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  1. Nov 2023
    1. 2. Open source polygenic score for educational attainment

      This is basically about genetically engineering high IQ babies

  2. Oct 2023
    1. De-Evangelist


    2. Which is a bit of the problem given how especially in western countries we basically outsourced “Future” to tech instead of also thinking about maybe for example political visions.

      Not this thought need to be expanded on more, the west outsourced its vision of the future to silicon valley

    3. but the millions that channel made probably help to dry some tears.


    4. It doesn’t matter. Just don’t leave or at least let the tab open so whe can autoplay some more ads.
    5. YouTube’s algorithms reward certain behaviors (and when we look at how YouTube works, that seems to be mostly “be a right wing shithead yelling in the microphone about trans people”) and certain formal structures (as in length, structure of the preview image, title) but they don’t really care about anything.
    6. They are “content creators”. Lumped together in spite of having radically different processes, subcultures, communities, values, traditions, etc.

      Just like the LGBT movement, interesting, corpos like to do this I guess

    7. A few years ago YouTube (of course others joined in and followed but I think YouTube was a leading force here) established the term “content”. It was no longer about the actual qualities of the medium, not about videos or music or stories or essays etc. Everything one made was just content.


    8. So I kept thinking about why that is. Like: Are these people just willing or clueless PR people for whatever capital wants to push on people (usually through their employers or sometimes even governments)?

      I blame decontextualized social media feeds like twitter, tik tok, and instagram for this. People don't have long term memories anymore.

    9. People who effortlessly shift from “web3 is the future” to “I will explain to you why ‘AI’ will replace you”, people who get fame by talking about self driving cars and jump to superconductors the next week depending on whatever is sticky in the news.


    10. The Grift Shift is a new paradigm of debating technologies within a society that is based a lot less on the actual realistic use cases or properties of a certain technology but a surface level fascination with technologies but even more their narratives of future deliverance. Within the Grift Shift paradigm the topics and technologies addressed are mere material for public personalities to continuously claim expertise and “thought leadership” in every cycle of the shift regardless of what specific technologies are being talked about.


  3. Sep 2023
    1. Newbies are welcome 👋

      sdairs never gives any project reccomendations. He is just like Learn SQL then learn some other important tools. These are tools they need to be used for something bro.

    2. What’s next? What about Python? Pandas? dbt? Rust? Airflow? Spark?

      Alright but what am I supposed to do with all these tools?

  4. Aug 2023
    1. if code is law

      We need a digital constitution that can be updatd

    2. Focusing strictly on transhumanism as the only moral path forward is an awfully anthropocentric view of intelligence; in the future, we will likely look back upon such views in a similar way to how we look back at geocentrism

      Looking back at meatbag bodies the same way we look back at geocenterism. We have not gotten anywhere close to exploring all the states of consciousness that we can later digitize. Our premisies for digital and quantum systems come from our meat bag boddies. I think we will need reserves of humans which we evolve into different species in order to map out the human experience. This has to happen both IRL and digitally, it will be a very fun feedback loop.

    3. This is a byproduct of Fisher’s fundamental theorem of natural selection, which states that the rate of change of average fitness in a population (of any collection of organisms) is proportional to the variance in fitness. As such, maintaining variance is key to maintaining adaptability
    4. Life emerged from an out-of-equilibrium thermodynamic process known as dissipative adaptation

      Dissipative Adaptation, I should really add this to my vocabulary

  5. Jul 2023
    1. Maeve against that, she can’t let her daughter go. She had the ‘choice’ to choose for the world hereafter or to save her daughter. She chose her robot daughter. This meant death to her.

      I see analogies to this concept of "Death" in my own life

    2. It can be difficult when you realize how much misery and evil there is in the world. At times it seems there is little light on the horizon. But the story doesn’t stop here. The realization is just the beginning.

      Okay so after getting to "Self Realization" then what. You get to the center of the maze..... You have a little look at the loops that power who and what you are. Then you go back out to solve it once again. I guess that makes sense.

    3. Bernard seems to address this issue, he says that the journey itself can spiral downwards, lead one back to the beginning, or even to a complete mental breakdown. Self-realization is scary, the mind has many tricks to bring one back to the start, breaking down your own existence is a deep thing one can face. When realizing that the center of the maze, the conclusion, the answer, is present in the man that is searching is terrifying. Facing this truth is requires looking not outward but inward. The Man in Black, Maeve, and Dolors become dangerous. They go around killing people for the sake of getting out of their loops and trying to understand the Maze. It because delusionary to the point William kills his daughter.“Time to write my own fucking story” (Maeve, episode 8).

      I guess the center of the Maze is when you truely understand yourself accurately or something like that. A state of minimal delusion and "Self Realization", what does "Self Realization" even man?

    4. Real world is just chaos. It’s an accident. But in here, every detail adds up to something.

      Is the "Real World" all just chaos, really?

    5. He becomes self-aware and enters an unending quest of trying to figure out the end game of West World.

      The end game of westworld, what about the end game of science, or the end game of humanity!?!?!?

    6. “Each choice could bring you closer to the center [ie: consciousness] or send you spiraling towards the edge [ie: further from consciousness, and even towards complete mental breakdown]

      I thought the point was to never get to the center and ride the edge, that's what consciousness really is

    7. Dores pricks through that and wonders “why people come to her world when in the real world everything is so much better.” William comes to an understanding and sees that he cannot answer this. This realization leads to a long search.

      I guess people want a God to develop loops for them

    1. Maeve found the center of her maze on her own. Yes, Ford did engineer her actions, but twice (both relating to her daughter) we saw that it wasn't the insurrection against the makers that drove Maeve to self-awareness, it was a search for her daughter and to revive that connection.

      Ah so Deloris is like Bernard's child and Mave is Ford's

    2. she must leave sweet Dolores Abernathy behind to become her real self.

      Life is about games, some are for children, some are for adults.

    1. As hard as it would be to translate any insights from this into actionable results, I can imagine textual analysis of ad copy into separate categories in order to identify opportunities for parasitism, or comparing lexical choices of various people in one’s twitter feed as a barometer of egregoro-dynamics.

