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  1. Aug 2023
  2. Jun 2023
    1. Most older card indexes are common enough, but I thought I'd tip off anyone who is all in on 5x8" index cards and may be looking for a permanent home for their growing collection that there's a reasonably rare, but lovely looking Yawman & Erbe card catalog for sale right now.

      Syndication link: https://www.reddit.com/r/antinet/comments/14jlk69/beautiful_18_drawer_yawman_erbe_card_catalog/

    1. rebuke

      to speak angrily to someone because you disapprove of what they have said or done 斥責;指責;訓斥

    2. ensue

      to happen after something else, especially as a result of it (尤指作爲結果而)接著發生,繼而發生,因而産生

    3. vouchsafed

      to tell or give something to someone 告知;提供;給予

    4. piazza

      especially in Italy, an open area with a hard surface in a town, especially where there is no traffic (尤指義大利城鎮中無車輛行駛的)露天廣場

    5. sundry

      several different; various 幾個不同的;各種各樣的

  3. May 2023
    1. For $1,900.00 ?

      reply to rogerscrafford at tk

      Fine furniture comes at a fine price. 🗃️🤩 I suspect that it won't sell for quite a while and one could potentially make an offer at a fraction of that to take it off their hands. It might bear considering that if one had a practice large enough to fill half or more, then that price probably wouldn't seem too steep for the long term security and value of the contents.

      On a price per card of storage for some of the cheaper cardboard or metal boxes you're going to pay about $0.02-0.03 per card, but you'd need about 14 of those to equal this and those aren't always easy to stack and access regularly. With this, even at the full $1,900, you're looking at storage costs of $0.10/card, but you've got a lot more ease of use which will save you a lot of time and headache as more than adequate compensation, particularly if you're regularly using the approximately 20,400 index cards it would hold. Not everyone has the same esthetic, but I suspect that most would find that this will look a lot nicer in your office than 14 cheap cardboard boxes. That many index cards even at discount rates are going to cost you about $825 just in cards much less beautiful, convenient, and highly usable storage.

      Even for some of the more prolific zettelkasten users, this sort of storage is about 20 years of use and if you compare it with $96/year for Notion or $130/year for Evernote, you're probably on par for cost either way, but at least with the wooden option, you don't have to worry about your note storage provider going out of business a few years down the line. Even if you go the "free" Obsidian route, with computers/storage/backups over time, you're probably not going to come out ahead in the long run. It's not all apples to apples comparison and there are differences in some of the affordances, but on balance and put into some perspective, it's probably not the steep investment it may seem.

      And as an added bonus, while you're slowly filling up drawers, as a writer you might appreciate the slowly decreasing wine/whiskey bottle storage over time? A 5 x 8 drawer ought to fit three bottles of wine or as many fifths of Scotch. It'll definitely accommodate a couple of magnums of Jack Daniels. 🥃🍸🍷My experience also tells me that an old fashioned glass can make a convenient following block in card index boxes.

      A crystal old fashioned glass serves as a following block to some index cards and card dividers in a Shaw-Walker card index box (zettelkasten). On the table next to the index are a fifth of Scotch (Glenmorangie) and a bowl of lemons.

  4. Apr 2023
    1. aught

      anything 任何話

    2. yonder

      something that is or is in an indicated more or less distant place 旁邊

    3. zounds

      used as a mild oath 誓言

    4. eath

      easy 簡單

    5. noddle,

      head, pate 點頭

    6. hindrance

      the act of interfering with or slowing the progress of someone or something : the action of hindering 阻礙、阻力

    7. prating

      to talk long and idly 啐唸、喋喋不休

    8. friar,

      a member of a mendicant order 修士

    9. abode

      a temporary stay 暫住

    10. multitude

      the state of being many 多數

    11. lest

      for fear that 免得

    12. amicable

      characterized by friendly goodwill 友好的

    13. eke

      also 也

    14. avowed

      openly acknowledged or declared 宣達、宣布

    15. dainty

      something delicious to the taste 可口的

    16. thence

      from that fact or circumstance 因此

    17. fillies

      a young female horse usually of less than four years 年輕母馬 ; a young girl 女孩

    18. whence

      from what place, source, or cause 何處

    19. comrades

      an intimate friend or associate 同伴們、同志們

    20. confections

      something confected 醋漬物

    21. fortify

      to make strong 強化

    22. cavalier

      a gentleman trained in arms and horsemanship 騎士

    23. behoved

      chiefly British spelling of BEHOOVE: to be necessary, proper, or advantageous for 理應、應該、必須

