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  1. Feb 2023
    1. So thoroughly is this the prevalent atmosphere that for one child to help another in his task has become a school crime.

      In the real world we call it collaboration. In school we call it cheating.

    2. A society is a number of people held together because they are working along common lines, in a common spirit, and with reference to common 28aims.

      This is an example of an EXPLICT topic sentence.

    3. introduction of so-called manual training, shop-work, and the household arts—sewing and cooking.

      Why is this bad? We have such shortages in the trade schools now.

      Is this back to the bias of the "wisest parent"

    4. It is to this, then, that I especially ask your attention: the effort to conceive what roughly may be termed the “New Education” in the light of larger changes in society.

      This is an older text John Dewey was considered a founder in one of the two main branches of American Pragmatism. The writing style can be dated. This makes it hard to comprehend.

      The topic sentence is not always the first sentence. If it is stated in the paragraph it is still an explicit topic sentence. If you have to infer the topic sentence it is an implicit sentence.

      Good writers never trust their audiences to infer nothing. Assume they know knowthing. Define everything.

    5. compared with the training of attention and of judgment that is acquired in having to do things with a real motive behind and a real outcome ahead

      A real motive and real outcome is also important as a learning outcome is cdntral to Dewey's thought.

      He sees schools, while rejecting the industrial model, as the engine to drive societal reform.

    6. object-lessons, got up as object-lessons for the sake of giving information, can afford even the shadow of a substitute for acquaintance with the plants and animals of the farm and garden, acquired through actual living among them and caring for them.

      Learning is best as a Lived Experience is central to Dewey's thinking.

    7. We cannot overlook the factors of discipline and of character-building involved in this

      If we know that schools, by their nature impact character-building what role does the teacher play in character building? In teaching ethics?

      Where is the line between the explicit character building schools do and what falls under the domain of parents?

    8. The entire industrial process stood revealed

      Have we over played

      "no industrial model of education"

      Could it be direct instruction in well managed classrooms are the most efficient way for students to learn?

      Wait is that the industrial model? The scientifically proven model? Does the science only work because it is the statistics of the industrial era?

    9. Those of us who are here today need go back only one, two, or at most three generations, to find a time when the household was practically the center in which were carried on, or about which were clustered, all the typical forms of industrial occupation.

      Was this the better model?

      Schools are a relatively new human invention

    10. the application of science resulting in the great inventions that have utilized the forces of nature on a vast and inexpensive scale: the growth of a world-wide market as the object of production, of vast manufacturing centers to supply this market, of cheap and rapid means of communication and distribution between all its parts. Even as to its 22feebler beginnings, this change is not much more than a century old; in many of its most important aspects it falls within the short span of those now living. One can hardly believe there has been a revolution in all history so rapid, so extensive, so complete.

      The Internet said hold my beer

    11. discussion of a new movement in education, it is especially necessary to take the broader, or social view.

      This is an interesting thought. Any reform you have on schols will impact society as a whole.

      The State of Connecticut just took away local control of the reading curriculum. You must pick from five pre-approved curriculum........

      Just five....so much for local control of schools

    12. Here individualism and socialism are at one.

      Hey #EDu106 this is a good philosophical question for you to chew on.

      Can you square socialism and individualism

      Is Dewey's call for schools to be Democracy factories indoctrination? What does indoctrination mean from critics of Public School? Are they correct?

    13. arrow and unlovely; acted upon, it destroys our democracy.

      How do you feel about charter schools? Do they destroy democracy?

      Ask the children being dug up In Canada in schools for Indigenous Children if schools were tools for democracy.

      Literacy can not be separated from culture. Words can be used to give or take away power.

      What power should parents have with charter schools? Homeschooling?

    14. What the best and wisest parent wants for his own child, that must the community want for all of its children.

      A central tenant in the American Republic and form of liberalism is a protection of the minority from tyranny of the majority.

      Does Dewey violate this principle with with this thesis? Who is the best and wisest parent? Who gets to decide?

      Why is what is wise for one parent wise for my kid?

  2. Dec 2022
  3. Oct 2022
    1. nstead, itshould initiate discussions with the Russian military to calm their anxiety and demonstrate ourwillingness to cooperate in this area much as wedid in the nuclear area during the cold war

      guess we had to see how all these new toys worked before you can get to the deterrence stage.

    2. A finalprinciple is the use of harsh forms of pressure onthe enemy

      interesting to note how long this has been a part of Russian military doctrine.