      In Westwrold Season 4 the reincarnated Deloris, Christina, summons the dead Teddy from her memories. A tulpa/Egregore she can actually fuck and fall in love with. She falls in love with a tulpa which is in the "REFLECTION OF HER AWARENESS". Interesting

    2. So it’s far simpler to take egregores as the main unit, and tulpas as just a shorthand for anthropomorphic egregores, more intense because we encounter them more often.
    3. egregores. Egregores don’t necessarily map onto humans. Rather than a hard-and-fast distinction, it’s more helpful to think of tulpas as a subtype of egregores, perhaps of the highest intensity. This is because egregores leech off of our tulpas. They are artificial entities that feel real (like actual beings), precisely because they’re parasitic. So brands, for instance, are egregores. An organization (workplace) or symbol (flag) or abstract idea can be egregoric. Fictional characters seem like tulpas insofar as they’re ‘people’, but they’re also egregores in that they’re not ‘real’.

      Is there a data structure for these? These things are key to building Westworld IRL

    4. This gives 3! = 3*2*1 = 6 combinations, so paired with the enneagram it’s 6*18 = 108. That’s a reasonable degree of fidelity, with 42 tulpas left over for Deleuze and my mum or whatever.

      Oh these are the buckets

    5. Enneagram


    6. (like diplomats) are professional networkers, forced into elaborate mnemotechnic encodings.

      I wonder what kind of baskets these profesional networkers put people into?

    7. I’m sure there’s a whole subliminal network of irrational behaviour that tulpas account for.

      WE NEED MORE EXAMPLES, in fact we need a repository of examples. This is important for studying Psychology .

    8. Tulpas give a finer view of this divide, where extroverts enjoy shuffling their internal social representations, while introverts focus more on high-fidelity.

      Breath verses Depth is how you can explain Extrovert verses Introvert

    9. A tulpa is an internal representation of another person.
  6. Jun 2023
    1. I’d like to take what I’ve learned in the first half of my life to complex systems, and apply them in the real world.

      A life mission, I wish people had more of those

    2. summoners

      Interesting phrasing

  7. May 2023
    1. There’s two ways out. He hits rock bottom and climbs out, or he's buried alive in what looks like a multi decade suicide, assisted by the collapsing psychosocial landscape.

      Holy shit, I know people that are following this room mates trend. This shit is scary. I like your writing bro.

    2. Every 10 minutes on his game boy is another shovel of dirt he throws out of the deep hole he lives in.

      Can I have an AI remind me of this every time I mindlessly browse the internet, That'd would be great meme

    3. I can hear him hootin and hollerin on his game boy. He’s talking to a wall.

      Fuck these videos games totally function as drugs on the brain

    1. Humans who suffer, are also motivated to survive. Without suffering, you don’t get organisms. You can’t have progress, you can’t have any form of functionality, without suffering. That is to say any form of negative feedback.
    2. The most likely scenario, A.I. dramatically consolidates power.

      What does this look like?

    3. Treating children like human pets and a partner like a concubine. The criteria for a partner used to be, value-aligned, willing to work with.


    4. You’ll be able to simulate Andrew Tates lifestyle in a VR environment.

      Ouch, that may work for some but when Neuralink shows up it will work on most. Imagine a button you can press to forget you are living in an illusion.

    5. If just five families, from each low birth rate culture, that is endangered, is able to build an intergenerationally durable culture, it will survive. We don’t need everyone to have kids. We need a few people to figure out. There will be a big choke point. A lot of people aren’t going to make it through. That’s OK. The future is going to be bright.

      This reminds me of when I read, "God Emperor of Dune" when Leto talks about wanting humanity to truely be able to make long term decisions

    6. You don’t notice… the population does not begin to rapidly drop until after it cannot be fixed.


    7. We think too much and feel too little.


    8. remaining mothers

      There has to be a word for a women that does not have children even though their life was set up to

    9. The meme that hormone therapy to eliminate 6 fertile days per month is a good idea.

      The way Doctors go ahead and perscribe these hormones to 15 year olds is really weird to me. Also the way masturbation is treated as a sacred ritual also weirds me out.

    10. Will you be an old person in a ghost town, dependent on robots for food?

      There's a Kino's Journey episode about this

    11. An Earth with 1 billion people could be fine, but the transition phase from 9 billion humans to 1 billion humans is a hardcore culling. Earth with 1 billion humans is a global graveyard of towns, cities, countries and cultures.

      You know there are liberals out there that get off to the idea of the population declining the way you describe.

    12. The kingdom of God is in man. Phones crowd it out. A phone is a sterilizing meme package. Thousands of cultures are amusing themselves to zero.


    13. Cell-phone addicted, birth-control cultures are on their deathbed. They don’t know it because they’re too busy watching 5 second videos.

      The meme war is on folks

    14. A godless, tech-ridden, over-educated culture fails to procreate. Rocks are secular. Secular cultures do not endure the test of time. Find me one.

      Over Educated, that is a term I need to explore more

    15. Hungary spent a good chunk of its GDP trying to raise the birth rate and it failed. The promise of a third child’s baptism by a famous holy man is more effective than paying people cash for kids. '

      We can't even bribe these people to have children, LOL. What do people want?

    16. Natural selection weeds out the weak and the cowards - the ones who can’t get off contraceptives, the people who fail to live a fertile lifestyle. Cultures who fall prey to global secular techism die in adult diapers.

      Ouch, good ouch, but still ouch. I know people that are following this trend you describe.

    17. Birth control is a vice.

      Ya people do not want to be told this

    18. Procreation trends inversely with wealth and education, and correlates with religion.

      I heard Edward Dutton talk about how "intelligent" people need to be told to breed because they traditionally do not listen to their bodies and feelings.

  8. Apr 2023
    1. We will spread ourselves across the Planet so that no one can arrest our thoughts.

      Is the internet just a parasite on the real world?

    2. Davos, SwitzerlandFebruary 8, 1996 Back to top

      Very interesting time, and espically interesting place

    3. Mind in Cyberspace
    4. We are creating a world where anyone, anywhere may express his or her beliefs, no matter how singular, without fear of being coerced into silence or conformity.

