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  1. Aug 2022
    1. After publishing a textbook on his mnemonic system in 1843,[2] he travelled widely in Germany to popularize it. His most notable lectures were given in Leipzig, but also in Prague. A dictionary that substituted mnemonic terms for numbers[3] and a guideline for the use of mnemotechnics in schools[4] which listed some 3,000 mnemotechnically annotated facts from history and geography courses followed in 1844 and 1846, respectively. The novelty of Otto's "substitution method" was disputed almost immediately,[5][6] his opponents stating it to be just one more derivative of the method proposed by Aimé Paris. However, it received highly favorable reviews as well.[7][8]

      Karl Christian Otto (aka Carl Otto Reventlow) published a textbook on a mnemonic system in 1843 and then travelled to publicize and popularize it including notable lectures in Leipzig and Prague. His system, likely broadly similar to the major system, may have been take from Aimé Paris' method.

      Sources indicate that it was borrowed from Paris, but it received favorable reviews.

      Sources to look into (likely needing translation from German): - Otto, Carl Christian (Pseudonym: Carl Otto Reventlow): Lehrbuch der Mnemotechnik nach einem durchaus neuen auf das Positive aller Disciplinen anwendbaren Systeme. Ed.: J. G. Cotta, Stuttgart und Tübingen 1843; 240 p.<br /> - Reventlow, K. O. Wörterbuch der Mnemotechnik nach eignem Systeme. Ed.: J. G. Cotta, Stuttgart und Tübingen 1844.<br /> - Otto, C. Leitfaden der Mnemotechnik für Schulen. Ed.: J. G. Cotta, Stuttgart und Tübingen, 1846.<br /> - Rauk C. W. Reventlov und die Mnemonik, und die Mnemonik und die Schule. Cottbus 1844.<br /> - Pick E. Mnemonik und ihre Anwendung auf das Studium der Geschichte. Ed.: Steiner'sche Buchhandlung. Winterthur 1848.<br /> - E. M. Oettinger, Karl Otto genannt Reventlow oder die Mnemonik in ihrer höchsten Ausbildung. Leipzig 1845. Charivari, 1847, Ausgabe 222, p. 3546.

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    1. ein modus von realität

      mode d'existence

    2. was macht eigentlich die existenzform desjenigen aus was wir zur digitalität zählen

      mode d'existence

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    1. existenz weise

      les modes d'existence? aime project?

    2. die nutzung bestehenden kulturellen materials für die eigene produktion ist 00:12:05 eine zentrale eigenschaft viele verfahren mit denen sich menschen in kulturelle prozesse einschalten in kontext eine nicht zu überblickenden masse von instabilen und bedeutungs 00:12:17 offenen bezugspunkten werden auswählen und zusammenführen zu bezahlen akten der bedeutungs produktion und selbst konstruktion

      Referentialität wieder die ANT Sicht - betrachtet man die Entitäten, die in diesem Zitat unter dem Begriff des bestehenden kulturellen Materials gesammelt werden als Akteure oder Akteur-Netzwerke, was ließe sich daraus ziehen?

      Das, das bleibt, stabilisiert sich. Das, das viral geht, ist in besonderer Weise erfolgreich darin, sein Programm anderen Akteuren zuzuschreiben. Im Anschluss an Stalders Interesse, das Bleibende im technischen Wandel in den Blick zu nehmen, folgt aus dieser ANT-Betrachtung nun die Frage: Welcher Akteur, welches Akteur-Netzwerk, drängt sich hier auf? Oder transzendiert die Kategorie der Referentialität (wie auch die anderen zwei stalderschen Kategorien der Kultur der Digitalität) die Existenzweise des Akteur-Netzwerkes? Konkret: Müssen, um der Komplexität des von Stalder beschriebenen gerecht zu werden, Latours Existenzweisen miteinbezogen werden?

