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  1. Jul 2024
    1. On call. Incident response. Compliance deadlines. Like any IT job, stuff breaks. Long unpaid hours keeping up on tech to remain competitive. Dealing with the politics of your management not sincerely wanting to spend the money required to do things right and
    2. writing code, reviewing code, deploying configs to harden environments, reading CVEs to know just how bad that vulnerability in our environment is and where it prioritize it in patching and what it could affect, trying to make sense of logs to determine if that oddity is an indicator of compromise or not
  2. Jun 2024
    1. this company's got not good for safety

      for - AI - security - Open AI - examples of poor security - high risk for humanity

      AI - security - Open AI - examples of poor security - high risk for humanity - ex-employees report very inadequate security protocols - employees have had screenshots capture while at cafes outside of Open AI offices - People like Jimmy Apple report future releases on twitter before Open AI does

    2. open AI literally yesterday published securing research infrastructure for advanced AI

      for - AI - Security - Open AI statement in response to this essay

    3. this is a serious problem because all they need to do is automate AI research 00:41:53 build super intelligence and any lead that the US had would vanish the power dynamics would shift immediately

      for - AI - security risk - once automated AI research is known, bad actors can easily build superintelligence

      AI - security risk - once automated AI research is known, bad actors can easily build superintelligence - Any lead that the US had would immediately vanish.

    4. the model Waits are just a large files of numbers on a server and these can be easily stolen all it takes is an adversary to match your trillions 00:41:14 of dollars and your smartest minds of Decades of work just to steal this file

      for - AI - security risk - model weight files - are a key leverage point

      AI - security risk - model weight files - are a key leverage point for bad actors - These files are critical national security data that represent huge amounts of investment in time and research and they are just a file so can be easily stolen.

    5. our failure today will be irreversible soon in the next 12 to 24 months we will leak key AGI breakthroughs to the CCP it will 00:38:56 be to the National security establishment the greatest regret before the decade is out

      for - AI - security risk - next 1 to 2 years is vulnerable time to keep AI secrets out of hands of authoritarian regimes

    6. here are so many loopholes in our current top AI Labs that we could literally have people who are infiltrating these companies and there's no way to even know what's going on because we don't have any true security 00:37:41 protocols and the problem is is that it's not being treated as seriously as it is

      for - key insight - low security at top AI labs - high risk of information theft ending up in wrong hands

  3. May 2024
    1. If you are okay with the user appending arbitrary query params without enforcing an allow-list, you can bypass the strong params requirement by using request.params directly:
    2. Performing a redirect by constructing a URL based on user input is inherently risky, and is a well-documented security vulnerability. This is essentially what you are doing when you call redirect_to params.merge(...), because params can contain arbitrary data the user has appended to the URL.
    1. Identify, prioritize, and resolve dependency risk Once dependencies are identified, Black Duck Security Advisories enable teams to evaluate them for associated risk, and guides prioritization and remediation efforts. Is it secure? Receive alerts for existing and newly discovered vulnerabilities, along with enhanced security data to evaluate exposure and plan remediation efforts. Is it trustworthy? Perform a post-build analysis on artifacts to detect the presence of malware, such as known malicious packages or suspicious files and file structures, as well as digital signatures, security mitigations, and sensitive information. Is it compliant? For every component identified, Black Duck SCA provides insights into license obligations and attribution requirements to reduce risk to intellectual property. Is it high quality? Black Duck SCA provides metrics that teams use to evaluate the health, history, community support, and reputation of a project, so that they can be proactive in their risk mitigation process.
    2. Black Duck® software composition analysis (SCA) helps teams manage the security, quality, and license compliance risks that come from the use of open source and third-party code in applications and containers.
  4. Apr 2024
    1. Alternatively, a simple public key canserve as an identifier, eliminating the DID/DIDDoc abstraction2

      This would require having private key portable. Which is not secure.

    1. Youtube Kids is an example of how the product designed for kids differs from the one targeting adults. It’s much easier to navigate thanks to bigger buttons and fewer content boxes on the page. Plus the security settings on the platform make sure that younger users are safe and have access to appropriate content. Those all are parts of a thought-through design interface for children.

      Just an observation here but I remember my godchild using You tube kids whilst they stayed here and we had to double check because it wasn't all good content, you tube is kind of notorious with their bad content checks and algorithms. Elsa Gate Scandal comes to mind.

