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    1. ReconfigBehSci [@SciBeh]. (2021, December 20). This thread is sobering and informative with respect to what overloading health services means in terms of individual experience...worth popping into google translate fir non-German speakers [Tweet]. Twitter. https://twitter.com/SciBeh/status/1472983739890348045

  5. Jul 2022
    1. What is Istio Service Mesh? Let's take a quick look at Istio internals. The Istio architecture can be classified into two distinct planes. Control plane: It consists of the istiod demon, and it manages and configures the envoy proxies to route traffic. The control plane also enforces policies and collects telemetry, and includes components like Pilot for traffic management, Citadel to manage security, and Galley to manage configurations. Data plane: It's made of Envoy proxies deployed as sidecars to our application containers. Envoy is a high-performance, lightweight distributed proxy. It controls all the incoming and outgoing traffic to the container it is attached to. We can use tools like Grafana, Prometheus, Kiali and Zipkin for monitoring and observability as they work well with the telemetry provided by Istio. You can use these or use your existing monitoring stack as well.

      What is Istio Service Mesh?

    1. Realisable service level efficiency improvements could38reduce upstream energy demand by 45% in 2050.

      increasing service level efficiency can play a major role in reducing upstream energy demands.

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    1. The idea of Public Service Internet platforms is one of those alternatives, where “users manage their data, download and re-use their self-curated data for reuse on other platforms [… which] minimise and decentralise data storage and have no need to monetise and monitor Internet use” (Fuchs & Unterberger, 2021, p. 13).
    1. Is IT Maintenance the same as IT Management? For some it may be a semantic discussion while others consider these words synonymous.

      IT Maintenance and IT Management are not the same

      Is IT Maintenance the same as IT Management? For some it may be a semantic discussion while others consider these words synonymous.

  8. Apr 2022
    1. Allyson Pollock [@AllysonPollock]. (2022, January 4). The health care crisis is of governments making over three decades. Closing half general and acute beds, closing acute hospitals and community services,eviscerating public health, no service planning. Plus unevidenced policies on testing and self isolation of contacts. @dthroat [Tweet]. Twitter. https://twitter.com/AllysonPollock/status/1478326352516460544

    1. What is VoIP Services?

      Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), is a technology it is used to make voice calls using a broadband Internet connection instead of a regular/analog phone lines.

      VoIP System has Introduced significantly since the 90s when it first arised. Presently, in most of industries and countries, it has turned into a definitive answer for business communications.

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      如果离开美国/加拿大,还想要保留号码(毕竟有很多网站都需要2factor验证了)。每月$2,把号码转到他们的服务,可以接收短信和电话。 作为参考,朋友离开美国时把号码转到了Google Fi,一个月20美金(包含10GB data),但如果只是作备用手机号,接收各种服务的短信,也不需要手机流量。所以有点点浪费。 https://m.cmx.im/@bluegrass/108078708274311448

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    1. Professional Gardening Service Provider

      If your garden is well maintained, you are more likely to spend time there. A well-kept garden can create an overwhelming feeling of calm and order even when you’re just looking out at it. This is similar to having a clean, neat and tidy house. Feeling better is good. Furthermore, a beautiful and healthy garden will truly enhance the appearance of your property. To accomplish that, there are a variety of steps that need to be taken.

      When you engage a professional gardening cleaning service, they ensure that your garden's lawn and hedges are properly mowed and manicured.

    1. Ce programme nommé « I can word it too », disponible en hébreu et arabe, a été spécialement créé pour cette étude. Il reproduit les activités quotidiennes (jouer à des jeux, prendre les repas, faire sa toilette…) et demande à l’enfant ce à quoi il veut jouer, en lui présentant un choix de jeux sur l’écran

      ==>il s’agirait d’une déclinaison sur écran des outils et méthodes de communication améliorée et alternative (CAA), comme le PECS ou le Makaton. déjà existants, IDEOPICTO ou le langage conceptuel SACCADE

  10. Feb 2022
    1. Sending secure email is one of the questions we hear more and more. This is a result of an increasing number of email security risks, hacks and other threats. So you're not the only person wondering, "How to send secure email in Gmail? (or any other public email service for that matter?") You'll find the answer in this article. This article concludes with a link to a free encrypted email service First check whether you meet the conditions.

      How to send secure email (in Outlook)? Sending secure email is one of the questions we hear more and more. This is a result of an increasing number of email security risks, hacks and other threats. So you're not the only person wondering, "How to send secure email in Gmail? (or any other public email service for that matter?") You'll find the answer in this article. This article concludes with a link to a free encrypted email service First check whether you meet the conditions.