  4. Nov 2021
    1. Brand Book {draft} To be able to change the world on the scale which it is needed, we cannot tell our story alone. We believe with an alliance of unlikely connections in the form of agencies and brands, we can share the load on the creation of unlikely connections, and build the power of the next social network, a social network for good. This Brand book walks you through AIME, it gives you the history, it gives you the callouts, it unlocks some pathways for storytelling. We share the AIME Design Brain we use to ensure we’ve birthed an AIME idea, and finally the channels AIME has to create unlikely connections. Now I didn’t want to bury the lead - we deeply believe that every campaign, every story, starts with manual one to one connections, that marketing requires human to human connection, and we don’t believe in one big story that suddenly goes viral: we don’t like viruses, we don’t like unhealthy growth. We are in this for the long game. The current dislocated media landscape is not who we require for verification. We want to build the connections one by one, and if the work is meaningful, then people may talk about it, but if not, the work is done. We focus our campaigns solely on the creation of the unlikely connections, not on who's watching. We don’t think facebook, instagram or twitter are strong arenas for communication at a level of depth that changes things. If your strategy involves them, delete your strategy, focus on the offline world, or on platforms that give space for depth, like podcasts or youtube. Remove the artificial, the distraction, the desperation for a quick result or a quick outcome and please please please build it slowly with us. One by one, in the shadows if we must, we’ll slowly keep building an incredibly meaningful social network for good that brings in the intelligence of all humankind. Thank you for creating unlikely connections with us for a fairer world Jack Manning Bancroft AIME Founder 14 August 2021 About AIME HISTORY IN FILM: What is AIME? IN FILM: What is UNCx5? What’s AIME’s vision? What is the problem AIME is solving? What’s the solution? How has AIME made the solution? What’s the difference between AIME and IMAGI-NATION? How do we measure success? How not to talk about AIME How to talk about AIME Our Spokespeople Where and how to activate AIME’s unlikely connections How to birth an AIME Idea Philosophy Star Dust Freedom Knowledge Create a fairer world? Economics Artists Engineering The AIME Unlikely Connection Channels IMAGI-NATION {University} IMAGI-NATION {TV} IMAGI-NATION {Radio} Making of a Hoodie Podcast IMAGI-NATION {Cinema} Fashion for Good IMAGI-NATION {Library} IMAGI-NATION Appendix: Glossary of words and phrases in the AIME universe About AIME In 2004, AIME founder Jack Manning Bancroft, sketched an idea of a social network for good, one that connected university students as mentors with Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander high school students in Australia, building bridges between two different groups, to lead to educational equity, exchanges of worth and value, and for the mentors a deeper connection to a different lived experience. In 2005, this network commenced and scaled at pace around Australia engaging over 25,000 Indigenous high school students who closed a 40% education outcome gap, and it lit up the minds of a generation of university students desperate to connect to something bigger than themselves, with over 10,000 university students volunteering their time and energy to make AIME the largest ongoing volunteer movement of university students in Australian history. The power of AIME to build unlikely connections grew as we encountered further barriers to the high school students’ pathway out of inequity - barriers in mass cultural storytelling where they couldn’t see anyone like them, barriers in employment, barriers in the board rooms, barriers in the shape of the economy that saw so many kids like them outside the margins. One by one, we’ve worked tirelessly on building bridges between these young people and the people in control of many of the friction points where change has not yet occurred, but is possible if we embrace unlikely connections. The more our work grew around Australia, the more we realised the largest challenge to inequity was not limited by national borders; it was all interlinked. It was how we saw each other, how we saw people outside the margins, how we valued exchange, and the amount of the pie there was to go around globally. In 2016, we expanded our work across the globe, which has led to the invention of our own TV network, our own radio show, our own University to train people to make unlikely connections and which in 2021 is reaching people across 52 countries. We scaled our work in fashion, with