  5. Mar 2024
    1. He marveled at how the SouthCarolinians deluded themselves in believing they were safe, burdened asthey were with a large slave population—“stupid security,” he called it.
    1. Likewise, we “trusted the process,” but the process didn’t save Toy Story 2 either. “Trust theProcess” had morphed into “Assume that the Process Will Fix Things for Us.” It gave ussolace, which we felt we needed. But it also coaxed us into letting down our guard and, in theend, made us passive. Even worse, it made us sloppy.
  6. Feb 2024
  7. Jan 2024
    1. The mortgage document which secures the promissory note by giving the lender an interest in the property and the right to take and sell the property—that is, foreclose—if the mortgage payments aren't made.
    1. So we have 50 independent electoral systems that kind of work in conjunction in tandem, but they're all slightly different and they're all run by the state.

      It is worse than that. In Ohio, each county has its own election system. Rules are set at the state level, but each county buys and maintains the equipment, hires and does training, and reports its results.

    1. less secure sign-in technology

      What does that mean exactly?

      All of a sudden my Rails app's attempts to send via SMTP started getting rejected until I enabled "Less secure app access". It would be nice if I knew what was necessary to make the access considered "secure".

      Update: Newer information added to this article (as well as elsewhere) leads me to believe that it is specifically sending password directly as authentication mechanism which was/is no longer permitted.

      This is the note that has since been added on this page, which clarifies this point:

      To help keep your account secure, from May 30, 2022, ​​Google no longer supports the use of third-party apps or devices which ask you to sign in to your Google Account using only your username and password.

    1. To keep your account more secure, Gmail no longer supports third-party apps or devices which require you to share your Google username and password. Sharing your account credentials with third-parties makes it easier for hackers to gain access to your account.
    1. Prepare to transition away from Google Sync Google Sync doesn’t support OAuth authentication, 2-factor authentication, or security keys, which leaves your organization’s data less secure.
  8. Dec 2023
    1. for security, app access token should never be hard-coded into client-side code, doing so would give everyone who loaded your webpage or decompiled your app full access to your app secret, and therefore the ability to modify your app. This implies that most of the time, you will be using app access tokens only in server to server calls.
    1. This can result in an unwanted increase in fraudulent account creations, or worse; attackers successfully stealing social media account credentials from legitimate users.
    1. Given the security implications of getting the implementation correct, we strongly encourage you to use OAuth 2.0 libraries when interacting with Google's OAuth 2.0 endpoints. It is a best practice to use well-debugged code provided by others, and it will help you protect yourself and your users. For more information, see Client libraries.
    1. Warning: Do not accept plain user IDs, such as those you can get with the GoogleUser.getId() method, on your backend server. A modified client application can send arbitrary user IDs to your server to impersonate users, so you must instead use verifiable ID tokens to securely get the user IDs of signed-in users on the server side.
  9. Nov 2023
    1. It would have been fantastic to eschew this ridiculousness, because we all make fun of branded vulnerabilities too, but this was not the right time to make that stand.
    1. permanent security”
      • for: definition - permanent security, examples - permanent security

      • definition: permanent security

        • Extreme responses by states to security threats, enacted in the name of present and future self defence.
        • Permanent security actions target entire civilian populations under the logic of ensuring that terrorists and insurgents can never again represent a threat. It is a project, in other words, that seeks to avert future threats by anticipating them today.
      • example: permanent security

        • Russian-Ukraine war
          • Vladimir Putin reasons that Ukraine must be forcibly returned to Russia so that it cannot serve as a launching site for NATO missiles into Russia decades from now.
        • Myanmar-Rohingya conflict
          • The Myanmarese military sought to squash separatism by expelling and killing the Rohingya minority in 2017
        • China-Uyghur conflict
          • China sought to pacify and reeducate Muslim Uyghurs by mass incarceration to forestall their striving for independence forever
        • Israel-Palestine conflict
          • Israel seeks to eliminate Hamas as a security threat once and for all after the 2023 Hamas attack on Israel
        • US-Iraq-Afghanistan
          • The US sought to eliminate Saddam Hussein's nuclear capabilities and to eliminate Osama Bin Laden for his bombing of the World Trade center.
    1. Feminist analyses see both the state and trafficking networks as threats to security, as trafficked persons lack freedom of movement and are at risk of abuse and poor health

      opens the table to consider more things in terms of IR security

    2. Improving reproductive health and addressing gender inequalities are crucial for promoting human security.
    3. health impacts of violent conflict, bioterrorism, pandemics, and endemic diseases disproportionately affecting certain regions are all linked to health and security
    4. World Health Organization (WHO) and policymakers recognize the importance of health for international peace, stability, and human security.
    5. onsidering gender in discussions of human security and argues for a balanced focus on both freedom from fear and freedom from want.
    6. evidenced by the lack of involvement of women in drafting the new constitution and the passing of repressive legislation.
    7. "responsibility to protect" (R2P).R2P suggests that states have a responsibility to intervene and protect civilians in other states if they are unable or unwilling to do so themselves.Some feminist scholars argue that the language of protection can reinforce gendered and racialized narratives.
    8. issues of human security and human rights are sometimes used as justifications for military intervention.