    3. Reflexive controlinvolves creating a pattern or providing partialinformation that causes an enemy to react in apredetermined fashion without the enemy realizing that he is being manipulated

      The outrage campaigns we saw after 2016 are a form of reflexive control. activities.

    4. The authorities in Moscow recognize this and are trying to gain controlover a most dangerous situation in their view

      Intersting concepts that the instability of the narrative was seen as a threat in 1996 and a need to have control.

      China at this time started the Great Firewall. Maybe given the competing needs and lack of earlier same push?

    5. nformation/psychologicalandinformation/technicalinfluence on a nation’s decision-making system, onthe nation’s populous

      Influencing the populous of belligerents as key aim to resolve a conflict

    6. formatsionnoyeprotivoborstb

      early Russian definition

    1. Control over information and the systems that produce it is not centralized;neither is it the near-complete monopoly of government that defined the systems of deterrence during the nuclear age.Therefore the means to detect, control, and respond to such intrusions need to be developed far beyond those requiredby the nuclear threat.

      How deterrence has to work differently in digital versus nuclear threats.

    2. The ability through international law,specific applications of information technologies, or the monitoring of "perception management" to deter aninformation assault on the territory of a sovereign state.

      Early definition of deterrence .

    1. initial phase of a conflict toweaken the command and control ability of the opponent and then, in theform of an information campaign during the actual battle, to create a positiveview within the international community

      Multi tiered step of battle bot not really focusing on international opinion before the conflict.

    2. The risk of the two latter occurring is considered as low.

      Similar to Chinese doctrine of localized conflict under informationized conditions

    3. conflict esca-lating in the areas immediately surrounding the Russian borders

      Doctrine of NATO expansion as conflict escalation?

    4. The term ‘information warfare’ was first used by the USA and NATO within its C2W framework,on 2 December 1992, by the US Department of Defense.

      Interesting to note changing taxonomy under US and NATO. Should check how defined in latest public guidance

    5. Russia notes the importance of information warfare duringthe initial phase of a conflict to weaken the command and control ability of theopponent and in the form of an information campaign during the actual battle tocreate a positive view within the international community

      Two tactics 1. The first harkens back to Electronic Warfare 2. The second is during th ecampaign as seen in Estonia and then Crimea

    6. per se a valuable asset, which it needs to protect in times of peace andwar.

      Protection in the sense of active deterrence in peace time

    7. Russia is developing capabilities for information warfare(IW) and information operations (IO)

      You can see a delineation here and early definitions of both IW and IO given



  4. Mar 2022
    1. laminar flow

      ripe for metaphor, smooth flow now twisting in eddies as frozen truths reach to see..not sure

    2. September 24, 2021

      This picture deserves to be a poem

  5. Mar 2021
    1. This publication has been developed by NIST to further its statutory responsibilities under the Federal Information Security Modernization Act (FISMA), 44 U.S.C. § 3551 et seq., Public Law (P.L.) 113-283

      Noticing a common text structure across all of the NIST guides. Another shout out to FISMA

    1. Federal contract information means information, not intended for public release, that is provided by or generated for the Government under a contract to develop or deliver a product or service to the Government, but not including information provided by the Government to the public (such as that on public Web sites) or simple transactional information, such as that necessary to process payments.

      Definition of FCI

    1. Potential Impact on Organizations and Individuals

      Low = limited moderate = serious high = severe or catastrophic

    2. Security Objectives

      FISMA outlines three objectives around security:

      1. Confidentiality'
      2. Integrity
      3. Availability

      The low, medium, and high refer what risk of potential impact would the data have in any of the three got breached.

    1. pprove accreditation criteria for third-party assessment organizations (3PAOs) to provide independent assessments of CSPs’ implementation of the FedRAMP security authorization requirements9

      This is similar to the C3PAO model in cmmc

    2. Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program (FedRAMP)

      Created in 2011 by the OMB in compliance with FISMA act of 2002.

    1. The RMF emphasizes risk management by promoting the development of security and privacy capabilities into information systems throughout the system development life cycle (SDLC);10

      System Development Life Cycle,

      thing to stress requires a continuous monitoring and reporting system in place.

    2. Executive Order (E.O.) 13800 requires federal agencies to modernize their IT infrastructure and systems and recognizes the increasing interconnectedness of federal information systems and networks.

      People will need to know the requirement to modernize federal IT

    3. OMB Circular A-130,Managing Information as a Strategic Resource [OMB A-130], addresses responsibilities for protecting federal information resources and for managing personally identifiable information (PII).

