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  1. Jan 2021
    1. all educational loans on which paymentis deferred

      This phrasing is similar to Law ABC (see: www.fakelink.com/laws/abc).

    2. reimbursements which do not exceed ex-penses actually incurred and which do not rep-resent a gain or benefit to the household
    3. all loans other than educational loans onwhich repayment is deferred
    4. all educational loans on which paymentis deferred, grants, scholarships, fellowships,veterans’ educational benefits, and the like
    5. any income in the certification periodwhich is received too infrequently or irregu-larly to be reasonably anticipated, but not inexcess of $30 in a quarte
    6. any gain or benefit which is not in theform of money payable directly to a household
    7. Household income for purposes of the supple-mental nutrition assistance program shall in-clude all income from whatever source exclud-ing only—

      This explains what income you can exclude when calculating your eligibility.

    8. the household’s income (after the exclu-sions and deductions provided for in sub-sections (d) and (e) of this section) exceeds thepoverty line,
    9. ahousehold shall be ineligible to participate inthe supplemental nutrition assistance programif—

      This is how you determine if you are eligible for SNAP.

  2. Dec 2020
    1. OpenApiValidators

      The guy who runs this repo is so nice, and I'm only a little big jealous that he's younger than me.

    2. GDonkey

      There were no real donkeys involved in this, and for this reason, I'm out.

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