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  1. Oct 2020
    1. Strategies for Virtual Learning Environments:Focusing on Teaching Presence and TeachingImmediacy

      Through a literature review of 50 articles published between 2003-2014, the authors explored aspects of online learning (teacher presence, teacher immediacy) that impact learner interest and motivation in the online environment. Recognizing that these aspects are key, the authors explore various approaches to retention the virtual setting. The multifaceted role of the instructor is reviewed as well as virtual facilitation strategies. The literature search revealed a positive correlation between teaching presence, teaching immediacy, and learner engagement and motivation. 6/10

  2. May 2020
    1. A grade book to record student progress. Web pages or sites that allow you to present text, videos, or links to other sources.Assessment tools so students can submit their assignments, or take a quiz or an exam.Discussion forums that enable students to engage in conversations about class content with you and with one another.

      this also connects to the teaching presence since it resonds to how a teacher sets up the course and focusing on the assessment of student learning