our Hoodie to drive into youth culture with a symbol that was more than an empty brand promise, a symbol that showed the true power of fashion for good. We are in the process of bringing all of this work into an online world, contained in one social network, where we can model a different economy of exchange where everyone is included, and where there are bridges for those in positions of power who want to see things change, but don’t know where to find a marginalised young person, or connect to a different way of thinking. Our network will build these bridges driven by the power of unlikely connections. While nation states have struggled to find solutions that bridge the divides, we have decided to call our new network, IMAGI-NATION, a new nation, where everyone has a seat at the table, and where we are all invited to make an unlikely connection and help build a fairer world. HISTORY IN FILM: Origin Story - 2005-2012 - Australian Story - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mt5RxdQRFR4&ab_channel=AIMEMentoring Going Global - 2014-21 - 7 Down - https://vimeo.com/563040825 Password: down47down Philosophy in a podcast - 2021 conversation between Tyson Yunkaporta & AIME Founder Jack MB https://player.fm/series/the-other-others/positivity-meets-complexity What is AIME? AIME is ‘unlikely connections’ for a fairer world. We are a network that connects marginalised youth with the rest of the world to make space for exchanges of time, knowledge, opportunities to create more bridges between those inside the margins and those outside so we can realise a fairer world. IN FILM: COGS - Created to help AIME go global with Oscar Award Winner Laurent Witz & M&C Saatchi - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sGt3figvnfU&ab_channel=AIMEMentoring What is UNCx5? Unlikely Connections times 5 - it’s the formula to unlock the power of unlikely connections and the key to open up the world of IMAGI-NATION. To create change, we don't need an island, or thousands of Instagram followers, or be a LinkedIn influencer. All we need is 5 incredible Unlikely Connections, and watch the many infinite new connections into experiences, knowledge, perspectives that explode when 5 people go deep in a smaller circle - in a network that is decentralised and includes us all. What’s AIME’s vision? Creating millions of unlikely connections between marginalised youth and those inside the margins AND between all human beings and different ways of thinking in order to create a fairer world. What is the problem AIME is solving? Our current connections work towards a concentration of wealth and opportunity for the few, a confirmation of our biases, more time with people like us What’s the solution? Unlikely connections, between races, ages, wealth, nations. How has AIME made the solution? Two parallel pathways - connecting people with stories and knowledge, and connecting people with each other. The stories and knowledge come through AIME’s Hoodie, TV, Radio, Film, Gallery, Library & University. The connections are facilitated via AIME’s online social network for good & in our physical work in Universities & schools worldwide - IMAGI-NATION, AIME’s university IMAGI-NATION {University}, and via AIME’s meeting place within IMAGI-NATION, a global exchange portal where marginalised youth can connect with mentors, internships, scholarships and jobs. What’s the difference between AIME and IMAGI-NATION? AIME is the organisation, IMAGI-NATION is the network. How do we measure success? By counting the unlikely connections created. And then by tracking through case studies, the deeper impact short, medium, long term of those unlikely connections. How not to talk about AIME Okay here’s some watchouts. Avoid these: · The Australian Indigenous Mentoring Experience - AIME was founded as an Australian unlikely connector between Indigenous and non-Indigenous people, it’s now grown to 50+ countries. QANTAS used to be the Queensland and Northern Territory Airline Association, it’s now just QANTAS. AIME’s origin story is part of the heartbeat of the organisation, and it is told with subtlety and nuance, by having a global stage where Indigenous Australian young people stand alongside other young people outside the margins, and people inside the margins, and in that statement, on a global stage, we see the ultimate equity achieved for Indigenous people in Aus. That equity is that there are no ceilings, there are no doors closed to their possibility, their identity is their power and their story, not to limit them, but to unleash them. · “Indigenous Australian and other marginalised youth” - this reinforces the negative twice. We want the audience to understand the global inequality faced by young people who because of historical circumstances, because of societal design, have