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  1. May 2023
    1. retention, loyalty and advocacy.

      How do we measure these things, especially the latter two?

    2. find long-term success

      This is more about engagement and retention. Users use the product deeply and repeatedly. These things can be measure but it's different meaures?

    3. lack of instructional design

      Paging Christie DeCarolis...

    4. There’s another distinct problem that occurs from this arrangement: Because the marketing department is so focused on engagement and conversion metrics, it develops its educational content specifically to meet those goals. Even if the content is informative, it is generally not written as educational content that builds proficiency through specific learning objectives. There tends to be content like passive videos that are informative but do not help build viewers’ competencies.

      Wow, just totally different genres, really.

    5. Education-based marketing is a strategy that shifts the message from a persuasive sales focus to one that imparts knowledge and builds trust,

      I'm down with this!

  2. Mar 2021