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  1. Dec 2020
    1. Security Assertion Markup Language


    2. Go is introducing publicly-visible API changes related to these issues in an upcoming major release, which risks making the vulnerabilities public without explicit public disclosure. 

      Whaaat ?!

    1. With a minor calf injury symptoms will be mild with minimal swelling, you will be able to walk unaided with slight discomfort but sudden movements that stretch or work the calf may cause an increase in pain. Initial treatment involves rest for 2-3 days after which you can often resume gentle cross training, providing it’s pain free. This might include swimming, or cycling (with low resistance) but should avoid impact, heavy resistance or sudden movements. Once symptoms settle you can start some light jogging on a treadmill and see how it feels before gradually returning to training. The timeframe for this varies from around 1-4 weeks depending on the injury and the individual. When you do return to running avoid hill training and speed work initially as this places a greater stress on the calf muscle.

      minor calf injury

    1. Trump repeatedly assured the public that his administration would likely identify a successful vaccine in time for the presidential election, held last Tuesday

      full of shit

  2. Nov 2020
    1. dacă se întrunea plenul se întâmplau 3 lucruri: se respingea cererea de reexaminare și riscam să nu mai avem alegeri pe 6 decembrie, doi se respingea initițiativa fără penali pentru că PSD o băga pe ordinea de zi ca să o respingă, pentru că nu era un număr suficient de senatori, trei ei recăpătau controlul asupra Senatului”

      holy shit

    2. ”Cum poate cineva din USR să fie atât de naiv încât să își imagineze că un Senat în care jumătate din senatori sunt pesediști, care au măcelărit Legile Justiției, care au respins orice cerere de ridicare a imunității, care au legiferat pentru infractori, cum să-și imagineze cineva normal la cap că se poate aduna două treimi pentru o astfel de inițiativă fără penali cu o majoritate de senatori PSD care au fost cu cei care s-au aflat în anchete penale?!
    1. If you enable the "Mail to Things" feature, we collect the content of the emails you forward to the provided email address.

      In other words, you collect everything.

    2. we collect the content you provided

      This is a no-go.

    1. Graphite does three things: Kick ass. Chew bubblegum. Make it easy to store and graph metrics.

      LOL :))

    1. Supporting multiple databases was a long term objective for us, but we have found that this project would require a huge amount of coding, testing, and ongoing complex support

      Fair enough