landed in a life that they are outside the margins. Calling out Indigenous Australians and then other marginalised youth does a double otherising. Back to the simple message “AIME connects young people outside the margins with a network of those inside the margins to build exchanges to create a fairer world.” · Awareness - AIME isn’t about awareness, we aren’t here to tell people about the problem of inequity, to dwell on the past, AIME is about solutions, AIME is about tomorrow, AIME is about action, about really simple action where people make an unlikely connection with knowledge through our storytelling, are inspired to act through our storytelling, or are connected in unlikely ways via AIME’s network. o Particular callout on the AIME Hoodie - the AIME Hoodie is the most activated meaningful Hoodie in the world. No hoodie we make is about awareness. For example: § Making Space Hoodie is a Gallery - it exhibits the work of marginalised youth from around the world & it also exhibits the work of profile artists giving their profile and work to raise $ and bring people to connect with the AIME network and make more unlikely connections. § Making Space Hoodie is a ticket - to the global Making Space exhibition where the world’s marginalised youth are exhibited on the walls of the most prestigious galleries around the planet. § Making Space Hoodie is not awareness building about the plight of inequity. · AIME is the anti charity. If there’s anything you’ve seen before in public fundraising, gala balls, flip the script on it because AIME doesn’t want to give to people what they already know, we don’t give them what they’ve already got, because that is not an unlikely connection with an idea, with a way of thinking. We want people to see AIME as the ideal organisation on planet earth, not your usual charity, not noble, but normal. How to talk about AIME · Unlikely connections for a fairer world. · Ask a question - What unlikely connection with an idea, with a person, has changed your life for good? · We are the anti facebook - AIME is the network of tomorrow - built for everyone, not affirming what we know and who we know, but connecting us to what we don’t know and who we don’t know, not for entertainment, but for good. · Action action action - focus on the action, the impact, the outcome, the unlikely connections, how one unlikely connection after another we can change things. Map the impact, showcase how the idea is changing the world. · Borrow - borrow from all different organisations, stories, ideas, and fuse the unlikely connections. · Imaginatively create stories that are fuelled by unlikely connections. If you have a young person from outside the margins and someone from inside the margins you are on your way. If they are activated and working proactively on a project of tomorrow, and the young person is shown with strength, with agency, not as a problem to be fixed, but the solution, then you are well on your way. · DO IT - don’t overthink it, don’t over strategise it. Make sure the passion for what we are doing - the fairer world we are fighting for, is alive. When this is alive, we are alive, we’ll learn from the doing. · Always drafting - embrace an idea that we are always drafting. This links in with the doing of it. If we know we are creating unlikely connections, then let’s get out there and do it. Our Spokespeople · Our Lead spokespeople are our 6 Professors. They transcend our literal representations of race and identity and allow us to move into a place of imagination. They are multidimensional, they are challenging and complex. We want our professors doing media spots, public speaking events, representing AIME. o Profile on each please Josh BuoyVanessa EllisBenjamin Knight · AIME Ambassadors - 200 young people from around the world Where and how to activate AIME’s unlikely connections Our social network for good, since 2005 has focused on real life, real world interactions between human beings, creating unlikely connections one by one. We see the power of the internet to connect and are developing our own digital social network for good to be released in 2022. We are very wary of the trap of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and would prefer the use of these platforms to drive physical action. For example: · Making Space campaign - Post from an artist at a gallery asking their gallery to join the Making Space Exhibition globally · Making Space campaign - an employer inviting other businesses to join the making space club What we dig less is ‘awareness’: “I’m wearing this hoodie, I’m cool therefore marginalised youth are cool” We aren’t so into that, we’d prefer action. Eg: · I’m wearing this hoodie with a callout to any young artists from outside the margins who want to have a chance to be exhibited at