    1. Unterstützung derDatenentdeckung, der Beurteilung der Datenherkunft und Datenqualität sowie der Daten-und Ergebnisinterpretation durch Fachanwender.


    2. Metadaten spielen eine zentrale Rollebei der Umsetzung von Self-Service-Szenarien [Te15].

      Rolle in Self-Service-Szenarien

    1. R e c o m m a n d at i o n n ° 1 2 La Défenseure des droits recommande aux directeurs académiques, en concertation avec les collèges et lycées, de diffuser à chaque rentrée scolaire, via un support adapté (livret d’accueil, etc.), les informations relatives à la présence au sein de l’établissement, de l’assistante sociale et de l’infirmière scolaire. Une information systématique à destination des parents sur l’accès à la médecine scolaire doit aussi être organisée
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    1. With the help of professional IPTV service providers, video-on-demand services look better. Of course, it is quite an easy option to develop facilities on videos. It gives a glitch-free entertainment option across the devices.

    1. Is ITIL Losing Importance Due To SaaS? ITIL is a set of procedures and practices of IT service management when we mistakenly believe that we don't have to worry about that in SaaS. However, ITIL has many aspects and facets that encompasses running IT in an organization. Moreover, it is not a checklist for the implementation of specific services in specific environments. For SaaS, we can just use a different toolset to follow the general ITIL guidelines.

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    1. Kayla Simpson. (2022, January 3). The COVID data coming out of NYC jails is...beyond staggering. Today’s report shows a 7-day avg positivity rate of 37%, w/502 ACTIVE INFECTIONS. With a ~5K census, that means that nearly one in ten people in DOC has an ACTIVE infection. Crisis on crisis. Https://hhinternet.blob.core.windows.net/uploads/2022/01/CHS-COVID-19-data-snapshot-2020103.pdf [Tweet]. @KSimpsonHere. https://twitter.com/KSimpsonHere/status/1478114046360657926

  12. Dec 2021
    1. // main.js
      const { RemoteReadableStream, RemoteWritableStream } = RemoteWebStreams;
      (async () => {
        const worker = new Worker('./worker.js');
        // create a stream to send the input to the worker
        const { writable, readablePort } = new RemoteWritableStream();
        // create a stream to receive the output from the worker
        const { readable, writablePort } = new RemoteReadableStream();
        // transfer the other ends to the worker
        worker.postMessage({ readablePort, writablePort }, [readablePort, writablePort]);
        const response = await fetch('./some-data.txt');
        await response.body
          // send the downloaded data to the worker
          // and receive the results back
          .pipeThrough({ readable, writable })
          // show the results as they come in
          .pipeTo(new WritableStream({
            write(chunk) {
              const results = document.getElementById('results');
              results.appendChild(document.createTextNode(chunk)); // tadaa!
      // worker.js
      const { fromReadablePort, fromWritablePort } = RemoteWebStreams;
      self.onmessage = async (event) => {
        // create the input and output streams from the transferred ports
        const { readablePort, writablePort } = event.data;
        const readable = fromReadablePort(readablePort);
        const writable = fromWritablePort(writablePort);
        // process data
        await readable
          .pipeThrough(new TransformStream({
            transform(chunk, controller) {
              controller.enqueue(process(chunk)); // do the actual work
          .pipeTo(writable); // send the results back to main thread
    1. What you're trying to do is known as the "Application Shell" architectural pattern.

      The trick is to have your service worker's fetch handler check to see whether an incoming request is a navigation (event.request.mode === 'navigate'), and if so, respond with the cached App Shell HTML (which sounds like /index.html in your case).

      A generic way of doing this would be:

      self.addEventListener('fetch', (event) => {
        if (event.request.mode === 'navigate') {
        } else {
          // Your other response logic goes here.

      This will cause your service worker to behave in a similar fashion to how you're web server is already configured.