      How we have to manage PII

    4. This publication describes the Risk Management Framework (RMF) and provides guidelines for applying the RMF to information systems and organizations.

      Overall framework

    1. The SEI team dug into the CERT Resilience Management Model (CERT-RMM), the SEI's foundational process improvement approach to operational resilience management.

      People will need to know the process maturity approach derived from CERT-RMM

    2. Process maturity is stickiness, or how well the technical practices are embedded in the organization.

      Definition of process maturity. history of cmmc

    3. retain all the practices from NIST 800-171, and find a way for DIB members of varying cyber-sophistication to participate without POAMs.

      history of cmmc, two requirements and the connection to nist-800-171

    1. blication has been developed by NIST to further its statutory responsibilities under the Federal Information Security Management Act (FISMA), Public Law (P.L.) 107-347.

      Find the FISMA act

  6. Feb 2021
    1. Sexual Orientation Identit

      Heading level three

    2. Social Capital Affinity

      Heading Level 2

    3. Social Identity Theory

      Use text structure to outline. In College learn APA?MLA etc headings but publishers change them

      Still all published research follows a predictable text structure through headings

    4. Prior studies have described selfies as narcissistic vehicles of self-presentation; by contrast, based on social identity theory, this survey of young adults (N = 472) examined how selfies signify forms of personal and social identity. Identity motivations for selfies, social capital affinity on social media, and racial identity were predictors of selfie intensity. Confirming other research, women were most likely to share selfies, but also reported differences to men in selfie identity motivations and contexts. Among LGBTQ participants, selfies for empowerment correlated with online activism

      This is an abstract, The purpose of the abstract is to summarize the study. Start by reading the abstract..

    5. onfirming other research, women were most likely to share selfies, but also reported differences to men in selfie identity motivations and contexts. Among LGBTQ participants, selfies for empowerment correlated with online activism

      conclusion, usually where the authors describe what they thought before the did the study (a little snarky)

    6. Identity motivations for selfies, social capital affinity on social media, and racial identity were predictors of selfie intensity

      This is results, notice they define key words so we don't know what it means

    7. (N = 472)

      n = sample, from young adults

    8. based on social identity theory

      This is called the theoretical perspective

    9. Prior studies have described selfies as narcissistic vehicles of self-presentation

      Review of the research and use a semi-colon to come off as elitlist pedantic grammar person (kidding, not kidding) but could so be a hidden Easter Egg for suicide support given that it is a symbol used by families of victims.

      This may or may not be true it could also be a relic of word count....

  7. May 2020
    1. creating a community
    2. Hashtags
    3. stumble upon text or images that are underlined,

      Here is a story of a how a poem came to be through hyperlinked learning, a coywolf crossing my path and horror of current events around #blacklivesmatter #icantbreath https://quickthoughts.jgregorymcverry.com/2020/05/28/how-a-poem-on-cultural-melanism-came-about-clmooc-poemsofpresence and this became a poem on the Peppered Moth

    4. knowing about the power of social tagging

      and the history of almost 100% failure. Part of the reason I had to add a wiki, just having a hashtag was too much of a scattered outboard brain.

    5. John Green is going to teach you how to read laterally, using multiple tabs in your browser to look stuff up and fact check as you read

      This is my system, I squirrel away sources, and bookmark them on my social stream: Bookmarksthese then become articles as thoughts coalesce as articles: articles This all then gets scooped up into my wiki I used to include an iframe for my annotations but I try to remember (and don't) to manually export: https://jgregorymcverry.com/annotations

      All part of building my Common Place Book:

    6. Reading that way gives misinformation and disinformation more power

      We need to put the blame on profit margin and algorithms. Don't blame the reader when the book is designed to maximize engagement.

      Rage drives clicks.

    7. On the last page, the last punctuation mark after the last word, in the last sentence of the last paragraph signals the end of the book.

      I am always a fan of well constrained text structure, especially in digital texts.

    8. ateral style

      The first blogging and discussion board assignment I did as a 6th grade teacher in 2006 was on mythology. We examined creation myths in three different formats, lateral reading, static website, multimodal website.

      Then students had to develop their own culture. Determining economics, politics, and environment. They then made a creation myth and a hero based on this culture.

      Then we used PPT to make an interactive "app" had a choose your own adventure story and. quiz.

      Lesson still works today.