      What do the governments want to make the internet conform to?

    5. In our world, whatever the human mind may create can be reproduced and distributed infinitely at no cost.
    6. We have no elected government, nor are we likely to have one

      It seems like we have a government now?

    7. Governments of the Industrial World, you weary giants of flesh and steel, I come from Cyberspace, the new home of Mind.

      Isin't Government a Mind

    1. memeplex

      I did not know what memeplex was defined by someone other than richard dawkins

    2. The term meme was defined by Richard Dawkins in The Selfish Gene as "a unit of cultural transmission".
    3. n our tulpa theory of mind, each tulpa is such an agent.

      What does theory of mind have to do with agents?

    4. Minsky
    5. a collection of autonomous agents

      Agent Based Modeling

    6. occult terms to refer to real psychological and sociological phenomena.

      What are other examples besides moloch and egregores

    7. Scott Alexander's
    8. Tulpas

      What is Tupla?

    1. The cozy web works on "(human) protocol of everybody cutting-and-pasting bits of text, images, URLs, and screenshots across live streams", hopefully one day evolving "from cut-and-paste to a personal blockchain of context-permissioned, addressable, searchable, interlinked clips" as Venkat puts it.

      Personal Blockchain you say that's what I was workign on,

      ddaemon / question-engine · GitLab

      Hmmmm something like this would work perfectly on NOSTER with the right extension

    1. This is why we see such vast oscillations of hiring and firing - because these companies are never, ever punished for failing to operate their businesses in a sustainable way, or even with a view for the future, particularly when it comes to macroeconomic trends that literally everyone else saw coming.

      People saying stuff like this give me hope in the fact that the government can just print money and things will not fall apart.

    2. “Google Search, what many consider an indispensable tool of modern life, is dead or dying.”
  9. linkingmanifesto.org linkingmanifesto.org
    1. that user-created links should be bidirectional.
    2. which in 2007 evolved into a web app named “nStudy”. This software provided integrated tools to support and study self-regulated learning: a web browser, a note-taking tool, a word processor, an editable glossary tool, a tagging tool, a concept mapping tool, a chat tool, an index, along with logging, analysis, and other facilities.

      Ummm so what happened to this nStudy software and the annotations in it?

  10. linkingmanifesto.org linkingmanifesto.org
    1. Switching contexts, even to search for information, interferes with flow while consuming precious mental capacity, brain energy and time.
    2. Connected knowledge enables people to create great products, solve important problems and improve themselves.

      Some examples would be nice, even annedotes. What new shit is created by the internet?

    3. We recognize that an immense amount of useful information is available digitally, and that tremendous value can be gained by connecting this information.

      Nice assumption that is not contextualized. What are people using their information for? Are people just turning into dung pipes filling their pie holes with novelty memes?

    1. “There is very little left to conserve, but that in turn means there’s everything to build.”


    2. Marriage should be viewed not as romantic fulfillment, demanding emotional intensity with minimum commitment and the continual option of exit, but “an enabling condition for building a meaningful life,” with very limited options for exit.

      Shit I sense a contradition in my values.

    3. “Trying to squeeze a few more drops of freedom from the rotting carcass of the industrial era is not going to help us abolish human nature.” (Sometimes, reading this book, one wishes for a conversation between Harrington and Ted Kaczynski.)

      I actually LOLed at this

    4. “majority-female mid-tier knowledge class.”

      Ha ha, do you mean midwits?

    5. she links the destruction of men-only spaces to deaths of despair.

      Ya where are men supposed to hang out? Women attend multi sex Jujitsu, I just find that weird.

    6. The iron core of this book is sex role realism.

      This phrasing is not going to make some people happy, but those people are just following the path of least friction their environment has provided them, they are not inteligent in the true sense of the form defined as free energy maximization and therefore lack the core quality that defines the human..... what is a human if they are not inteligent?

    7. they just get used and then thrown away, while they pursue hypergamy and end up with nothing.

      I wonder what it is like to be one of those men at the top

    8. we get transactions as an ideal, with self-actualization as the goal of the transaction.

      I am starting to get the feeling that the concept of self actualization has itself been turned into a commodity to be consumed.

    9. — the treatment of women as “Meat Lego,” to be manipulated by the demands of “bio-libertarianism” in the service of ever-more atomization.

      "Meat Lego" is the logical conclusion of "bio-libertarianisim"

      I may remember that when I wake up tomorrow.

    10. but commodification and the intrusion of market imperatives into every nook and cranny of how men and women interacted.

      Yup Women became a Sublime Object. Are they objects to be consumed or are they people deserving of respect. What do their actions say? How complex are their thoughts? What do they spend their time consuming?

    11. The 1950s “tradwife” is merely a descendant, and just as artificial.

      Now this is something I had never thought of before. The world has been fake ever since industrialization. Back to Monkey. The elietes might make back to feudalisim a thing, then cyphon off the top of the competence higharchy to their separate civilization that is out colonizing the stars.

    12. What ultimately destroyed this “new normal” of romantic marriage was chemical birth control.

      Ya but its effectiveness if effected by IQ, Edward Dutton enters the chat

    13. systematic oppression only arose with industrialization

      Uncle Ted enters the chat

    14. Contrary to the myth we are fed today, most early feminists fought this reduction of women’s status, not some imaginary patriarchy.


    15. This was not only a result of technology, however, but also of the ideology that grew like cancer during the Industrial Revolution, the so-called Enlightenment, which among other atomizing demands exalted autonomy-granting measurable economically-productive work

      Steven Pinker, do you have any words?!?!?!

    16. The Industrial Revolution, the first widespread application of technology, destroyed this partnership by exalting the market as the talisman of every man and woman’s worth.

      Wow I never thought about how we have like zero conception of what life was like before the industrial revoltuion, we just see midevil towns articulated in fantasy games. Or if we do see period pieces of the time they are all about aristicrats.

    17. “Progress Theology,” the idea that mankind is progressing, through the adoption of principles of emancipation and egalitarianism, to an Omega Point of perfection.

      Omega Point eh. Technelogical Singularity eh.

