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  1. Jul 2022
    1. Building probabilistic causal models has always been a challenge. The direction of causality is often difficult to establish and the process of constructing the causal graph with the probabilities behind requires the input of a variety of domain knowledge experts. Moreover, collecting inputs from experts can be costly and inefficient. But what if expert knowledge can be mined directly from the web from thousands of daily published news articles (wisdom-of-the-crowds) through NLP techniques and streamlined through a fast and automated process that can produce a causal model in a matter of seconds? We discuss an approach in our latest paper:https://lnkd.in/eSDYJ7D#pgm #datascience #bayesiannetworks #causalmodels #artificialintelligence #machinelearning #nlp #finance Pierre Haren Dr. Olav Laudy Allen Ginsberg Marcos Lopez de Prado Gautier Marti Charles-Albert Lehalle Paul Bilokon, PhD Saeed Amen Matthew Dixon Igor Halperin N Joshua Madan Daphne Koller Kevin Murphy Joseph Simonian, Ph.D. Dr. Ron Dembo Alexander Fleiss
    1. “Combining these causal linkswith predictive analytics providesvaluable insights and forecasts onmacroeconomic and microeconomictopics such as market demands andtrends for CFOs to understand howtheir new strategies and investmentscould be perceived by the market,” saysPierre Haren, Ph.D., the CEO and co-founder of Causality Link.
    1. In practice this means the platform will integrate the dat-apoints drawn up by Causality Link’s analysis, togetherwith any other alternative dataset the manager has pur-chased, and overlay it with the firms’ internal analyst emailsand notes.
    2. The platform Causality Link performs both of these tasksfor managers. It provides a “wisdom of crowds” point ofview of the evolution of almost any driver in the world, butit also gives clients a unique causal model that has beenextracted from the knowledge of documents they don’thave the time to read.
    3. Causality Link’s AI-powered research platform extractsthe “causal knowledge” contained within millions of docu-ments and other text-based sources to provide investorsand analysts with a unique perspective on companies,industries and macroeconomics.
    4. “Our research assistance tool worksas the ultimate brain sitting in the middle of a firm, readingeverything on the portfolio managers’ behalf,” says EricJensen, Co-Founder and CTO at Causality Link.


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