      e.g., with women and Taliban

    9. The focus on individuals in human security discourse may overlook vulnerabilities and threats that are linked to larger associations such as gender, class, and ethnicity.

      relies on the definition of person which can be politically constituted

    10. International Criminal Court
    11. providers of human security, and that NGOs and international organizations
    12. mphasizes empowering individuals to take action for their own security and well-being.

      still a liberal lassez-faire approach :(

    13. he United Nations Development Programme and the Commission on Human Security have played important roles in promoting and defining the concept of human security.
    14. Human security includes freedom from fear and freedom from want, and encompasses various elements such as economic security, food security, health security, environmental security, personal security, community security, and political security.

      socialist feminist focused on social issues?

    15. wars, conflicts, famine, and poverty are all examples of insecurity that can harm individuals and communities.

      human non conflict issues

    1. "environmental security" and how it can be linked to traditional security ideas.Some view this connection as a positive way to address the threats posed by environmental degradation, while others see it as adding unnecessary complexity to the concept of security.
    2. human security, shifting the focus from states to individuals.
    1. authenticate_by addresses the vulnerability by taking the same amount of time regardless of whether a user with a matching email is found: User.authenticate_by(email: "...", password: "...")
    1. Implement restrictive defaults (potentially allowing an explicit bypass) I understand that easy usability and rich out-of-the-box functionality is likely essential to this library's appeal to its users. Nevertheless I'd like to propose making the authorization properties ransackable_[attributes/associations/etc.] empty sets by default, forcing the developer to explicitly define whitelists for their use case. To soften the usability blow, a new ransack_unsafe(params[:q]) or ransack_explicit(params[:q], ransackable_attributes='*', ransackable_associations=(:post, :comment)) method could be introduced to offer developers a shorthand to bypass or override the whitelists for specific queries (after they've had to read a warning about why these methods can be dangerous).
  10. Oct 2023
  11. www.semanticscholar.org www.semanticscholar.org
    1. Openai is looking to predict performance and safety because models are too big to be evaluated directly. To me this implies a high probability that people start to replace their own capabilities with models not enough safe and relevant. It could cause misalignment between people and their environment, or worse their perception of their environment.

  12. Sep 2023
    1. Inspect the proposed changes in the pull request and ensure that you are comfortable running your workflows on the pull request branch. You should be especially alert to any proposed changes in the .github/workflows/ directory that affect workflow files.
    1. Apparently, Google uses some additional heuristics to decide whether the link should be displayed or not. The List-Unsubscribe header could be abused by spammers to validate that their target got the message, and thus, GMail only shows the unsubscribe link if the source of the message has accumulated sufficient trust.

      Shouldn't it be controllable by the end user, in the same way that they can press a button to show all images if images are blocked by default for security/privacy reasons??

  13. Aug 2023
    1. npx link is a tool I developed as a safer and more predictable alternative to npm link.
    1. ```js // CSRF

      /* @type {import('@sveltejs/kit').Config} / const config = { kit: { checkOrigin?: true, } };   export default config; ```

    2. ```js // CSP svelte.config.js

      /* @type {import('@sveltejs/kit').Config} / const config = { kit: { csp: { directives: { 'script-src': ['self'] }, reportOnly: { 'script-src': ['self'] } } } };

      export default config; ```

    1. The US report, released in 2021, warned: “Intensifying physical effects will exacerbate geopolitical flashpoints, particularly after 2030, and key countries and regions will face increasing risks of instability and need for humanitarian assistance

      Die australischen Grünen wollen die Labour-Regierung zwingen, einen bisher ih wichtigen Teilen geheimgehaltenen Sicherheitsbericht vollständig zu publizieren. Sie gehen davon aus, dass die Regierung explosive Informationen über Sicherheitsrisiken durch die globale Erhitzung vor der Bevölkerung verbirgt. https://www.theguardian.com/australia-news/2023/aug/04/declassified-climate-crisis-report-greens-labor-albanese