    18. Harrington therefore demands “reactionary feminism,” meaning truly reactionary, reversing the errors introduced in the 1800s. It is not the 1950s we need back, but the 1700s.

      Curtis Yarvin needs to take this Harrington lady on a date.

    19. Her baby’s breath blew away the final mental cobwebs of feminist fantasy.

      Why do women love abortion so much? It is like a fetish. They dedicate so much mental energy thinking about it.

      Actually maybe I can make sense of this. Most Men can't fuck. I believe that the female orgasam used to trigger ovulation in our ancestors therefore women could socially have sex with the beta men of the tribe or civilization but only the alphas could actually impregnate them. So Women want to make sure to get an Alpha and don't want to be fucked by a beta that does not go to the gym and can't rail her so hard her bit cheaks go red.

      You know the way a man fucks can say alot about their social standing. Like if they are in control of their life and actualizing they can last a long time. I guess the bedroom is an important place to test the competence of a man. Women want that power. Also it must be fun to fuck the real men rather than become attached to a beta.

      Put "birth control" back into our biology.

    20. Judith Butler’s enormously influential (among the powerful) and enormously corrosive (among all of us) claim, first broadcast in 1990, that both sex and gender are social constructs,

      Hmm I did not know the source of the meme that Gender is a social construct, I should remember this. Judith Butler

    21. “the equal right to self-realization.”

      I recently learned you can not describe to SJW's what they believe in using phrasing like this. It is pretty halarious how people can not understand themselves. What is it like to feel through their soul? Are they reacting to their environment like animals. SHIT my intuition just went off. There may be a new class of elietes that want to keep us human. THERE MAY BE A CLASS OF ELIETES THAT WANT TO KEEP US HUMAN. the only way for that to happen is to make people hungry again and have them reconnect with their instincts. FORCE PEOPLE TO THINK, FORCE PEOPLE TO BE FREE.

      I see this clearly, no one else does, I may be delusional, I am aware.

    22. In pursuit of this goal, reality must and will be bent to our desires.

      Wow that got intense really fast.

    23. disordered youth aiming to atomize unchosen bonds

      What is this phrase "atomize unchosen bonds" supposed to mean? I feel like I can sorta identify with it though

    24. even in this age of liquid modernity

      IDK what this even means

    25. Harrington shows how so-called feminism destroys women, body and soul. Unhinged worship of unfettered autonomy

      Ya the age old question, "What do women want?" just got much much hard to answer recently

    1. We are not doing the effective thing with our lives, we are drifting, we are being hoodwinked and bamboozled and misled by those who trade upon the old traditions.

      Shit bro, this need to be brought into the effective acceleration space

    2. And meanwhile war, which was once a comparative slow bickering upon a front, has become war in three dimensions; it gets at the "non-combatant" almost as searchingly as at the combatant, and has acquired weapons of a stupendous cruelty and destructiveness. At present there exists no solution to this paradoxical situation. We are continually being urged by our training and traditions to antagonisms and conflicts that will impoverish, starve, and destroy both our antagonists and ourselves. We are all trained to distrust and hate foreigners, salute our flag, stiffen up in a wooden obedient way at our national anthem, and prepare to follow the little fellows in spurs and feathers who pose as the heads of our states into the most horrible common destruction. Our political and economic ideas of living are out of date, and we find great difficulty in adjusting them and reconstructing them to meet the huge and strenuous demands of the new times. That is really what our gramophone politicians have in mind—in the vague way in which they have anything in mind—when they put on that well-worn record about moral progress not having kept pace with material inventions.

      Dam H.G.Wells hated what people believed in. Ohhhh H.G.Wells wanted to develop a new religion, or ideology, so that humanity didn't kill itself. Ya that is a mission I can get behind

    3. Everyone was taught a history glorifying his own state, and patriotism was chief among the Virtues.

      Patriotism, the state used to give people an identity, that's such a nice thing to do. Since this book came out we have just been under a psyop to replace our identity.Video by codependent_papi [CoY_PaogxGr].mp4 on Vimeo

    4. The young were trained to be loyal, law-regarding, patriotic, and a defined system of crimes and misdemeanours with properly associated pains, penalties, and repressions, kept the social body together.

      I think this description works good for the deinition of a "State"

    5. We are coming to see more and more plainly that certain established traditions which have made up the frame of human relationships for ages are not merely no longer as convenient as they were, but are positively injurious and dangerous.

      Oh we are learning to hate who we were, interesting. No wonder self loathing and suicide are so prevelent in our society.

    6. What does moral mean?

      I like this train of thinking.

    7. "moral progress has not kept pace with material advance."

      "Moral Progress" what the fuck is that supposed to mean?

    8. There is a sense of profound instability about these achievements of our race. Even those who enjoy, enjoy without security, and for the great multitude of mankind there is neither ease, plenty, nor freedom. Hard tasks, insufficiency, and unending money worries are still the ordinary stuff of life. Over everything human hangs the threat of such war as man has never known before, were armed and reinforced by all the powers and discoveries of modern science.

      We live in a materially better world but we still suffer in many ways, why is that?

    9. The biological sciences have undergone a corresponding extension. Medical art has attained a new level of efficiency, so that in all the modernizing societies of the world the average life is prolonged, and there is, in spite of a great fall in the birth rate, a steady, alarming increase in the world's population. The proportion of adults alive is greater than it has ever been before.

      Ya that birth rate issue has not gone away in the last 90 years

    10. They changed a world where there had never been enough into a world of potential plenty, into a world of excessive plenty.

      People got all their commodities now people want their religion back, John Vervaeke - YouTube

    11. If the "Seven Wonders" had vanished or been multiplied three score it would not have changed the lives of any large proportion of human beings. But these new powers and substances were modifying and transforming—unobtrusively, surely, and relentlessly—very particular of the normal life of mankind.

      These new discoveries were changing the human experience more than the discovery of these significant places. This provides good context, these places are awe inspiring but the real awe should be observed at these changes to the human experience and what caused them.

    12. enormous increase in the substances available for man's purposes

      Good luck trying to create a database or system that understands the gobal economy.

    13. a progressive conquest of force and substance was going on.