    24. exultation

      the act of exulting : the state of being exultant: filled with or expressing great joy or triumph 狂喜

    25. requital

      something given in return, compensation, or retaliation 回禮、還禮

    26. consolation

      the act or an instance of consoling, the state of being consoled 安慰

    27. whilst

      while 當

    28. sagely

      in a sage or wise manner 有禮的、明智的

    29. limned

      to outline in clear sharp detail 被描繪輪廓的

    30. groat

      hulled grain broken into fragments larger than grits 碎穀物、燕麥

    31. blest

      to hallow or consecrate by religious rite or word 祝福

    32. hither;

      being on the near or adjacent side 在附近、靠近

    33. guise

      a form or style of dress 裝扮成

    34. delectation

      Pleasure, delight, and enjoyment 快樂、喜悅

    35. avai

      to be of use or advantage 有用、能用

    36. hath

      archaic present tense third-person singular of HAVE 有著、懷抱著

    37. sendeth

      the person to whom something is sent 發送、收件人

    38. irketh

      furious, angry 憤怒

    39. affright

      frighten, alarm 驚嚇、使恐懼

    40. bade

      past tense and past participle of BID: to issue an order to 命令

    41. mar

      to ruin or diminish the perfection or wholeness of 掃興、毀壞

    42. gospel

      something accepted or promoted as infallible truth or as a guiding principle or doctrine 真理

    43. scant

      barely or scarcely sufficient 不足

    44. you fort

      adj. free from ambiguity or evasiveness : going straight to the point

    45. shalt

      archaic present tense second-person singular of shall 將

    46. woeful

      full of woe : grievous 可悲的、多災多難的

    47. bout

      a spell or period of activity 一回合、一段時間

    48. , leaving h

      adj. cheerless, dejected, downcast

    49. mayst

      archaic present tense second-person singular of MAY 可能

    50. celestial

      As in heavenly: of, relating to, or suggesting heaven 天堂的

    51. suffering

      n. the state of being interfered with, held back, or slowed down : the state of being hindered

    52. disparage

      As in to dismiss: to express scornfully one's low opinion of 貶損、批評

    53. e, studi

      Adj. assiduous in the pursuit of learning

    54. drubbing

      As in whipping: to defeat by a large margin 以很大差距輸掉(動詞); As in defeat: failure to win a contest 輸掉(名詞)

    55. h a tran

      n. The act of exulting : the state of being exultant

    56. cudge

      As in cane: a heavy rigid stick used as a weapon or for punishment 棍棒/長杖

    57. stout

      As in sturdy: able to withstand hardship, strain, or exposure 穩固的 ; As in stocky: being compact and broad in build and often short in stature 粗壯的 ; As in valiant: feeling or displaying no fear by temperament 勇敢的 ; As in solid: not showing weakness or uncertainty 堅定的、堅固的、堅強的

    58. ere

      As in before: earlier than 在...之前

    59. orisons

      As in prayers: an address to God or a deity 禱告(名詞)

    60. chastised

      to inflict a penalty on for a fault or crime 懲罰、懲戒、責罵

    61. bespoke

      to make known (something abstract) through outward signs 展示/顯示

    62. whenas


  5. Mar 2023
    1. abstinence

      not doing something, such as drinking alcohol or having sex 節制;戒絕

    2. meek

      quiet, gentle, and not willing to argue or express your opinions in a forceful way 溫順的;謙和的

    3. solicit

      to ask someone for money, information, or help 請求,索求,乞求

    4. countenance

      the appearance or expression of someone's face面容;臉色;面部表情

    5. enamoured

      liking something a lot 喜愛的;迷戀的

  6. Jan 2023
    1. About twenty thousand of those cards are 3 × 5 inches and seven thousand 5 × 8 inches.

      Goitein's zettelkasten is comprised of about 20,000 3 x 5" index cards and 7,000 5 x 8" index cards.

      Link to: https://hypothes.is/a/TEiQ5H1rEe2_Amfzi4XXmg

      While not directly confirmed (yet), due to the seeming correspondence of the number of cards and their corpus descriptions, it's likely that the 20,000 3 x 5" cards were his notes covering individual topics while the 7,000 5 x 8" cards were his notes and descriptions of a single fragment from the Cairo Geniza.

