the mentioned website, what they talk about the company is translated by machines below:Ltd. (杭州随笔记网络技术有限公司) is dedicated to providing technology development, application development, Internet services and other products and services to our users. 2014 TickTick team officially launched "TickTick List" service in China. "Ltd. is responsible for the operation and management of TickTick. (https://dida365.com/about )Contact details are turned into English: Hangzhou Follow Notes Network Technology Co. Address: No.18, Tangmiao Road, Xihu District, Hangzhou E-mail: support@dida365.comIt looks like it has something around China; however, it doesn't mean anything good or bad. Use it or find alternatives with your own selection criterias.

      Huh, that's actually pretty interesting. I didn't even think that there would be two different versions of TickTick. I don't know if the names are just different or if there are actual feature differences, but it's still interesting.

      I do like how this user emphasizes that just because they pointed out the connections to China does not mean that it means anything bad.

    3. Same boat, I don't mean to be dismissive but this is a non-issue for me. If Xi Jinping knows that I need to go to the store or haven't done laundry yet it doesn't really keep me up at night

      Haha, that's fair enough.

    4. ellem52Op · 17 days ago   There have been some amazing apps with small teams in the past. Three that jump out to me are Xobni, Mailbox, and Accompli. All three were bought by huge companies. Xobni got bought by Yahoo! who shut it down right after buying it. Mailbox by Dropbox who almost immediately dropped it - what a waste. Accompli is actually the mobile version of Outlook. (Like ToDo is actually Wunderlist.)TickTick has that same feel to me, like they're waiting for someone like Apple, or MS to buy them.

      Ohhh yeah that definitely makes things far more concerning. Not only do I like having apps that are independent and focused on improving their products, and I definitely wouldn't want Todoist to be bought out by a bigger company, the history of these acquisitions would not inspire any confidence in their long-term stability. I never even heard of these apps before.

    5. I've used a lot of these apps. RTM is actually my favorite but like MinimaList it's essentially closed to itself. Microsoft ToDo (nee Wunderlist) was actually pretty good too but the mixing of work/home was not something I wanted.

      I believe RTM is "Remember the Milk." I have heard this brought up a few times and the name is kind of odd, which makes me even more curious about what's special about it.

      Before moving to Todoist, I used Microsoft To Do, but I wanted something more. I used TickTick for a bit but I barely remember anything from it. Todoist was the one that clicked with me.

      On a side note, MinimaList is such a cute pun.

  2. Mar 2022
    1. However, Sakurai wanted to choose Incineroar because he thought he would have been more interesting. He would have a more fun moveset to work on because of him being a wrestler, and he always wanted a wrestler in smash. He had more personality, he sticks out, but in a good way. He may not have been the most 100% logical choice for smash, but he was at least fun, he was at least interesting, he was at least unexpected. When Sakurai described Incineroar, he said "he may be another Pokemon, but he has the moves of a wrestler". He emphasized the fact that Incineroar actually was more than just a new Pokemon. The only thing they did that for with Byleth was the fact that he wasn't just an average sword user.

      Sakurai clearly had a lot of fun with Incineroar, and I feel like that makes him a pretty interesting character in Smash.

      I may be biased because Incineroar was my starter though...

    2. Here's the thing, I'm fine if they wanted to go back and fix their errors by adding Chrom, but they should not have done this during Ultimate. Ultimate is the game where everyone returned, and if they waited just a little bit longer for the next game where adding everyone wasn't a necessity, then they can get rid of Lucina and have Chrom, and it would have been absolutely fine. if they wanted to add a fire emblem echo fighter, I'm actually all for it, there's a perfect candidate that they could have added being black night, but this was just not it. Hell, this situation could have been avoided entirely if they just made Chrom a fucking skin or clone of Marth and not included Lucina to begin with! Man, What a mess. I won't say that Chrom shouldn't be added in Smash at all, because he absolutely should be in some form, but this whole situation was just bad and he should have been added at a later point.

      I mean, Ultimate is supposed to be the great hurrah for Smash. Isn't it the last game too? I'm going to give a hard disagree on this one.

    3. But then there's one more character they decided to shoehorn in at the last moment, Corrin.This character is horseshit. Not only is Corrin a character that even fire emblem fans hate for him having no personality and being generally unlikable, but he comes from fates, a game that not many people even like. Did he really need to be added into smash four? I don't see why Gen 3 had to miss out on being in smash with a character that most people in Pokemon love, but oh no Corrin gets to be added in to steal a little bit of bayonetta's thunder. This is the first fire emblem character who I think ABSOLUTELY should NOT be in smash.

      i forgot he was even in smash lmao

    4. Jigglypuff on the other hand, is the first character that absolutely does not need to be in Smash. Jigglypuff is decently popular, I guess, but not popular enough, especially for Pokémon (and gen 1 no less). There's plenty of gen 1 Pokemon that would be great in Smash, like Charizard, Mewtwo, meowth, Gengar, Machamp, hell, even Nidoking to an extent, and Jigglypuff was chosen instead.

      I think it was mainly because of the anime.

    5. This is a game that's supposed to make people happy, not not a game where people get pissed off. There's way too much of that shit going around this year, having people angry because mediocre characters keep getting added that makes people lose hope in one of the couple of things that they look forward to isn't worth the "haha those cringe smash people got mad".

      (For context, this post was made in 2020) It's put a bit dramatically, but I do see what they're saying. When a lot of shit is happening in one's life, the little things tend to get to you a lot more.