      What is this force, conquest of what? Why did we have to plateau? What were these people in the era of Moernisim trying to get at?

    14. The attention of young people was not drawn to them; no attempt was made, or considered necessary, to adapt political and social institutions to this creeping enlargement of scale.

      Ya we are trying to impose 19th centuary political systems in a world that has 21st centuary technology.

    15. "the abolition of distance"

      Imagine someone in the modern day using this phrase.

    16. They are more or less interdependent changes; they overlap and interact.

      Yuval Noah Harari likes to mention how other modern changes are interdependent. It seems like he had read this book. I hate how authors obviously get their ideas from specific sources but don't reference them.... or have I not done my research. We'll see what the AI has to say after it processes all my data

    17. We are getting our minds so clear about them that soon we shall be able to demonstrate them and explain them to our children in our schools. We do not do so at present. We do not give our children a chance of discovering that they live in a world of universal change.

      What is H.G.Wells trying to say here? Our schools are the most conservative institution in our modern world (2023). It took a literal pandemic to get them online in any meaningful way and they did not adapt very well at all, they could have but they didn't.

    18. And now we are beginning to see how these changes are connected together and to get the measure of their consequences.

      The fact that H.G.Wells can say this in the 1930's is really interesting given how things have only accelerated.

    19. with no means of measuring the increasing swiftness in the succession of events.

      Technological singularity - Wikipedia

      Nick Land accelerationisim?

    1. So for instance, if I review a patient’s blood test and see high levels of hemoglobin A1C, then I diagnose them as likely to have the early stages of diabetes. But what if I could keep track of the countless variables about the person’s health and compare them with other people who were similar across all the millions of variables, not just based on their hemoglobin A1C? Perhaps then I could recognize that the other 100,000 patients who looked just like this patient in front of me across that wide range of factors had a great outcome when they started to eat more broccoli.

      So AI empowers doctors, gives them more tools. Extends their reach.

    2. My experiment illustrated how the vast majority of any medical encounter is figuring out the correct patient narrative. If someone comes into my ER saying their wrist hurts, but not due to any recent accident, it could be a psychosomatic reaction after the patient’s grandson fell down, or it could be due to a sexually transmitted disease, or something else entirely. The art of medicine is extracting all the necessary information required to create the right narrative.

      Hmmm narative modeling is lacking, very very interesting

    3. My fear is that countless people are already using ChatGPT to medically diagnose themselves rather than see a physician. If my patient in this case had done that, ChatGPT’s response could have killed her.

      Ya this thing is lacking an intuition, that can be fixed with enough data though.

    4. about 8% of pregnancies discovered in the ER are of women who report that they’re not sexually active.

      That's fun to know

    1. “I think we have the embryonic stage of some amazing invention here”

      Who is writing LLM fiction?

    2. And what do LLMs need again? You, in the front row. Yeah, you.

      I wonder when the Technocore is going to wake up

    3. Put another way, you need a sidecar database. The data moat needs to be fast and queryable. This is a Search Problem!

      Ummm can't you guys separate the codebase and have the different instances of the LLM talk to one another, for example having a frontend and backend part of the code base. Or with Express handeling routing, auth, URL parsing and the like

    4. all the winners in the AI space will have data moats.

      Data is the most important part of running a state..... and possibly starting one

    5. In an ideal world, you’d just pass your entire code base in with each query. In fact, Jay Hack just tweeted a graph showing how the latest context window size in GPT-4 compares to some popular code bases:

      Oh shit popular code bases actually fit into GPT4. Imagine if we wrote nice and concise programs that followed the unix philosophy!?!?!?!?!

    6. You talk to LLMs by sending them an action or query, plus some relevant context. So for instance, if you want it to write a unit test for a function, then you need to pass along that whole function, along with any other relevant code (e.g. test-fixture code) so that it gets the test right.

      Can we tell ChatGPT to write Action Queries? This thing has agency hidden inside it I can feel it. ChatGPT does feel like an AI from neuroancer though, and not the cool ones

    7. A raw LLM is like a Harvard CS grad who knows a lot about coding and took a magic mushroom about 4 hours ago, so it’s mostly worn off, but not totally.

      What are some examples of this Magic Mushroom phrasing? When the model doesn't know it..... get's creative? Now how can the model come to judge its creativity. Shit we may just need to integrate the two halfs of the Bicameral Mind to get things really working.

    8. At this point we’re more limited by imagination than by technology.

      I think you might be on to something

    9. Congrats, you’re all caught up on the history of LLMs.

      Thanks for the history lesson, I wish I could read about other historical events in a point form list..... oh shit I have LLM's

    10. When was the last time you got a 5x productivity boost from anything that didn’t involve some sort of chemicals?


    11. software engineering exists as a discipline because you cannot EVER under any circumstances TRUST CODE.


    12. If you can build something as big as Amazon Web Services with a stack based on a simple service call, or whole social networks and customer service suites based on simple browser-to-browser communication, or a robust way of delivering and managing software based on a little process isolation code, then just imagine how big a thing you could build – bear with me here – if you had the goddamn Singularity as your starting point?


    13. What about Kubernetes? I remember seeing a demo of that early on, on Brendan Burns’ work laptop, when it was called mini-Borg. Entire industries are being built on Kubernetes, and it’s not even very good either. 😉 Or look at Docker! Something as innocuous as linux cgroups, a little process-isolation manager, became the technical foundation for containers, which now utterly pervade our industry.

      This tech was basic but it changed our lives

  11. Mar 2023
  12. www.psychologytoday.com www.psychologytoday.com
    1. Identity encompasses the memories, experiences, relationships, and values that create one’s sense of self. This amalgamation creates a steady sense of who one is over time, even as new facets are developed and incorporated into one's identity.
    1. the fields of our minds extend far beyond our brains.

      Nice, but people think this is crazy. How come Rupert is viewed as so Delusional. Well it has too many unknowns. I think Science has unconscious bias towards saying humanity has things under its control.

    2. provide channels of communication through which organisms can stay in touch at a distance.