    1. Fetch and modify response properties which are immutable by creating a copy first.
       * @param {string} headerNameSrc Header to get the new value from
       * @param {string} headerNameDst Header to set based off of value in src
      const headerNameSrc = "foo" //"Orig-Header"
      const headerNameDst = "Last-Modified"
      async function handleRequest(request) {
         * Response properties are immutable. To change them, construct a new
         * Response and pass modified status or statusText in the ResponseInit
         * object. Response headers can be modified through the headers `set` method.
        const originalResponse = await fetch(request)
        // Change status and statusText, but preserve body and headers
        let response = new Response(originalResponse.body, {
          status: 500,
          statusText: "some message",
          headers: originalResponse.headers,
        // Change response body by adding the foo prop
        const originalBody = await originalResponse.json()
        const body = JSON.stringify({ foo: "bar", ...originalBody })
        response = new Response(body, response)
        // Add a header using set method
        response.headers.set("foo", "bar")
        // Set destination header to the value of the source header
        const src = response.headers.get(headerNameSrc)
        if (src != null) {
          response.headers.set(headerNameDst, src)
            `Response header "${headerNameDst}" was set to "${response.headers.get(
        return response
      addEventListener("fetch", event => {
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    1. 8 60 heures d’aide personnalisée, 24 heures pour les travaux en équipes pédagogiques, les relations avec les parents, les projets personnalisés de scolarisation pour les élèves handicapés, 18 heures d’animation et de formation pédagogique, 6 heures de participation aux conseils d’école.
  13. Nov 2021
    1. If you would like to use Google's cloud to store and sync your Chrome data but you don't want Google to access the data, you can encrypt your synced Chrome data with your own sync passphrase.
  14. Sep 2021
    1. The book, This is Service Design Doing, includes journey maps as a method for participatory design and co-creation workshops.

      I suggested to the Stop Reset Go team that we should map out the interactions and touch points to engage people with the process of bottom-up whole system change.

    1. Quora+ is a subscription to the best of Quora.Access great writing, straight-from-the-source knowledge, and stories you can’t find anywhere else while supporting creators who matter to you.

      Another example of a service that tries to entice users with a free service (and writers with a financial incentive) and then once they achieve enough popularity, they make some of "their" content "premium".

      (YouTube Premium, ...)

      This is why we should distrust and avoid using "free" services.

    1. Ensure there's only one version of your site running at once. That last one is pretty important. Without service workers, users can load one tab to your site, then later open another. This can result in two versions of your site running at the same time. Sometimes this is ok, but if you're dealing with storage you can easily end up with two tabs having very different opinions on how their shared storage should be managed. This can result in errors, or worse, data loss.

      I wonder how can we identify issues like this when they occur

  15. Jul 2021
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    1. It’s a familiar trick in the privatisation-happy US – like, say, underfunding public education and then criticising the institution for struggling.

      This same thing is being seen in the U.S. Post Office now too. Underfund it into failure rather than provide a public good.

      Capitalism definitely hasn't solved the issue, and certainly without government regulation. See also the last mile problem for internet service, telephone service, and cable service.

      UPS and FedEx apparently rely on the USPS for last mile delivery in remote areas. (Source for this?)

      The poor and the remote are inordinately effected in almost all these cases. What other things do these examples have in common? How can we compare and contrast the public service/government versions with the private capitalistic ones to make the issues more apparent. Which might be the better solution: capitalism with tight government regulation to ensure service at the low end or a government monopoly of the area? or something in between?

  16. Jun 2021
    1. Now, when the Coleridge of 21st-century marginalia emerges, he should be able to mark up the books of a million friends at once.

      This could be an interesting service to set up and run.

      I wonder if I could set up a private Hypothes.is group and actually charge a club rate to members for doing such a thing?

  17. May 2021
    1. Service workers act as proxy servers that handle network requests inside your app. This makes it possible to make your app work offline, but even if you don't need offline support (or can't realistically implement it because of the type of app you're building), it's often worth using service workers to speed up navigation by precaching your built JS and CSS.
  18. Apr 2021
    1. This sounds tangential to the sort of idea that Greg McVerry and I have noodled around with in the past.

      <small><cite class='h-cite via'> <span class='p-author h-card'>Darius Kazemi</span> in Darius Kazemi: "In just a couple hours I'll be speaking with @jom…" - Friend Camp (<time class='dt-published'>04/28/2021 10:19:27</time>)</cite></small>