  7. Sep 2022
    1. Posted byu/jackbaty4 hours agoCard sizes .t3_xib133._2FCtq-QzlfuN-SwVMUZMM3 { --postTitle-VisitedLinkColor: #9b9b9b; --postTitleLink-VisitedLinkColor: #9b9b9b; --postBodyLink-VisitedLinkColor: #989898; } I've been on-again/off-again with paper for PKM, but one thing remains consistent each time: I don't enjoy using 4x6 index cards. I much prefer 3x5-inch cards. I realize that it's irrational, but there it is.My question is if I dive into building an antinet, will I regret using 3x5 cards? I already have hundreds of them. I have dividers, holders, and storage boxes for them. I just prefer how they _feel_, as weird as that sounds.I'd like to hear if people are using 3x5 cards successfully or if you've come to regret it.

      While it may be slightly more difficult to find larger metal/wood cases for the 4x6 or 5x8 cards, it's a minor nuisance and anyone who wants them will eventually find the right thing for them. Beyond this, choose the card size that feels right to you.

      If you don't have an idea of what you need or like, try things out for 10-20 cards and see how it works for you, your handwriting size, and general needs. People have been using 3x5, 4x6, and even larger for hundreds of years without complaining about any major issues. If Carl Linnaeus managed to be okay with 3x5, which he hand cut by the way, I suspect you'll manage too.

      Of course I won't mention to the Americans the cleverness of the A6, A5, A4 paper standards which allows you to fold the larger sizes in half to get the exact next smaller size down. Then you might get the benefit of the smaller size as well as the larger which could be folded into your collection of smaller cards, you just have to watch out for accidentally wrapping ("taco-ing") a smaller card inside of a larger one and losing it. I suppose you could hand cut your own 5" x 6" larger cards to do this if you found that you occasionally needed them.

      For the pocketbook conscious, 3x5 does have the benefit of lower cost as well as many more options and flexibility than larger sizes.

      At least commercial card sizes are now largely standardized, so you don't have deal with changing sizes the way Roland Barthes did over his lifetime.

      My personal experience and a long history of so many manuals on the topic saying "cards of the same size" indicates that you assuredly won't have fun mixing different sized slips together. I personally use 3x5" cards in a waste book sense, but my main/permanent collection is in 4x6" format. Sometimes I think I should have done 3 x 5, but it's more like jealousy than regret, particularly when it comes to the potential of a restored fine furniture card catalog. But then again...

  8. Jul 2019
  9. May 2019
    1. The activities ofβ-xylosidase, xylan acetylesterase and arbinofuranosidase were measured using 1 mM p-nitrophenylxylopyranoside, p-nitrophenylacetate and p-nitrophenylarabinofuranoside, respectively prepared in sodium citrate buffer (0.1 M, pH 7.0). One mL of reaction mixture containing 0.2 mL of crude enzyme solution, 0.3 mL of sodium citrate buffer (0.1 M, pH 7.0) and 0.5 mL of substrate was incubated at 80 °C for 30 min. The reaction was terminated by adding 2 mL sodium carbonate-bicarbonate buffer (1.0 M, pH 10.0). The activities were determined using p-nitrophenol standard curve (1-10 μg mL-1) drawn using absorbance values measured in spectrophotometer at 400 nm. One unit of the enzyme is defined as the amount of enzyme that liberates 1μmole of p-nitrophenol mL-1min-1 under assay conditions.
    2. Assays for β-Xylosidase, acetylesterase and arbinofuranosidase
    1. ThecircadianrhythmofbimodalO2uptakeofcontrolandeffluenttreatedfisheswerestudiedseparatelyat28°±1°C.TheamountsofO2extractedfromwaterandairwereseparatelydeterminedforadayatregularintervalsof3hreach.TotalO2uptakeateachtimewasobtainedbysummingupthevaluesforaquaticandaerialrespirationobtainedatthecorrespondingtime.Throughoutthepresentstudy,theinitialO2contentofthewaterwaskeptconstant(6±0.5mgF1)
    2. CircadianrhythmofbimodalO2uptake
  10. Sep 2018
  11. Aug 2018
    1. The northern German city intends to increase the quality of top-down initiatives, boosting economic growth and reducing the burden of bureaucracy. Within the course of the project, Hamburg will gather citizen input on such topics as the most popular locations for new playgrounds, as well as the most desirable positions for the planting of new trees in public zones. Citizen’s choice for a tree or playground location made in a map should be automatically supported by the systems feedback function, where the citizen will get information about his or her choice based on the data provided by the system. The data (all available as open data on the transparency portal) for the feedback are, for example, noise mapping, solar potential mapping, current tree population, buildings, legally binding land-use plan, and cadastral parcels for the tree as well as green space, land-use zoning, existing playground locations, public transport network and stations, administrative units, inhabitants per unit for the playground location.