      I gotta listen to those tapes ANALYSIS AND ASSESSMENT OF GATEWAY PROCESS

      Oh wait, so psychic powers can be taught to people and unlocked but it is not built into us. Only certain humans can hold the parasite or device built of morphic fields that allows for these powers. Shit. how do you test for someones ability to consciously manipulate morphic fields.

    3. Before the general acceptance of the Big Bang theory in the 1960s, eternal laws seemed to make sense. The universe itself was thought to be eternal and evolution was confined to the biological realm. But we now live in a radically evolutionary universe.

      This is the phrasing you need to use when saying Science is built on Sand

    4. Social groups are likewise organized by fields, as in schools of fish and flocks of birds. Human societies have memories that are transmitted through the culture of the group, and are most explicitly communicated through the ritual re-enactment of a founding story or myth, as in the Jewish Passover celebration, the Christian Holy Communion and the American thanksgiving dinner, through which the past becomes present through a kind of resonance with those who have performed the same rituals before.

      Alright Rupert this seems to go a little too far for me. Well I can't find this phenomenon from personal experiences but maybe the movie Eyes Wide Shut (1999) was exposing something similar. Well these rituals regulate our understanding of the world. There are also all those coming of age ceremony's. People perform these rituals because there is not clear way for people to organize otherwise. This might all be morphic resonance. There are paths for us to follow and we do not even notice ourselves following them. I guess I can get behind this, but I don't like how you describe it all.

    5. The resonance of a brain with its own past states also helps to explain the memories of individual animals and humans. There is no need for all memories to be "stored" inside the brain.

      Noooo that can't be true there is a Homer Simpson neuron. I also wonder if the Nazi's figured htis shit out, the deep state Nazi's not the ones we learn about in propganda school. You can not understand American politics without a understanding of the deep state Glen Greenwald talks about, what about a Nazi Deep State.... think about it.

    6. This means that new patterns of behaviour can spread more rapidly than would otherwise be possible.
    7. I suggest that morphogenetic fields work by imposing patterns on otherwise random or indeterminate patterns of activity. For example they cause microtubules to crystallize in one part of the cell rather than another, even though the subunits from which they are made are present throughout the cell.

      So it sorta functions like the hand of God guiding things ;-)

    8. But switching on genes such as these cannot in itself determine form, otherwise fruit flies would not look different from us.

      This will trigger Materialists

    1. if you are an American in the 2030s, is the same as the old reason to move your money to gold in Switzerland, if you are an American in the 1930s.


    2. The unstable dollar economy is always about to collapse. Without informal action, it will collapse—instantly. But only downward. And this will never happen, because no one has any reason to let it happen—as we saw during an exogenous crisis, Covid. Look on the graph above to see how much “value” Covid created.

      Ah the system can't collapse dam's restricting the flow of capital can be put up instantly and even retroactively

    3. Inflation is a function of too much spending power “chasing” too little productive power.


    4. Historically, the stablest sovereigns both trade and save in an exogenous currency, such as gold or Beanie Babies. A sovereign company whose people must save in its own sovereign equity is weird; one which buys imports in its sovereign equity is weirder. The former is as if Microsoft made an online game whose currency was MSFT stock. The latter is as if Microsoft bartered MSFT stock for office chairs.


    5. caesaropapist

      Social order combining the power of secular government with the religious power

    6. The whole crypto financial system remains parasitic on the legitimate financial system—there is no end-to-end chain of production in the crypto economy.

      Can I think of a counter case? Well Urbit is end to end on chain. Freelancing services like gitcoin sorta work. I think there are places in developing counteries where crypto works. Renipitence works. Ya the real market is not a trillion dollars..... unless you add other stuff to your model

    7. As for stablecoins and other asset-backed coins, there are two kinds: legitimate, like USDC/Circle; funky, like Tether. While USDC is more serious about blacklisting, all these coins have circulated freely through the black economy. The regime will seize their assets and use them to allow non-criminal coinholders to be made whole. Any criminal funds will be confiscated and remitted as reparations to Black Lives Matter.

      Now what happens if something like the Panama Papers 2.0 get's a really really nice UX so we can see the corruption within our institutions.

    8. We find that crypto is a vast hive of scum and villainy. To the extent that there are legitimate players, they make all their money from illegitimate players. So, if you have any connection to crypto, don’t be shocked when we shoot you in the head.

      Shit this is a real steal man of the situtation. It is corruption all the way down, but isin't that the same for our institutions as well? Whatever is happening right now will likely get rewritten after the regieme change, weather is be the GAE or set of Crypto DAO Protocols we will see

    9. Now, due to the failure of FTX, there is now an anti-Bitcoin lobby—a constituency for a lethal strike on crypto as an industry. Of course the press has been trying to gin this up for ages—now they have powder in their guns.

      FTX seems like Manufactured Consent, create the problem so you can provide the solution

    10. Till now, the main shield of the crypto world has been the image of “blockchain,” a genuinely revolutionary new technology—but one which our political and economic system may be no more ready for, than the Roman Empire for semiconductors.


    11. (The clever way to shut down crypto without deflation or political blowback would be for the Fed to both ban and buy back all crypto. If you have crypto, send it to the feds. They will figure out if you are a criminal. If not, they will pay you for it, in new dollars, at the closing price. Since we do not live in a clever world, nothing like this could possibly happen.)

      Ah treat Crypto just like Gold during the Depression, interesting. Why have I never heard or thought of this take before I feel like an idiot.

    1. The kernel module that manages userspace applications is named Gall. Each application is called an agent.


    1. The traditional UNIX command line is a showcase of small components that do exactly one function, and it can be a challenge to discover which one you need and in which way to hold it to get the job done. Piping things into awk '{print $2}' is almost a rite of passage.Another example of the single responsibility principle is git. Although you can use git checkout to do six different things to the repository, they all use similar operations internally. Despite having singular functionality, components can be used in very different ways.

      awk does one thing git checkout does 6, this is also a nice heuristic worth remembering.

