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    1. Rails' default approach to log everything is great during development, it's terrible when running it in production. It pretty much renders Rails logs useless to me.

      Really? I find it even more annoying in development, where I do most of my log viewing. In production, since I can't as easily just reproduce the request that just happened, I need more detail, not less, so that I have enough clues about how to reproduce and what went wrong.

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    1. You could also start a new email with the contents of this file, by making x-success use the mailto: scheme with something like working-copy://x-callback-url/read/?repo=my%20repo&path=README.md&x-success=mailto%3A%3Fbody%3D If you need to debug your callbacks, setting x-success=mailto%3A%3Fbody%3D

      Holy god in fuck...

  6. May 2021
    1. The two binding partners must be in identical buffersto minimize heats of dilution

      must be in identical buffer to minimize dilution heat

  7. Mar 2021
    1. Pluggability uses the Loggability library. Just set the log level to 'debug' and it'll explain what's going on:
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    1. Rai gazed into his grimy bathroom mirror.

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    2. “I’m ready for a change.”

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