the Louvre in this year’s MAKING SPACE exhibition and have your own work created into a custom Art Hoodie via AIME’s IMAGI-NATION{Gallery}, head to http://aimementoring.com to apply. Ensure there are unlikely connections from the inception through to the delivery of the idea and impact tracking & storytelling afterwards. If it builds the network of unlikely connections, if it leads to action = good. If it talks about how good AIME is = not so good. Remember - not the past, but the future. Not the problem, but the solution. That every single communication piece from us is an opportunity to create an unlikely connection with a new piece of knowledge, a different way of thinking, or a person, that leads to a fairer world. How to birth an AIME Idea This is our AIME brain, it’s what’s required to create an AIME idea. If you have ticked all of these, it’s an AIME idea. We believe in knowledge to change the world, that’s why we have a philosophy checklist; we believe that economics drives what we value and to change the world, we must influence economic exchanges; we see art and artistic thinking as leading an idea, birthing a reality, a bridge between imagination and what we know; and finally, we believe in robust engineering to ensure we change the system, and the idea can move from imagination to actionable change. Below is the graphic we work through to ensure we have designed an AIME idea. And we’ll share a short description of each section. Philosophy Star Dust · Does this idea live after it’s been created, is there a vision where it explodes, and the star dust that is left helps the whole earth? Freedom · Are we working on freeing people’s minds? Or helping them enter a space of imagination? Are we suspending disbelief? Are we flipping the script on how we think? Are we releasing all sides/different people from their existing biases and allowing for freedom of thought to see unlikely pathways as realities? Knowledge · Is there knowledge shared as part of the idea? Not surface awareness but deep knowledge transfer? Do we change the way people think? Is there depth to the idea? Create a fairer world? · Does this action create a fairer world? How will we prove it? Economics · Exchange of Time, Knowledge, Opportunities o Does this idea focus on an exchange of time, knowledge and opportunities? Does it provide the space for those involved to share across the margins? Is cash kicked down the line as a barrier to entry? Are there moneyless exchanges leading? · IMAGI-NATION - Social Network for Good o Does it bring the audience to IMAGI-NATION to act? o Does it inspire the audience to network differently, to network with unlikely connections? Artists · Make a statement o Does the idea grab you? Does it make a statement? Have we distilled the essence of it into a headline? Is the statement something we can stand for? · Always drafting o Does the idea have fingerprints all over it? Have we embraced ‘always drafting’ as a concept in design? Have we let the audience into the process of creation? Have we created a bridge between them and us by being human, by drafting with them? Have we co-created? And have we released ourselves from perfection by releasing the idea, then drafting with the world? · Imagine o Have we harnessed the power of our collective and individual imaginations with the idea? Have we truly deeply imagined what’s possible? Is the idea predictable or imaginative? Have we used the principle of unlikely connections in the birthing of the idea to ensure it is imaginative? · Layers and levels o Is there depth to the work? Are there multiple layers and levels at play? Does it work today and tomorrow? Is there complexity in the approach? · Play with the frame o Have we looked at the existing frame and played with it? Have we drawn outside the margins? Have we changed the frame? Have we played with the assumptions of what the playground is? Have we, in the very act of adjusting the frame, expanded the margins? Have we made the frame bigger to help others see bigger? Have we made more space? Engineering · Impact o What is the measurable impact of unlikely connections created from the campaign? What are the numbers of young people from outside the margins that will have unlikely connections because of this idea? How are we going to capture the case study impact of the work? In what format? What changes because of the idea? And can you prove it with hard facts? With numbers and stories? · Repeatable o Is the idea repeatable? Can it scale globally? Can it grow year on year? Could it last for 20 years? · Shift the system from the inside o Does the idea bring those people from inside the margins onto the bridge to make an unlikely connection with those outside the margins? Have we inspired those inside the margins to act, then given them a pathway