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  1. Sep 2023
    1. Reducing friction for non-English speakersDr. Anthony Kaziboni, the Head of Research at the University of Johannesburg, teaches students who mostly don’t speak English outside of the classroom. Kaziboni believes that command of English is a tremendous advantage in the academic world, and that misunderstandings of even small details of English grammar can hold back students from recognition and opportunity. He encourages his students to use ChatGPT for translation assistance, to improve their English writing, and to practice conversation.

      英语无疑是当前使用 Chatgpt效果最好的一种沟通方式。因此要想提高我们与chat gpt沟通的效率和效果。最好使用英语,进行沟通交流。而使用chat gpt本身就能够帮助我们。消除。英语使用上的障碍。对于非母语英语的。学生效果非常好。

    2. Building quizzes, tests, and lesson plans from curriculum materialsFran Bellas, a professor at Universidade da Coruña in Spain, recommends teachers use ChatGPT as an assistant in crafting quizzes, exams and lesson plans for classes. He says to first share the curriculum to ChatGPT and then ask for things like fresh quiz and lesson plan ideas that use modern or culturally relevant examples. Bellas also turns to ChatGPT to help teachers make sure questions they write themselves are inclusive and accessible for the students’ learning level. “If you go to ChatGPT and ask it to create 5 question exams about electric circuits, the results are very fresh. You can take these ideas and make them your own.”

      在西班牙的一些大学里面。学校开始鼓励老师们使用Chatgpt去辅助老师进行课程测试设计以及效果评估检查。通过chat gpt的应用,能够极大地缓解老师的工作压力。但是还能够。对每一名学生的。学习状况进行。评估。并根据课程的进度实时的。进行。提问。通过这种方式。让学生。对所学内容。进行。调取应用。并。从而加深印象,实现对理论知识的理解与吸收。

    3. Dr. Helen Crompton, Professor of Instructional Technology at Old Dominion University, encourages her education graduate students to use ChatGPT as a stand-in for a particular persona—like a debate partner who will point out weaknesses in their arguments, a recruiter who’s interviewing them for a job, or a new boss who might deliver feedback in a specific way. She says exploring information in a conversational setting helps students understand their material with added nuance and new perspective.

      现在国外的大学已经开始使用chart gpt。来充当助教的身份和角色,甚至于更加专业的一种身份。例如它可以去审视所有的辩论者,谁的发言更加全面、谁的发言更加薄弱。并且将这种发现的问题,及时的反馈回去。这就好比有一个非常资深的老师,随时在观察你的学习进展情况,并将你的学习的存在的问题及时的进行指点。

    4. We’re sharing a few stories of how educators are using ChatGPT to accelerate student learning and some prompts to help educators get started with the tool. In addition to the examples below, our new FAQ contains additional resources from leading education organizations on how to teach with and about AI, examples of new AI-powered education tools, and answers to frequently asked questions from educators about things like how ChatGPT works, its limitations, the efficacy of AI detectors, and bias.


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