  8. Feb 2020
    1. pen_five_days_a_week_for_a_set__number_of_hours_each_day.

      smae number of hours

    2. Elementary_schools_and_middle_schools_have_many_traits_in__common.

      In common, that means the same. The main idea iof this paragraph is to tell the same.

    1. Newton published one of the most celebrated works of science, the Principia, in 1687. In it, he described that the force that pulls objects towards the ground is the very same force that underlies the motion of the planets and stars.

      Newton discovered gravity 1687

    2. Einstein stepped in, painting a strange and unintuitive picture.

      Einstein discovered theory of relativity.

    3. Take a moment to observe the effects of gravity. Lift your arm and feel how you are compelled to drop it again. Gravity is always there—it’s stable, it’s permanent, it’s unchanging. Or is it?

      Uses a questions as a lede

    4. Understanding gravity—warps and ripples in space and time

      Understanding indicates descriptive text struture

  9. Nov 2019
    1. Everyone is afraid of getting in trouble.

      steering committees.

    2. specifically look at a math program,

      subject specific pd comes up alot

    3. wn PD is not looking into individualization.

      looking for greater choice in pd

    4. Many teachers on different committees have shared ideas,

      seeing both support and people not liking the steering committee approach.

    5. rusting relationship with students and teachers
    6. rusting and caring relationship among

      many staff are reporting a lack of trust.

    7. support and help each other in
    8. Very anxious at meeting, expectations are unclear and often change unexpectedly.

      unclear expectations. This is a common thread.

    1. empower

      your key levers here seem to be share, explore, and empower...will raters know the difference? Are they related but different enough?

    2. Exploring roles & relationships

      nothing on the role of reflection and/or feedback. I would think that important.

    3. Renewable work

      Do your scale descriptors of "value" equal renewable work? What makes value the key element of renewable?

    4. Participants apply skills in new situations outside the experience.

      How am I measuring this transfer? Do I have access to students after 1 week, 1 month? 1 year? Do you expect any kind of half-life?

    5. Emerging Developing Transforming

      I dig four point scales because I hate the squishy middle and the low variance found in three point scales. Can create false reliability among raters...but many folks like a midpoint....and we are treating ordinal data as numerical so it probably doesn't matter anyway...all the numbers are nonsense

    6. apply open practices

      This makes the criteria very multi dimensional? Are all open practices equal? only feels like they are consuming? No creation or open practices on learning out loud/reflecting

    1. rubric

      word should be material

    2. Draft Framework for Effective Teaching and Higher Ed

      Need to look at contrast of CSS shee, no way this meets accessibility guidelines

  10. Aug 2019
    1. Dialogical Learning in a Social Community Space.

      Heading, and I hate going heading to heading which means adding a framing paragraph after the h2 heading

    2. .

      Based on framing paragraph should be a section on learning how to learn.

    3. Digital Literacies.


    4. must then

      awkard must then, just choose and it isn't must

    5. Transaction

      transaction or transactional. Double check.

    6. New Haven schools

      add Hartford

    7. three


    8. Every year students will enroll into higher education for the first time and never step on campus

      Re-read this and make sure to add key outcomes.

  11. Jun 2019
    1. The CFT model encourages these girls to take traditional fairy tales and rewrite the narrative from their perspective

      Forget the identity work this is just such stellar learning, and you can never forget the identity work. It is why this is stellar learning

    1. Knowledge resides in one’s ability to work with and build knowledge with others and to seek out and use good tools, just as much as it resides in one’sown head.

      Will have to describe situated cognition without going in too deeply,

    2. The more collegial Simslearning communities stress and model high standards for design, learning, critique, and discussion. They are organized to allow everyone tomeet these standardsif they have enough desire and sufficient practice. Theyoffer mentoring and supportive feedback all along, but they do not dumb down the standards.

      role of standards as both a learning and semiotic tool

    3. focuses on their shared interest and passion for learning, designing, and participating and not on socialization just for its own sake, though there is plenty of socialization.

      leadership and learning open spaces

    4. Often the tacit knowledge is built up in the game and the explicit knowledge is built up in the learning community associated with the game.

      Need to think about how OER makes tacit knowledge more explicit as everything gets docuented

    5. In video games (and in science and life) “content”means problems to solvewhere facts, formulas, and information are recruited as useful toolsfor solving them

      community is the content

    6. There are a number of large learning communitiesassociated with The Sims. These communities are interest-driven,fan-based Internet siteswhere players learn how to move from being players to being designers

      the key is the space is helping people move from learners to designers.