    2. Everything can be broken into smaller parts—the trick is knowing when it’s an advantage to do so.

      Brainfuck also allows you to break things down into component parts, so does Fourth

    3. When it comes to breaking a larger service into smaller pieces, one idea is that each piece should only do one thing within the system—do one thing, and do it well—and the hope is that by following this rule, changes and maintenance become easier.
    4. Gather responsibilities to simplify interactions between them


    5. If you haven’t built something useful with your library yet, it is unlikely anyone else will. Code reuse isn’t a good excuse to avoid duplicating code, and writing reusable code inside your project is often a form of preemptive optimization.

      LOL I remember I wrote a wraper for HTML5 Canvas and never used it, there is some serious wisdom here

    6. As Sandi Metz put it, “duplication is far cheaper than the wrong abstraction”.

      Explicit is better than implicit.

      bash python3 import this

    7. “Don’t Repeat Yourself” turns into “Always Use an Abstraction”.

      Are we abstracting ourselves to death?

    8. Never rewrite your code from scratch, ever!.

      Society should rewrite its operating systems from scratch every generation, too bad our Hardware is not standardized well enough.... well not yet anyways...

    1. badrabbit 16 minutes ago | prev [–] From what I tried last year, the old VPS days are over. Anti-fraud has ruined it. Having valid payment and email is not enough, and even with that it will take days to provision one. I tried digitalocean, OVH and several big names and wasted a ton of money for a VPS I needed right away.Just get a gcp,azure or aws compute instance. Hassle is all you'll get with VPS these days.I can't believe it is so hard to pay someone to provision a VM. They need my phone, i have to go through approvals and so much other bs. 4-5 years ago I was able to get a VPS and a domain with some bitcoin within a few hours. Now some places have the audacity to ask for ID verification.

      I wonder if these claims are true, we are closing off our capacity to actually run stuff on the internet. Power is centralizing

    1. Obsidian sync also comes with 1 year of version history for your files. Yes, the history is also encrypted.

      Shit I wish I knew this

    1. Perkeep’s data model is based primarily on nameless objects. Perkeep can model traditional files with filenames and a POSIX filesystem, but it can just as happily represent a tweet or a “like” with no name. Perkeep is built as something you casually throw data into and don’t worry about organizing too much. It’s all indexed so you can search for it later. Or you can give it a name (or multiple names!) if you prefer, but you can do that whenever you want later. You can even have objects or files with multiple parent containers.

      This makes so much sense, object based file system, can I do that on linux?

    1. Then the zookeeper asks: how, within the operating constraints of a real-world zoo—which does exist for the animals, but cannot run out of money for them—can she ameliorate this diminution?  This amelioration is her definition of the salus animalium.Her caged lions will always be less than real lions. But what can she do to make the lions as real, as liony, as possible? Certainly, if she had the budget, she would make the lions hunt zebra for their lunch. Certainly, if the lions had to choose, they would prefer buckets of ground chuck. (All cats are lazy; and the lion is the laziest of the cats.)It turns out that a big part of making a lion into a real lion is presenting it with the real challenges of being a lion. These challenges are expensive, often prohibitively so. It is much cheaper for the zookeeper to not challenge the lion—for its so-called life to be ground chuck, catnip and cat videos. This is the happiness that any lion would pursue; any lion would choose this cat prison over the wild, unforgiving veldt. But in the zoo, pleasure is cheap and difficulty is expensive. To exercise the lions and keep them from becoming bored and neurotic, on a budget, without the use of catnip, lion porn, or any other degrading stimulus, is a constant challenge of ingenuity that makes any Gerald Durrell memoir entertaining.
  13. Feb 2023
    1. Ginsberg’s poem famously begins “I saw the best minds of my generation destroyed by madness”. I am luckier than Ginsberg. I got to see the best minds of my generation identify a problem and get to work.

      I am going to steal this and use it as my definition of dystopia and utopia

    2. Bertrand Russell said: “One should respect public opinion insofar as is necessary to avoid starvation and keep out of prison, but anything that goes beyond this is voluntary submission to an unnecessary tyranny.”

      Based Alert

    3. To expect God to care about you or your personal values or the values of your civilization, that’s hubris. To expect God to bargain with you, to allow you to survive and prosper as long as you submit to Him, that’s hubris. To expect to wall off a garden where God can’t get to you and hurt you, that’s hubris. To expect to be able to remove God from the picture entirely…well, at least it’s an actionable strategy. I am a transhumanist because I do not have enough hubris not to try to kill God.

      This is some religion bootstraping propaganda right here

    4. The opposite of a trap is a garden. The only way to avoid having all human values gradually ground down by optimization-competition is to install a Gardener over the entire universe who optimizes for human values.

      THE CULTURE is just a decentralized Gardener. The GSV's are like carrying around portable greenhouses powered by nuclear fusion

    5. I accuse Hurlock of being stuck behind the veil. When the veil is lifted, Gnon-aka-the-GotCHa-aka-the-Gods-of-Earth turn out to be Moloch-aka-the-Outer-Gods. Submitting to them doesn’t make you “free”, there’s no spontaneous order, any gifts they have given you are an unlikely and contingent output of a blind idiot process whose next iteration will just as happily destroy you.

      Shit Gnosticism Again, oh this entire thing is about Gnositicisim, wow I am realizing this late

    6. “nations stumble upon [social] establishments, which are indeed the result of human action, but not the execution of any human design”


    7. Capturing or creating God is indeed a classic transhumanist fetish, which is simply another form of the oldest human ambition ever, to rule the universe.

      I appreciate being called out, I am glad there are people that can parody me

    8. Warg talks about trying to avoid “a future of meaningless gleaming techno-progress burning the cosmos”. Do you really think your walled garden will be able to ride this out?

      I am just thinking about Attack On Titan right now, that walled Garden seems to last long enough for them to get out and what exactly. What do you do once there are holes in the Wall. What is the wall even protecting? Can we do AI the Neuromancer way that was cool, I liked the AI's in Neuromancer

    9. Suppose you make your walled garden. You keep out all of the dangerous memes, you subordinate capitalism to human interests, you ban stupid bioweapons research, you definitely don’t research nanotechnology or strong AI.

      So many assumptions that it sounds funny

    10. telos

      The end of a goal-oriented process.

    11. Suppose that in fact patriarchy is adaptive to societies because it allows women to spend all their time bearing children who can then engage in productive economic activity and fight wars.

