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  1. Mar 2017
    1. resnets

      residual networks

    2. The Shattered Gradients Problem

      From page 2: "The shattered gradient problem is that the spatial structure of gradients is progressively obliterated as neural nets deepen"

  2. Aug 2016
    1. Back when PHP had less than 100 functions and the function hashing mechanism was strlen(). In order to get a nice hash distribution of function names across the various function name lengths names were picked specifically to make them fit into a specific length bucket.


    1. Ex­cep­teur sint occæcat cu­p­i­datat non proident, sunt in culpa qui officia de­serunt mol­lit anim id est labo­rum.

      Now with more ligatures

  3. Jul 2016
    1. The solution - move tabstops to fit the text between them and align them with matching tabstops on adjacent lines
    1. Here we have a marvelous illustration of the functioning of propaganda in a democracy. A totalitarian state simply enunciates official doctrine — clearly, explicitly. Internally, one can think what one likes, but one can only express opposition at one’s peril. In a democratic system of propaganda no one is punished (in theory) for objecting to official dogma. In fact, dissidence is encouraged. What this system attempts to do is to fix the limits of possible thought: supporters of official doctrine at one end, and the critics — vigorous, courageous, and much admired for their independence of judgment — at the other. The hawks and the doves. But we discover that all share certain tacit assumptions, and that it is these assumptions that are really crucial. No doubt a propaganda system is more effective when its doctrines are insinuated rather than asserted, when it sets the bounds for possible thought rather than simply imposing a clear and easily identifiable doctrine that one must parrot — or suffer the consequences. The more vigorous the debate, the more effectively the basic doctrines of the propaganda system, tacitly assumed on all sides, are instilled. Hence the elaborate pretense that the press is a critical dissenting force — maybe even too critical for the health of democracy — when in fact it is almost entirely subservient to the basic principles of the ideological system: in this case, the principle of the right of intervention, the unique right of the United States to serve as global judge and executioner. It is quite a marvelous system of indoctrination.
    1. In "As We May Think", Bush describes a memex as an electromechanical device enabling individuals to develop and read a large self-contained research library, create and follow associative trails of links and personal annotations, and recall these trails at any time to share them with other researchers.

      Sounds like hypothes.is ;)

    1. The Winchester manuscript contains no title, no table of contents, and no page numbering.  As you can imagine, reading such a text would be difficult without graphic assistance.  The Winchester scribes provided it in the text by setting off names of characters in red ink, a practice known as "rubrication."  The names in red also included two non-human nouns which acted as agents doing things in the text, the "Sankgreal" or Holy Grail (which healed and wounded like a knight), and the "Rounde Table," which was a concept in whose name knights might act of take oaths.  However, the scribes main ongoing assistance to readers occurs in the manuscript's  margins.
    1. It is written right-to-left in hieratic, the Egyptian cursive form of hieroglyphs, in black ink with explanatory glosses in red ink.
    1. The text of a Book of the Dead was written in both black and red ink, regardless of whether it was in hieroglyphic or hieratic script. Most of the text was in black, with red used for the titles of spells, opening and closing sections of spells, the instructions to perform spells correctly in rituals, and also for the names of dangerous creatures such as the demon Apep.[57] The black ink used was based on carbon, and the red ink on ochre, in both cases mixed with water.
    1. But rather than allowing a massive reduction of working hours to free the world’s population to pursue their own projects, pleasures, visions, and ideas, we have seen the ballooning not even so much of the “service” sector as of the administrative sector, up to and including the creation of whole new industries like financial services or telemarketing, or the unprecedented expansion of sectors like corporate law, academic and health administration, human resources, and public relations. And these numbers do not even reflect on all those people whose job is to provide administrative, technical, or security support for these industries, or for that matter the whole host of ancillary industries (dog-washers, all-night pizza deliverymen) that only exist because everyone else is spending so much of their time working in all the other ones. These are what I propose to call “bullshit jobs.”
    1. /aftp/xx.yy.edu/pub/doc/README Fig 1. Some alternative tagged and untagged representations

      An alternative notation that was considered for URIs

    1. Bird eyes have had eons longer to optimize. Along with their higher cone count, they achieve a far more regular spacing of the cells.
    1. Bird eyes have had eons longer to optimize. Along with their higher cone count, they achieve a far more regular spacing of the cells.
  4. Apr 2016
  5. Mar 2016
    1. To put it bluntly, acad­e­mia has some per­verse in­cen­tives struc­tures that we would never have in­ten­tion­ally built into sci­ence as a process.

      We need to fix this.

    2. The rea­son doing the right thing sci­en­tif­i­cally is dif­fi­cult is that those who do it first will be pun­ished and os­tra­cized, at least until these ac­tions be­come the new norm. It’s a co­or­di­na­tion prob­lem. The first dis­senter who says “Hey, the em­peror wears no clothes” suf­fers all the po­ten­tial risk with­out en­joy­ing any ad­di­tional ben­e­fits. Yet we would all be bet­ter off if the col­lec­tive norm was shifted over.

      Nash equilibrium strikes again :(

  6. Feb 2016
    1. flow­ing

      T<sub>E</sub>X.js is <del>not yet</del> optimised for mobile devices<del>, but this is planned</del>.

  7. Oct 2015
    1. Nearly all ap­pli­ca­tions of prob­a­bil­ity to cryp­tog­ra­phy de­pend on the fac­tor prin­ci­ple (or Bayes’ The­o­rem).

      This is easily the most interesting sentence in the paper: Turing used Bayesian analysis for code-breaking during WWII.

    1. PDFs have be­come bur­den­some

      However, PDFs are great for printing and archiving papers, so I'm not suggesting that they be completely replaced, but merely supplemented.

    2. TeX

      Pronounced like tech

      Edit: The ch should said as in loch, but tek is also a common pronunciation

    3. Lorem Ipsum

      Derived from the Latin dolorem ipsum, meaning pain itself, often used as filler text