  12. Apr 2019
  13. quickthoughts.jgregorymcverry.com quickthoughts.jgregorymcverry.com
  14. Feb 2019
    1. adio wave travel through free space?

      speed of light

    2. What is the name for the distance a radio wave travels during one complete cycle?


  15. Dec 2018
    1. underground writers. . . .

      I love this piece by Maisha Winn on a similar thread: https://www.tandfonline.com/doi/abs/10.1080/10749039.2014.990037

    2. Radical

      I usually avoid extra modifies. I find them repetitive and redundant, but if any can bring radical to the writing classroom it is Marcelle M. Haddix

  16. Oct 2018
    1. made part and parcel of teaching and learning in classrooms

      As English teachers we often begin by asking what exemplar text would you use. So let's start to curate a list of what kind of healing text you would use as models to admire and pick at or simply wiggle around in our heads?

    2. fear and pain that crease the fabric of our work, noting intersec-tions between our disciplinary commitments, theoretical traditions, and democracy.
      • find healing power
      • pedagogy
      • giving students space
      • to write,
      • a place to be.
      • Check out our feeds
      • Though the honesty and openness falls
      • on engendered roles
      • much pain still hidden
      • behind masculine masks.
      • or Expressed in Anger
      • Justified? Misplaced?
      • Heal without hate
      • Let healing writing scream
      • in quiet tears
      • embrace your space
      • and simply try to be
    3. healing of pain wrought by policy and politics. Our field—particularly our expertise with modes of communication—is uniquely suited for sustaining ways

      I think we should have a disclaimer that teachers are mandatory reporters and trauma education can lead to situations you must report.

      Students should be aware of these obligations before these efforts begin.

    4. Testimony, Witness,

      I find giving my students a domain and the freedom to write leads to healing through words. To data I have had students discuss their journey with dating violence, bulimia, and addiction.

      Looking back as I write this, however, it seems the ability to engage in healing writing is an engendered practice. Not sure I have had any students who identify as male take a risk in their healing.

    5. morning after the election

      It wasn't the morning after for me. I saw three county returns in the middle of Florida and new we were done.

    1. Dewey’s (1927) assertion that ‘[a] Great Community can only occur with free and full intercommunication’ (p. 211)

      compare to the distributed nature

    1. there is little power, there is correspondingly little sense of positive responsibility.

      Can this be a response to trolls? When you have power of your domain.

    2. educative process is carried on in a predominantly democratic or non-democratic way becomes, therefore, a question of transcendent importance not only for education itself but for its final effect upon all the interests and activities of a society

      If we want a democratic society we need a democratic educational system. This requires in digital literacy folks to have their own domain.

    3. all institutions are educational in the sense that they operate to form the attitudes, dispositions, abilities and disabilities that constitute a concrete personality

      Educational is this sense is can be both and negative.

    4. freedom of mind and of whatever degree of freedom of action and experience is necessary to produce freedom of intelligence.

      An interesting critique of libertarianism in the tech world from Dewey.

    5. democratic way of living

      For Dewey democracy isn't a set of laws but a way of living.

    6. each individual has something to contribute, whose value can be assessed only as enters into the final pooled intelligence

      the collective feed

    7. they will grow and be able to generate progressively the knowledge and wisdom needed to guide collective action

      Having a domain is collective action

    8. Even where democracies now exist, men's minds and feelings are still permeated with ideas about leadership imposed from above, ideas that developed in the long early history of mankind.

      Make a parallel to the rise of commercial silos.

    9. they will grow and be able to generate progressively the knowledge and wisdom needed to guide collective action

      How does this fit the web?

  17. Aug 2018
    1. Aggregating lots of annotations on a single page

      This is what we seek:


    2. Create an IFTTT.com recipe to port your Hypothesis RSS feed into WordPress posts. Generally chose an “If RSS, then WordPress” setup and use the following data to build the recipe:

      I disconnected my IFTT. I ended up breaking my pocket integration and started worrying about data leakage.

      The less third parties the better IMO

    3. I was taken with Ian O’Byrne’s righteous excitement in his video the other day

      Yes we have all been playing with this idea we need to figure a way to build in a page

  18. Jul 2018
    1. The most fascinating aspect of these early MOOC’s was the pedagogical approach. Dave Cormier in this YouTube video maps out the five steps to success in a MOOC – 1. Orient, 2. Declare, 3. Network, 4. Cluster, 5. Focus.