    1. Berlin: Invest in a city with a bright future Do you plan to invest in Berlin, start a company here, or relocate your headquarters here? Smart move! Your company can also benefit from the excellent local conditions in the German capital. The Berlin economic development corporation, Berlin Partner for Business and Technology, will support you while your company transfers to the new location, providing help with enterprise development and the transfer of technology with tailored service packages. Berlin Partner's experts can provide you with comprehensive and free advice about Berlin at the Business Location Center.

      Business Location Centre

    1. The waste management strategy adopted by the Berlin House of Representatives for the period 2010 to 2020 also provides for an extension of the annual waste audits to provide a comprehensive report on material flows, and climate and environmental impacts for non­hazardous waste, in order to improve the control and evaluation of waste material flows. Therefore the Senate Environment Department, partially financed through the “Climate Protection – Sector strategies” programme of the Federal Ministry of the Environment, commissioned the IFEU Institute Heidelberg and the ICU Berlin to develop a plan for the im­plementation of exemplary, climate-friendly waste management measures for Land Berlin.

      Waste Management Audit

    2. The public acquisition system can play an important role in a modern closed-cycle econo­my. Every year, official bodies in the city, from the city and district administrations to the public corporations, statutory bodies and public-law foundations purchase products and services costing some EUR 4 to 5 billion. When placing orders, a considerable contribution can be made to environmental protection by giving preference to environmentally-friendly products and materials and to processes which reduce the impact on the environment. In this way it is not only possible to conserve resources such as energy and water, but also to prevent threats to health and the environment.

      Administrative Regulations - Waste Management

    1. BürgerBautStadt makes it easier for citizens to participate in construction projects and planning approval procedures. For this purpose, the authors have collected data from various sources and made available on the website as a map, list or e-mail notification. BürgerBautStadt was launched at the ideas competition Stadt Land <Code> of the Open Knowledge Foundation Germany and was supported until May 2013 with a scholarship in the implementation.

      Burger baut Stadt - Citizen Participation Application

    1. The tourism app CultiMapp opens up new possibilities to explore Berlin by linking and enriching the Berlin 3D city model with cultural information. The integrated 3D viewer allows you to fly over interesting buildings near your own location. In the future, historical photographs and detailed shots will also be integrated into the viewer to make Berlin's cultural heritage visible.


    1. naturtrip.org is the first public transport information where you do not have to know the destination. After all, when it comes to excursions, one usually does not know exactly where one wants to go, but only what one plans to do. Namely eat delicious, relax in the spa, dozing or paddling in the sun. Therefore one searches with naturtrip.org from A for "Strandbad" or "Kanuverleih". And how long you want to be on the road. 30 minutes, 60 minutes or more. Then you get on the map exactly the destinations shown, which can be reached from your own location in 30 min or 60 min currently by train, bus or bike. 

      Nature Trip - Public Transport Information Berlin

    1. How often are streets cleaned in Berlin? With the interactive map application street cleaning in Berlin, the cleaning frequency per week can be called up for each street in the Berlin city area. Additional information can be retrieved simply by clicking on the respective street - What is being cleaned? - Who is responsible and how high are the fees for the residents. The app can be used in any web browser on any device. The application is based on the geodata from the street cleaning directory of the Berliner Stadtreinigung (BSR) and is operated via the mapping platform ArcGIS Online .

      Street Cleaning - Berlin

    1. Little project that aims at raising awareness for accessibility in public transport systems. It uses a simple slider to visualize how the public transport system looks like if all the non-accessible stations are erased. There is an elaborate how-to available, suitable for non-coders on the projects github site.

      ACCESS MAP - Accessibility in Public Transport Systems

  12. Nov 2017