    1. With Stack Overflow for Teams being a flexible platform, we’ve seen customers use it for a wide variety of use cases: A platform to help onboard new employees A self-serve help center to reduce support tickets Collaboration and documentation to drive innersource initiatives Breaking down silos and driving org wide transformation like cloud migration efforts A direct customer support platform Enable people who are working towards a common goal, whether a startup or a side project, to develop a collective knowledge base
    1. les horaires étant annualisés, ils font en général 40 ou 41 heures semaine,
    2. Non , les personnels administratifs en EPLE ne bénéficient pas des vacances scolaires, car ils travaillent pendant les vacances, pour préparer, organiser, gérer… tout comme d’autres personnels de l’Éducation nationale qui pendant que les élèves ont des vacances travaillent à d’autres tâches encore pour le bon fonctionnement du système éducatif. Non, les personnels administratifs des services ne bénéficient pas non plus des vacances scolaires.
    1. Astreintes des chefs d'établissements scolaires 9e législature Question écrite n° 03237 de M. Philippe Madrelle (Gironde - SOC) publiée dans le JO Sénat du 26/01/1989 - page 118 M. Philippe Madrelle appelle l'attention de M. le ministre d'Etat, ministre de l'éducation nationale, de la jeunesse et des sports, sur les différentes modalités d'astreintes auxquelles sont assujettis les chefs d'établissements scolaires. Il lui demande de bien vouloir lui préciser si les chefs d'établissements sont obligés d'assurer d'une manière permanente la garde des bâtiments administratifs, pédagogiques et des logements de fonction de l'établissement où ils exercent leur activité professionnelle. Par ailleurs, il lui demande si cette astreinte est susceptible de s'étendre à d'autres personnels de l'établissement. Réponse du ministère : Éducation publiée dans le JO Sénat du 04/05/1989 - page 713 Réponse. - En plus de leurs responsabilités définies par le décret n° 85-924 du 30 août 1985 relatives au bon fonctionnement des établissements durant les périodes de présence des élèves, afin d'assurer la sécurité des personnes et des biens, les chefs d'établissement doivent assurer également un certain nombre d'obligations pendant les congés scolaires. La réglementation applicable en ce domaine conduit le chef d'établissement, dans le respect des dispositions statutaires en matière de congés annuels, à organiser durant les vacances une permanence qui répond à des objectifs précis : garantir le renseignement des familles et notamment prévoir l'inscription des élèves, permettre aux services académiques d'effectuer le travail préparatoire pour les rentrées scolaires, assurer l'encadrement du personnel de service pour la conduite des travaux d'entretien ou de réfection qui ne peuvent s'effectuer qu'en dehors de la présence des élèves, permettre la réponse de l'étab lissement aux sollicitations extérieures que peut appeler la politique d'ouverture du service public de l'éducation nationale. Il relève de la responsabilité du chef d'établissement d'établir à cet effet un service de vacances dans lequel, pour la période des vacances scolaires d'été, sa présence est notamment impérative deux semaines après la sortie des élèves et deux semaines avant leur rentrée. Sont astreints également au service des vacances, outre les chefs d'établissement, leurs adjoints, les personnels d'éducation ainsi que les personnels affectés au service d'intendance. S'agissant du gardiennage pendant la période de fermeture, il appartient au chef d'établissement de proposer à l'inspecteur d'académie, directeur des services départementaux de l'éducation, les modalités de mise en place de ce service et les éventuelles solutions de remplacement. Enfin, compte tenu des conséquences de l'organisation du service de vacances sur le fonctionnement des établissements, le chef d'établissement doit tenir informé selon le cas le président du conseil régional ou général du dispositif retenu.
  19. Mar 2021
    1. However, if these timeouts are moved into a web worker, they should run to time and not get de-prioritised by the browser.
    1. And they are one of the reasons most digital services don’t come with a How To manual. Most of the time, we’re not expected to use them the “right” way; most of the time there is no right way, because most digital services bend to meet our needs.A

      How can the IndieWeb as a group do this piece better? Perhaps it comes down to individual sub-providers which is fine, but if the larger group can do it from the top down...

    1. Open source code library for building innovative e-learning that is accessible, usable, interoperable, mobile-friendly and multilingual. Based on the Web Experience Toolkit (WET) and bootstrap. This collaborative open source project is led by the Canada School of Public Service, Government of Canada.
    1. Stuart served in the US Navy during World War II but did not see combat as his mission in his life.[5]

      Based off his writings, Stuart was a conservative (a very different definition than the modern conservative). He always put America in the best light when speaking at events, especially overseas events. He was a zealous patriot to the end .

  20. Feb 2021
    1. Mansfield, K. E., Mathur, R., Tazare, J., Henderson, A. D., Mulick, A., Carreira, H., Matthews, A. A., Bidulka, P., Gayle, A., Forbes, H., Cook, S., Wong, A. Y., Strongman, H., Wing, K., Warren-Gash, C., Cadogan, S. L., Smeeth, L., Hayes, J. F., Quint, J. K., … Langan, S. M. (2020). COVID-19 collateral: Indirect acute effects of the pandemic on physical and mental health in the UK. MedRxiv, 2020.10.29.20222174. https://doi.org/10.1101/2020.10.29.20222174