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  1. Mar 2023
    1. Transcription of the araBAD genes under control of the pBAD promoter is induced about 300-fold above a basal uninduced level within 3 s of the addition of arabinose to cells growing on glycerol in minimal salts medium
  2. Dec 2020
    1. found that the P R promoter from rhizobial phage 16-3 was active in M. extorquens and engineered the promoter to be inducible by either p-isopropyl benzoate (cumate) or anhydrotetracycline. These hybrid promoters, P R/cmtO and P R/tetO, were found to have high levels of expression in M. extorquens with a regulatory range of 10-fold and 30-fold, respectively
  3. Apr 2020
    1. Promoter, terminator, and operator sites should be indicated as described by Bachmann and Low

      For operon abcDEF, in which abcD is the first gene transcribed, the naming would be abcDo (operator), abcDp (promoter), abcDe(leader), abcDa (attenuator), andabcDi (initiator) Linkage map of E.coli K12 - Edition 6

  4. May 2018
    1. “Promoters,” the customers with the highest rates of repurchase and referral, gave ratings of nine or ten to the question. The “passively satisfied” logged a seven or an eight, and “detractors” scored from zero to six.

      Here is where the article explains how they came up with "promoters" - the customers with the highest rate or repurchase and referal