      Keep for "how-to" section

    1. (Shanahan and Shanahan, 2012

      Think we should frame this as a disciplinary literacy study.

    2. 1) it is sufficiently different from current practice and does not suffer from the same shortcomings; 2) it has key components that can be justified, using theoretical or empirical reasons, as powerful agents for improving the outcomes of interest;

      Cover this is Extending and Clarifying Previous Research

    1. I’ve started off with a slightly different approach that each student should start of with a space of their own to manage and consider the implications of becoming the owner of their own story.

      The idea that owning a domain changes the act of learning is essential to Open Pedagogy

  19. Jun 2018
    1. education outcomesand its cost

      Need to decide on writing measures.

    2. A fidelity of implementationmeasure (or measures) to assess whether the intervention is delivered as intendedby the end users in an authentic education setting

      Try to have the package delivered by classroom teachers without us teaching in last year.

    3. Data thatdemonstrates that end usersunderstand and can feasiblyimplement the intervention in an authentic education setting

      Usability study included in the methods of the pilot year.

    4. A fullydeveloped version of the proposed intervention(new or modified)

      A turnkey social reader turned LMS that can be applied to any #IndieWeb blogging environment (license up to vendors and partners) as well as openly licensed learning materials and assessment tools.

    5. writing skills including handwriting and composition

      HTML is handwriting and composition

    6. Leu et al., 2015

      Would have to use an Author citation here 🙂

    7. develop and validate measures of writing quality

      I think you can see this growth in writing over time. By having students engage in multiple pieces of authentic writing we may be able to parse growth.

      Think about annotations and developing a code book to annotate over time. That is clearly demonstrable growth thaty could easily be analyzed.

      Tools that make teachers more reliable are just as important.

    8. only 27 percent of eighth and 12thgraders were at or above the proficient level in writing and 20 percent of eighth graders and 21 percent of 12thgraders

      We need to explain why the current model of writing is insufficient.

    9. long-term outcome of this research will be an array of tools and strategies

      Taking back the web is the long term strategy and to do that we need students who can read and write the web.

    10. Dr. Rebecca Kang McGill-Wilkinson

      Will read grant if submitted by April 1st.

    11. Your research mustbe conducted in authentic K-12 education settingsor on data collected from such settings.

      We will start with one setting in the development year, two settings in the pilot year, and four settings (2 high and low in two SES districts in two states).

    1. teachers to understand their students more completely

      At the same time perezhivanie must accept this identity work was being compelled and their s a power imbalance where the student will try to please outside factors. Some may not share the mist critical funds of identity in a school setting

    2. However, this studyadds to the literature by offering an additional identity modality in the form of existential funds

      Almostt all of the new literacies studies as of late focused on identity ad naseum with the JPG flair.

    3. new identity emerges as a result of somekind of crisis

      but then we get to new identities requiring crisis. Not sure I agree.

    4. passive, lazy, andexhausting.

      There is cultural meaning here of the cat as a metaphor for lazy. Think Garfield.

    5. Critical episode:“Iam a sleeping ca

      This reminds me of the pre and post test we used to give as part of the New Literacies Institute. Choose one picture that represents you before and one after,

    6. imply told to experiment with differentapps and software

      Wondering what happens to students who could not use the software. Just being more skilled in specific software signifies identity.

    7. Avatar Project

      In my work on critical evaluation I want to explore what happens when students interact with bias avatars doing read alouds.

    8. creating their avatars

      I think we can leverage this in learning by allowing students to "unlock" bounty boxes similar to the in-app economies of most games.

    9. perezhivaniethus involves an individual working through a traumatic experience to bring aboutcatharsis and the integration of the experience into the individual’s personality

      Sounds like Piaget here to me.

    10. Critical episode: a traumatic experience or a life-changing episode in one’s life that leads to ablockage in psychological development

      I think there can be many small episodes that build over time

    11. Therefore, learning should focus not only on mediated processesof knowledge creation, but also on mediated processes of identity development, which the Funds of Identityapproach attempts to do

      Very similar to Gee's Big D little d discourse model

    12. life experiences that help them to define themselves

      It is this that scares me. We are no longer just having students define themselves.. Well actually I believe we project many MEs and have many other MEs projected back onto us.

      Yet they are no longer in control of how their life experiences get shared. A social algorithm determines what events they see from friends and what friends see of them.

      Notification provide gratification while reinforcing specific funds of identity.