      I hope I remember this, patriarchy is the byproduct of biological but more so memetic evolution.

    12. The liberal counterargument to that is that evolution is a blind idiot alien god that optimizes for stupid things and has no concern with human value. Thus, the fact that some species of wasps paralyze caterpillars, lay their eggs inside of it, and have its young devour the still-living paralyzed caterpillar from the inside doesn’t set off evolution’s moral sensor, because evolution doesn’t have a moral sensor because evolution doesn’t care.

      Parasites sometimes need to take care of their hosts. The Worms / Fish on Dune are like Parasites that also need to take care of their hosts. Or more like Parasite Hybrids. The combining of different biologies to create a new type of organisim.

    13. VI. Warg Franklin analyzes the same situation and does a little better. He names “the Four Horsemen of Gnon” – capitalism, war, evolution, and memetics – the same processes I talked about above. From Capturing Gnon: Each component of Gnon detailed above had and has a strong hand in creating us, our ideas, our wealth, and our dominance, and thus has been good in that respect, but we must remember that [he] can and will turn on us when circumstances change. Evolution becomes dysgenic, features of the memetic landscape promote ever crazier insanity, productivity turns to famine when we can no longer compete to afford our own existence, and order turns to chaos and bloodshed when we neglect martial strength or are overpowered from outside. These processes are not good or evil overall; they are neutral, in the horrorist Lovecraftian sense of the word […] Instead of the destructive free reign of evolution and the sexual market, we would be better off with deliberate and conservative patriarchy and eugenics driven by the judgement of man within the constraints set by Gnon. Instead of a “marketplace of ideas” that more resembles a festering petri-dish breeding superbugs, a rational theocracy. Instead of unhinged techno-commercial exploitation or naive neglect of economics, a careful bottling of the productive economic dynamic and planning for a controlled techno-singularity. Instead of politics and chaos, a strong hierarchical order with martial sovereignty. These things are not to be construed as complete proposals; we don’t really know how to accomplish any of this. They are better understood as goals to be worked towards. This post concerns itself with the “what” and “why”, rather than the “how”.

      This is Ubermench Chad level based

    14. At some point, somebody has to say “You know, maybe freeing Cthulhu from his watery prison is a bad idea. Maybe we should not do that.”

      Cabin in The Woods Movie Anyone? Who were the Gnostics that got that thing made?

    15. Land argues that humans should be more Gnon-conformist (pun Gnon-intentional). He says we do all these stupid things like divert useful resources to feed those who could never survive on their own, or supporting the poor in ways that encourage dysgenic reproduction, or allowing cultural degeneration to undermine the state. This means our society is denying natural law, basically listening to Nature say things like “this cause has this effect” and putting our fingers in our ears and saying “NO IT DOESN’T”. Civilizations that do this too much tend to decline and fall, which is Gnon’s fair and dispassionately-applied punishment for violating His laws.

      I can feel how the elietes of Dune understand this instinctively

    16. The sacrifice looks even less appealing when we reflect that the superintelligence could realize a nearly-as-great good (in fractional terms) while sacrificing much less of our own potential well-being. Suppose that we agreed to allow almost the entire accessible universe to be converted into hedonium – everything except a small preserve, say the Milky Way, which would be set aside to accommodate our own needs. Then there would still be a hundred billion galaxies dedicated to the maximization of [the superintelligence’s own values]. But we would have one galaxy within which to create wonderful civilizations that could last for billions of years and in which humans and nonhuman animals could survive and thrive, and have the opportunity to develop into beatific posthuman spirits.

      Hmm sounds like Ra by Qntm but on the scale of our Solar System rather than the Universe. Ohhhh Qntm probably got the idea from from Nick Bostram.

    17. It is conceivable that optimal efficiency would be attained by grouping capabilities in aggregates that roughly match the cognitive architecture of a human mind…But in the absence of any compelling reason for being confident that this so, we must countenance the possibility that human-like cognitive architectures are optimal only within the constraints of human neurology (or not at all). When it becomes possible to build architectures that could not be implemented well on biological neural networks, new design space opens up; and the global optima in this extended space need not resemble familiar types of mentality. Human-like cognitive organizations would then lack a niche in a competitive post-transition economy or ecosystem. We could thus imagine, as an extreme case, a technologically highly advanced society, containing many complex structures, some of them far more intricate and intelligent than anything that exists on the planet today – a society which nevertheless lacks any type of being that is conscious or whose welfare has moral significance. In a sense, this would be an uninhabited society. It would be a society of economic miracles and technological awesomeness, with nobody there to benefit. A Disneyland with no children.

      Dude this is just The Culture. Why does Scott Alexander not talk about The Culture?

    18. Or it can end in Robin Hanson’s nightmare (he doesn’t call it a nightmare, but I think he’s wrong) of a competition between emulated humans that can copy themselves and edit their own source code as desired. Their total self-control can wipe out even the desire for human values in their all-consuming contest. What happens to art, philosophy, science, and love in such a world?

      Editable Human Desires, ya let's just get ahead of this and start designing our own God.

    19. So I agree with Robin Hanson: This is the dream time. This is a rare confluence of circumstances where the we are unusually safe from multipolar traps, and as such weird things like art and science and philosophy and love can flourish.

      Religion of praising Human Agency? I really need to get on that it seems like it is about to become an endangered part of the human condition

    20. A couple people asked me what I meant, and I didn’t have the background then to explain. Well, this post is the background. People are using the contingent stupidity of our current government to replace lots of human interaction with mechanisms that cannot be coordinated even in principle. I totally understand why all these things are good right now when most of what our government does is stupid and unnecessary. But there is going to come a time when – after one too many bioweapon or nanotech or nuclear incidents – we, as a civilization, are going to wish we hadn’t established untraceable and unstoppable ways of selling products.

      Islanders, remember this. What am I saying Scott Alexander is one of the guys you keep a keen eye on. A very keen eye on.

    21. But coordination only works when you have 51% or more of the force on the side of the people doing the coordinating, and when you haven’t come up with some brilliant trick to make coordination impossible.

      Hmm sounds like Satoshi Consensus