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    1. General instructions for using a Memindex

      HOW IT IS USED <br /> Things to be done today, jot on face card. Things to be done tomorrow or next Friday, jot on card for that day. Things to keep before you until done, jot on opposite front card. A matter for January 10th jot on a short card put under the band till you return to your desk, then file next to card for January 10th when it will come out and refresh your memory.

      Things to be done when in New York or Chicago jot on card "N" or "C." The new address of Mr. Jones, under "J." Ideas on advertising jot on card tabbed "adv." Things for your clerk to do, on his card , etc., etc. Retire today's card tonight, carrying forward things not completed and put next card in the file in has proved that almost back of pocket case. The alphabet enables one to index all jottings for instant reference. This system is very comprehensive yet perfectly simple. You soon the learn to depend on it every hour of every day.

      Within the general instructions in a 1904 Memindex advertisement (next to an ad for "Genuine Edison Incandescent Lamps") we see the general ideas of indexing things into the future and carrying undone tasks forward, just as is done in the bullet journal method.

    1. Howard L. Wilson, Mfr., 61 State St., Rochester, N.Y. (p.392)

      Miller, Kempster B., William A. Colledge, Alfred S. Johnson, and Carl S. Dow, eds. Technical World Magazine. Chicago, IL: American School of Correspondence at Armour Institute of Technology, 1905. https://www.google.com/books/edition/Technical_World_Magazine/CgLOAAAAMAAJ?hl=en&gbpv=0

      Specific issue: The Technical World, Volume II, No. 3, November 1904 Chicago

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    1. Macey - Wernicke Cards and Supplies can be purchased throughresponsible Printers and Stationers

      Apparently in addition to a Fred Macey Company and the Globe-Wernicke Co. there was a Macey-Wernicke Co. Ltd. which supplied card index supplies in 1904.

      Geyer’s Stationer: Devoted to the Interests of the Stationery, Fancy Goods and Notion Trades, Volume 38, 1904. (p333)

    2. Hudson & Hudson are also supplying business housesthe rubber, and gives many odd and curious shapes. How- with “ Memindex, " the vest pocket card index, which makesever, it is somewhat difficult for us to describe these cards it impossible for any business appointment or transaction

      Hudson & Hudson of Toledo, OH were one of the early distributors of Howard L. Wilson's Memindex system.

      Geyers Stationer. “The Revolving Desk Tray.” Geyer’s Stationer: Devoted to the Interests of the Stationery, Fancy Goods and Notion Trades, November 10, 1904. vol. 38, issue 940, p25. https://www.google.com/books/edition/Geyer_s_Stationer/L507AQAAMAAJ?hl=en&gbpv=0.

    3. mindex.THIS is the name Howard L. Wilson, of Rochester, N.Y.,hasgivenhisvestpocket cardsystem.Itisa

      Geyers Stationer. “Memindex Advertisement.” Geyer’s Stationer: Devoted to the Interests of the Stationery, Fancy Goods and Notion Trades, September 15, 1904. https://www.google.com/books/edition/Geyer_s_Stationer/L507AQAAMAAJ?hl=en&gbpv=0

      Howard L. Wilson of Rochester, NY named his vest pocket card index system the Memindex.

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    1. Kakeibo was developed by the Japanese journalist Motoko Hani who published the first Kakeibo in a women's magazine in 1904.[2]

      [2] Isak, Christopher (2021-12-16). "Kakeibo: A Guide to Money Management". TechAcute. TechAcute. Retrieved 2021-12-25.

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    1. the date “2nd of August 1932” turns into 1932-08-02 according to the“Classification bibliographique” IV (Tableau auxiliaire: Temps. Brüssel 1904).