    13. historically accumulated and culturallydeveloped bod[ies] of knowledge and skills essential for household or individual functioning andwell-being

      What is the meme version of of historically accumulated. Clearly memes are deeply influenced by funds of knowledge as evident by Black Twitter yet they are more temporal and draw heavily on pop culture. At the same time having a deep meme game also signifies status in digital culture.

    14. define themselves and tohelp them grow as human beings

      I believe in a digital world we need to ensure students control the spaces where they are defining themselves.

    15. ositive and negative experienceshave a key role to play in creating links between the classroom and home and in fostering thedevelopment of new identities

      This what scares me. We have added silos as an intermediary in the positive and negative experiences students have.

      An algorithm gets to decide which friends a friend shares communication. A hidden box controls what experience gets reinforced in youth culture.

      Think about that. We have handed off the creation and curation of identities of children to corporations.

    16. internalize and individualize their cultures

      What does this mean for digital culture?

    1. open, online platforms, learning about connected learning

      I am okay with people calling places like Twitter and Google+ open in the ways they were used in clmooc. Are you? Can open learning happen on closed systems?

    2. The Fallacies of Open: Participatory Design, Infrastructuring, and the Pursuit of Radical Possibility

      We welcome you to share thoughts and ideas as we come together and reflect on so many years of #clmooc Just remember to tag posts clmooc, plus any other tag you want arty gif

    3. Infrastructuring

      plumbing and pedagogy

    4. Participatory Design


    1. I want to take a few paragraphs to reflect on where we have come with digital writing. Then, in the remainder of the article, I will argue that the path for the potential of digital writing doesn’t end here.

      @troyhicks try to avoid these meta organizational sentences I know it is expected in the genre of academic writing but we can be more creative in our transitions and laying out how we organize.

      We will journey through the past of digital writing and then explore the possibilities together so you will know how to reach out and rekindle....

      or something

    2. lives even more strategically and creatively in the years ahead.

      The fields of wild flowers, dried and shriveled

      tamed by power. Mowed down for convenience.

      No one would walk this hills to see wild flowers

      Now plucked, gone.

      Genetically engineered and packaged and patented

      Take this seed and we will plant it.

      We know best

      We provide the water, light.

      Grow your seed. Blossom your network

      Just don't leave our walled garden

      Everyone is here, its better we look the same.

      Lovely blue flowers for all.

    3. Digital writing has come a long way in the past decade

      Often the wrong way. We went from an open web where everyone controlled where they published to a homogenized world of corporate silos where alogrithims influence what we read and thus what we write.

      Web 2.0 became the corporate web.

      True critical digital literacies must begin by taking back control of your identity.

    4. https://voyant-tools.org/

      I need to check this out.

    5. As we move into the second decade of fully exploring and enacting digital writing practices in our classrooms,

      I think we are moving into the third and not second decade. Although you and I presented at some of the earliest NCTE sessions on digital wrting and those were in 2007.

    6. just over twenty years ago, that these processes of “reading, discovering, creating, and analyzing” various kinds of texts could still require the same fundamental skills crucial to the English classroom, and yet how our world—enabled by networked technology

      Yes the technology has changed but they we we learn to write is not the fundamentally different.

      Pedagogy first. Always

    7. Just over twenty years ago, at the same time

      Here is the thing the next decade of digital writing would be best served if it looked like the digital writing of yesterday.

      Let's stick to html on domains students own.

  20. May 2018
    1. They are picked up—we know not how. From obscure sources and by unnoticed channels they insinuate themselves into acceptance and become unconsciously a part of our mental furnitur

      Cultural knowledge or folk knowledge as Campbell put it?

    2. It is marked by acceptance or rejection of something as reasonably probable or improbable.

      Even Dewey felt a critical stance was a specific type of thought. I believe this is essential in our networked world.

    3. successions of imaginative incidents and episodes which, having a certain coherence, hanging together on a continuous thread, lie between kaleidoscopic flights of fancy and considerations

      Chalk this up to another definition of the web by John Dewey

    4. Reflection involves not simply a sequence of ideas, but a consequence—a consecutive ordering in such a way that[Pg 3] each determines the next as its proper outcome, while each in turn leans back on its predecessors.

      This reminds me of Gee's circuit of reflective thought. or Kaku's Human consciousnes:

      involves the ability to create a model of the world and then simulate the model of the world in order to obtain a goal. Maybe reflection is consciousness. Can one be conscious and not be in a reflective state. Is that the primitive brain?

      Or when we are far down on Maslow's scale. Then again a hungry or shlterless person would reflect on that a lot.