and responsibility to do the work? o Does it have a design that moves beyond a day? Does it have a club/ a system/ a campaign/ a peer-to-peer device/ cultural pressure that moves the work back into the hands of those within the margins to create the change themselves? o What levers are we pulling on to make the system move? · Long Game o Have we imagined what happens with this idea in 100 years’ time? Have we thought about what happens in 1000 years’ time? Have we released ourselves from a measurement of success being an instant ‘like’, to thinking about the long game? Have we resisted the pressure of “big news” results, to think one-by-one about how we can build the idea year-on-year, to create the snowball, into the avalanche of change? Is there patience in the design? · Who's at the table? o Are people from outside the margins at the table in the design of the idea? Do we have unlikely connections at play the whole way through? · Give kids the stage o Does the idea make a stage and then give the stage to young people outside the margins to show they are not a problem to be fixed but part of the solution? o Are young people involved in the design process? o How do the young people take their opportunities from the idea and become leaders that pass it on and create more opportunities for young people like themselves? The AIME Unlikely Connection Channels IMAGI-NATION {University} Where AIME educates & inspires people in how to make unlikely connections to act for a fairer world. Students complete their courses over 10 months. There are five degree courses and five key audiences: · Executives - who work on creating a Co-CEO in their organisation and levelling the playing field in their workplace · University students - who lead an AIME student chapter and create mentoring connections between university student mentors and 100 marginalised high school students · Teachers - who teach with imagination to engage ALL students in the classroom and build bridges to local employers & community · Entrepreneurs - for school students from outside the margins to become entrepreneurs and create change from the inside out (and for those within the margins to build unlikely connections back to those outside) · Citizens - for individuals to work on projects for change within their communities or the world Via IMAGI-NATION {University}, by 2024, AIME is looking to create unlikely connections for 90K marginalised youth per year. Here are 5 case studies of students enrolled in 2021 IMAGI-NATION {TV} A weekly TV show where we curate unlikely connections. This is where we incubate ideas, where we bring people together to create the connections. From the show we have birthed IMAGI-NATION {University}, IMAGINE Film, a Hoodie that pays rent, and 1000’s of unlikely connections. The first season: https://vimeo.com/454576826/883f618ecb<br> Example episode: Each episode partners with a school and via the knowledge and the people on IMAGI-NATION {TV}, we are looking to provide unlikely connections to 5000 marginalised youth per annum by 2024 (100 kids per school per show). 5 Guest profiles IMAGI-NATION {Radio} Our main show is Making of a Hoodie Podcast with a few others in production Making of a Hoodie Podcast A monthly/bi-monthly activated podcast where we create unlikely connections, and then from the podcast create a hero hoodie, then activate more unlikely connections. Each year we work on: · 12 Schools globally · 3 activists · 3 artists · 3 alternative thinkers Our current distribution partner for the show and the Hoodies is The ICONIC. Via Making of a Hoodie Podcast we are looking to create unlikely connections with 1000 marginalised youth per year (100 kids per school per show). Example Show: https://podlink.to/makingsomethingouttanothing<br> Example Hoodie:https://shop.aimementoring.com/products/moah-hero-hoodie<br> 2-3 participant case studies IMAGI-NATION {Cinema} Once a year we work on releasing a film as a driver to open applications for IMAGI-NATION {University}. We see our films as a way to create unlikely connections with ideas and ways of thinking. Our current films are: · COGS · Dreams Our 2021 Film is: · 7 Down Our 2022 Film is: · IMAGINE Film We are also working on ways to tell the story of our Professors of IMAGI-NATION {University} to the world. Fashion for Good We can create activated Hoodies to amplify any campaign or idea or story. Current Hoodie campaigns we are running: · Kindness Hoodie · Making Space Hoodie · Hero Hoodies via Making of a Hoodie Podcast IMAGI-NATION {Library} This is our legacy to the world for the next 60,000+ years of human existence. This is where we keep developing all of our books, and mentor tools. The key development in this area is the creation of Mentor Class - a variety of videos and lessons from Mentors.