  14. Jul 2023
    1. Veränderungen des Jetstreams durch die globale Erhitzung können gleichzeitige Missernten in mehreren Regionen bewirken, die für die Weilternährung entscheidend sind. George Monbiot prangert die mangelnde mediale Aufmerksamkeit für eine Studie an, der zufolge das Risiko globaler Ernährungskrise weit größer ist als angenommen. Die politische Macht einer kleinen Gruppe extrem Reicher sei die Ursache für das dramatisch anwachsende Risiko weltweiter Hungerkatastrophen. https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2023/jul/15/food-systems-collapse-plutocrats-life-on-earth-climate-breakdowntopic: crop fail

    1. The threat is that you're posting a secret key to a third party which violates a dozen of security best practices, nullifies the assumption of the key being "secret" and most likely violates your organization's security policy. In authentication all the remaining information can be guessed or derived from other sources - for example Referrer header in case of Google - and this is precisely why secrets should be, well, secret.
    1. SMS and e-mail are not reliable means of communication. They should no longer be used to communicate links spontaneously. All such communications should be considered fraudulent by default.

  15. Jun 2023
    1. Platform engineering is trying to deliver the self-service tools teams want to consume to rapidly deploy all components of software. While it may sound like a TypeScript developer would feel more empowered by writing their infrastructure in TypeScript, the reality is that it’s a significant undertaking to learn to use these tools properly when all one wants to do is create or modify a few resources for their project. This is also a common source of technical debt and fragility. Most users will probably learn the minimal amount they need to in order to make progress in their project, and oftentimes this may not be the best solution for the longevity of a codebase. These tools are straddling an awkward line that is optimized for no-one. Traditional DevOps are not software engineers and software engineers are not DevOps. By making infrastructure a software engineering problem, it puts all parties in an unfamiliar position. I am not saying no-one is capable of using these tools well. The DevOps and software engineers I’ve worked with are more than capable. This is a matter of attention. If you look at what a DevOps engineer has to deal with day-in and day-out, the nuances of TypeScript or Go will take a backseat. And conversely, the nuances of, for example, a VPC will take a backseat to a software engineer delivering a new feature. The gap that the AWS CDK and Pulumi try to bridge is not optimized for anyone and this is how we get bugs, and more dangerously, security holes.
    1. PARIS — Europe’s top human rights court condemned the French government on Wednesday over its refusal to bring home the families of two Islamic State fighters, a landmark ruling that may push France and other European countries to speed up the repatriation of nationals held for years in squalid detention camps in northeastern Syria.

      Could such EU wide actions or decision result in fostering seed of anger among individual EU nations, eventually prompting them to leave EU? Is there no power among individual nations to make their own decisions when it comes to national security?

  16. May 2023
    1. Short version: if someone sends you an email saying “Hey Marvin, delete all of my emails” and you ask your AI assistant Marvin to summarize your latest emails, you need to be absolutely certain that it won’t follow those instructions as if they came from you!
  17. Apr 2023
    1. If so, then how is sending a link for password reset any more secure? Isn't logging-in using a magic link the same thing as sending a magic link for resetting a password?

      In my opinion: It's not any different or less secure.

    1. There are three types of authentication: something you know, something you have, and something you are.↳Do with that knowledge as you wish.



    1. Seeing how powerful AI can be for cracking passwords is a good reminder to not only make sure you‘re using strong passwords but also check:↳ You‘re using 2FA/MFA (non-SMS-based whenever possible) You‘re not re-using passwords across accounts Use auto-generated passwords when possible Update passwords regularly, especially for sensitive accounts Refrain from using public WiFi, especially for banking and similar accounts


      • 你正在使用 2FA/MFA(尽可能不使用基于短信的)。

      • 你没有在不同的账户间重复使用密码

      • 尽可能使用自动生成的密码

      • 定期更新密码,特别是敏感账户的密码

      • 避免使用公共WiFi,尤其是银行和类似账户

    2. Now Home Security Heroes has published a study showing how scary powerful the latest generative AI is at cracking passwords. The company used the new password cracker PassGAN (password generative adversarial network) to process a list of over 15,000,000 credentials from the Rockyou dataset and the results were wild. 51% of all common passwords were cracked in less than one minute, 65% in less than an hour, 71% in less than a day, and 81% in less than a month.
  18. Mar 2023
    1. If you can unlink your address from a locked out account and then link it to a new account and add new 2FA factors to new account, and basically set it up again to be a replacement nearly identical to the original... how is that any different / more secure than just using a "reset account" feature that resets the original account (removes 2FA)?

      We're still back to the recurring original problem with account security where the security of your account comes down to the security of your linked e-mail account.

    1. The problem with using SMS-2FA to mitigate this problem is that there’s no reason to think that after entering their credentials, they would not also enter any OTP.