      Maybe its just when automatcity must take over either due to skill or situation.

    5. Daydreaming, building of castles in the air, that loose flux of casual and disconnected material that floats through our minds in relaxed moments are, in this random sense, thinking.

      Seeing again this delineation between thinking and critical thinking.

    6. Pg 2

      Three kinds of thinking:

      1. thinking is being conscious of a thing
      2. two we only think of things not present
      3. thinking is limited to evidence and testimony
    7. words that it is not easy to define just what we mean by them

      Defining things is hard.

    8. adopting as the end of endeavor that attitude of mind, that habit of thought, which we call scientific

      This sounds very much like disciplinary literacies to me. Also has the who dispositions focus is all the rage.

      Too bad we don't know much more about measuring dispositions now than we did 118 years ago. Go back to "multiplication of studies" not what Dewey meant but love the irony?

    9. Our schools are troubled with a multiplication of studies, each in turn having its own multiplication of materials and principles.

      Sound familiar?

    1. They cite several cultures and indicate how the purpose of literacy influences students' access to development of skills

      It is important to recognize how culture influences orality.

    1. Teachersreadbookstochildrenandreinforcedthevocabularyinthebooksbypresentingconcreteobjectsthatrepresentedthewordsandbyprovidingchildrenwithmultipleopportunitiestousethebook-relatedwords

      Save for vocabulary module

    1. With news this week that EPA's Inspector General would look into Pruitt's use of multiple email accounts, he is now facing more than a dozen probes and investigations from Congress, the White House and his agency's internal watchdog.

      How does Pruitt still have a job?

    1. “We don’t want to advance something that we know will just get vetoed,” Ryan told reporters Wednesday morning.

      Says @spearkerryan the man who sent dozens of repeal Obamacare votes he knew would never become law.

      Such hypocrisy.

  21. Apr 2018
    1. The strategy was to force vulnerable Democrats facing reelection in pro-Trump states to vote on making tax cuts for individuals permanent.

      This is the problem. Our tax code shouldn't be messed with just to win elections.

      Politicians should try to change laws because they believe what they are doing is right.

  22. Oct 2017
    1. Itisunfortunatethatmanyoftheauthorsoftheseprogramshavenotputthesameeffortintosystematicallyevaluatingtheireffectoneducation

      Machine learning can be leveraged here

    2. ImplicationsforEducation

      How can we measure critical collaboration skills? It is clear authentic tasks and models are necessary. Digital Field placements can make this happen

    1. critical collabora-tive uses of technology.

      We must focus our use of edtech on this area.

    2. During fieldplacements, the use of technology was considerably constrained by over-whelming demands placed on student teachers, thus perpetuating the periph-eral role of technology in a teacher preparation experience.

      Technology plays a peripheral role

  23. Jul 2017
    1. The meeting, which the White House insists was much ado about nothing but which reportedly lasted as long as an hour, came after an official one that had been made public

      I wonder why if it was about nothing why the meeting wasn't reported

  24. May 2017
    1. you can’t pick and choose to implement some things, and not others.

      This is a bold statement. Yes the authors have been successful in business but I am always weary of absolutes and shy away from them in my writing.


    1. Talk less about your products, and more about the big ideas behind them

      Generating Buzz

    2. growing at the rate that customers are willing to fund with their purchases

    3. Customers have funded the company, and we've never been able to grow without satisfying them. 

      I think this customer satisfaction is the key differntiator

      When you bootstrap you are forced to make customers the only priority.

    4. "lifestyle businesses" whose model is predictable but will never bring the kind of high returns that only come with placing big, bold bets

      These are always cast as less exciting, boring in a sense. tom and jerry boring Reminds me of the Zapier article and the story of the mortgage shop.

    1. The Global Competence badge system was never implemented and the other two badge systems were suspended after pilot implementations. In particular, all of the badge systems struggled to implement and manage the relatively massive demands for summative assessment of specific competencies from student generated wor

      because this is the job of robots. Let them issue the low hanging fruit badges while humans handle the participation based badges. AI could be trained to know if a film maker grasps the principle of Thirds but the Kick-Ass Kubrick Shot badge gets awarded by the community.


    1. raise prices on people with pre-existing health conditions — but not ban coverage — and those waivers would have to be approved by the Department of Health and Human Services.

      The claim to rape was about pregancy or STDs related from rape. Both considered pre existing claims and having "access" to healthcare is way different than "affordable" health care.