    6. Before I actually get in to discussing the actual characters, I want to talk about this absolutely hypocritical mindset these people have. These people claim that it's stupid that people who don't like Fire emblem only look at the number of characters, yet these people ironically only look at numbers as to why it's okay for fire emblem to have so many characters and why Mario and Pokemon shouldn't have any more characters. Oh, and before you said, no they don't just say that these series shouldn't have any more fighters only for using FE hater's own arguments against them, because these people will also literally go on to other people's blogs or images that talk about more Pokémon and Mario characters in Smash and unironically say "No! We don't need to have any more Pokémon or Mario characters!" What happened? I thought you didn't care about the number of characters in a series? I guess saying "no more characters from a series should join Smash if that series has a large amount of characters" is okay as long as that series isn't fire emblem, for whatever reason. Is it because 12 is apparently the lucky number, so if a series has only 11 fighters then it's okay, but if that darn 12th character is added, then THAT'S IT NO MORE CHARACTERS FROM THAT SERIES! Even then that doesn't make much sense because fire emblem in Pokemon have exactly the amount of characters.... I just don't, I don't understand these people's logic.

      Hang on, I'm kind of lost. I thought this person was on the side of "There are too many Fire Emblem characters in Smash?"

    1. She says the worst stories she has heard are not from people who had traumatizing therapy, but from those who got no therapy at all. “They have horrible memories of being bullied at school and [having] no one to help them or include them or help them make friends or handle tricky social situations,” she says. “I get letters from people begging us to expand services to adults to help them learn how to date and be less lonely and isolated.”

      These services would absolutely be beneficial to adults, especially since many cases of autism aren't diagnosed until later in life. Again, we don't want to try to "normalize" autistic people, but I feel like therapies like this should work on trying to teach life skills.

    2. There might be middle ground between critics and supporters of ABA, says John Elder Robison, bestselling author of “Look Me In The Eye,” who was diagnosed with Asperger syndrome at age 40. Because of his late diagnosis, Robison did not receive ABA himself, but he has become involved in the issue on behalf of those who did. He envisions a place for ABA for people with autism — as long as it’s done well. That means a focus on teaching skills, rather than efforts toward normalization or suppressing autism-related behaviors: helping a child who could not communicate begin to talk and engage with other kids at school, for instance. “That is life-changing in a good way,” he says. Ditto an ABA therapist who helps a high school or college student become more organized. The emphasis should be on learning to function in areas the individual chooses, not on changing who she is, Robison says. This approach will require oversight from people with autism, says Robison. “ABA programs and practitioners are going to need to accept guidance from adult versions of people they propose to treat,” he says. “What was not clear in the past is that we are the clients; we [should] have a say in what happens.”

      This definitely sounds like the best way to go about this. Now, I'm an ADHDer, I wasn't diagnosed with autism, so I definitely can't speak on behalf of autistic people, but I definitely agree that this approach sounds like it'd be genuinely beneficial without trying to "normalize" people.

    3. In December 2007, a series of signs in the style of ransom notes started appearing around New York City. One read, in part, “We have your son. We will make sure he will not be able to care for himself or interact socially as long as he lives.” It was signed “Autism.” The sign and others were part of a provocative ad campaign by New York University’s Child Study Center. The campaign unintentionally provoked an onslaught of criticism and rage from some advocacy groups against the center, which offers ABA. Many of the vocal activists once received ABA, and they reject both the therapy’s methods and its goals.

      oh my god—

      that's horrible. This reminds me of that one Autism Speaks ad that's often criticized where the narrator is supposed to be personification of Autism and portrays it as a debilitating condition. I can't remember exactly what was said in the ad but I remember completely understanding why people are pissed about it.

    4. “We were doing that because it was the only thing that worked at the time,” Powers says. “The techniques of teaching autistic kids hadn’t evolved enough to branch out yet.” Looking back, he sees flaws, such as requiring children to maintain eye contact for an uncomfortably long period of time. “Five seconds. That was one skill we were trying to establish, as if that was the pivotal skill,” he says. But it was artificial: “The last time I looked someone in the eye for five consecutive seconds, I proposed.”

      Some of the reading I did talked about how a lot of the time, kids receiving ABA learn the behavior, but don't actually understand why they're doing it.

    1. Development seems to be stagnated [3]After paying about $15 for a third-party Pinboard Mac app, the app doesn’t function as intended. No response from the app developer and it is listed as “pretty desktop client” by Pinboard. jQuery('#footnote_plugin_tooltip_954_2_3').tooltip({ tip: '#footnote_plugin_tooltip_text_954_2_3', tipClass: 'footnote_tooltip', effect: 'fade', predelay: 0, fadeInSpeed: 200, delay: 400, fadeOutSpeed: 200, position: 'top center', relative: true, offset: [-7, 0], });

      Hacker News Discussion: Ask HN: What happened to Pinboard?

    2. Anecdotally, I’ve heard from people that they save a heap of content to Pocket or Instapaper to never get back to it. I’m certain that a lot of people have moved on from read-it-later services.

      ...yup, that's me. But that's me even with bookmark managers and browser bookmarks.

    3. Today, we have come a long way from an iPhone with EDGE-only connectivity to a powerful ecosystem of devices that are always online. The necessity to use a read-later service with support for offline reading is decreasing by the day. I personally advocate primarily using a bookmark manager and selectively use read-it-later services. These days browsers with ad blockers and native reader views provide a clean look and reading experience.

      I strongly disagree with this. While yes, mobile internet is more widespread and accessible, but there are still times where you can't connect to the internet or it's unreliable, such as if you're on a road trip or if there's a storm or power outage. I find that it comes in handy when I'm at school.

      On another note, Pocket still has its place with its highlighter. I've been highlighting a lot more recently and Pocket is really nice to use (for the record I'm experimenting with Hypothes.is). I will admit they have a point that browsers have a native reader view nowadays.