      Mentor Class example IMAGI-NATION In 2022 we will have our own digital social network for people to be able to enter and exchange and engage with each other's time, knowledge, and opportunities. Designed with unlikely connections between some of the world’s most interesting organisations and human beings, IMAGI-NATION models a different economy and is a home for kids pushed outside the margins to walk across a bridge into knowledge and opportunities, and a space for citizens of our earth to work out how to live and design a world more equitably Appendix: Glossary of words and phrases in the AIME universe 18 values A set of values that infuse everything we do. Everyone enrolled in IMAGI-NATION {University} is trained in our 18 values. These are hope, change, freedom, rebelliousness, listening, empathy, BRAVE goals, no shame, initiative, yes and, forgiveness, kindness, gift of time, failure, asking questions, hard work/discipline, know yourself, mentors not saviours. 365-day Goal Station An ingredient of pop-up IMAGI-NATION {Factory} days. Where mentees write on post-it notes their goals for the year and place them on a sign where they can be seen. 6 knowledge fields The 6 key areas of knowledge and experience we have gained over the years that form the basis for everything we do and that we teach at IMAGI-NATION {University}. These are Imagination, Mentoring, Organising Change, Building Bridges, Flipping the Script and Hoodie Economics. AIME A global network that connects youth from marginalised backgrounds with the rest of the world to make space for exchanges of time, knowledge and opportunities between them. AIME Time Machine (AimeTM) An ingredient of pop-up IMAGI-NATION {Factory} days. Where mentees ‘deposit’ the baggage they are going to leave behind before they enter the IMAGI-NATION {Factory}. Always drafting We are always drafting. We have released ourselves from perfection and embraced the idea that our work is always a draft. It’s never finished, never perfect. Asking questions One of our 18 values. Asking questions allows us to move from what we already know to what we don’t yet know. Asterix Professor of Hoodie Economics at IMAGI-NATION {University}. Asterix is a philosopher combined with an economics major in pursuit of what makes life worth living. She’s asking some very big questions through her research to redefine how we think about adding value in our world – pursuing an exchange of time and experience instead of just money. Blue Professor of Flipping the Script at IMAGI-NATION {University}. Blue knows that self-authorship and an entrepreneurial mindset are integral in order to move oneself outside the dominant narrative. His fundamental lesson in flipping the script: “I don’t have to play a part in someone else’s story”. Blue wants to help write a curriculum for all students to see themselves in a new light at IMAGI-NATION {University}. BRAVE goals One of our 18 values. AIME embodies BRAVE (BIG, RISKY, AUDACIOUS, VISIONARY, ENDLESS) goals. Building bridges One the 6 knowledge fields taught at IMAGI-NATION {University}. Creating connections across nations, cultures, races, ages, socio-economic differences. Cellular network Our organisational structure at AIME—a living, evolving, decentralised system of intermingling cells. Change One of our 18 values. Change is the only constant! Co-CEO The Co-CEO program looks at levelling the playing field and making boardrooms more diverse and inclusive. Executives recruit a young person aged 18-30 from a background that has historically experienced marginalisation who will shadow them for 6-12 months and absorb all the learning available to those who get a seat at the decision-making table. Empathy One of our 18 values. Empathy is feeling with the heart of another person. Einstein Professor of Building Bridges at IMAGI-NATION {University}. Einstein wrote a paper as a sociology grad student in the 1970’s based on a phenomenon she gathered from her research: instead of going from A to B and B to C, what if we just built a bridge from A to C? Now she’s getting recruited by leaders around the world to talk about building bridges. The problem is: she’s not sure it’s going to work... Energy Professor of Mentoring at IMAGI-NATION {University}. Energy is on a lifelong quest to pass on knowledge. She earned her PhD in mentoring; she loves the Plato/Socrates relationship; she’s obsessed with seeing knowledge passed down from generation to generation. If she wants to tell you something, she’ll tell you a parable. She knows that if you want to change the world, you need to connect with people through stories. Failure One of our 18 values. When we fail, we learn. When we learn, we grow. Failure Time An ingredient of pop-up IMAGI-NATION {Factory} days. A confidence and resilience-building session where kids try out new things and learn it’s ok to fail. Flipping the script One the 6 knowledge fields taught at IMAGI-NATION {University}. Shifting the dominant narrative from a lens of problem to solution. Forgiveness One of our 18 values. Forgiveness gives us the power to move beyond a certain circumstance or person and not let it define us. Freedom One of our 18 values. Freedom is about casting off the chains that come from ourselves, history, society. GAIME of Life An ingredient of pop-up IMAGI-NATION {Factory} days. An interactive writers’ room and role play game where kids get to write and bring to life a story that can inspire kids like themselves. Gift of time One of our 18 values. At AIME, we believe the greatest gift we can give is the gift of our time by turning up for others. Hard work/discipline One of our 18 values. Hard work and discipline are the gears behind change. It’s not always pretty but it’s completely necessary. Hoodie The AIME Hoodie is the most meaningful Hoodie in the world. Since 2010, it has been the currency of IMAGI-NATION and our device for change. We ask people to act, to stand up and create change, and in exchange, we give them a hoodie to say “Thank you for fighting for a fairer world.” Hoodie Economics One the 6 knowledge fields taught at IMAGI-NATION {University}. The economy that underpins AIME: elevating the exchange of time, knowledge and opportunity above money. Hope One of our 18 values. Hope is believing in a better future and working to make it happen Hope Professor of Imagination at IMAGI-NATION {University}. Hope knows that hope doesn’t come easy: it’s always a struggle. He’s trying as hard as possible to build that bridge between reality and unreality. Hope feels the heaviness of hope; he carries this giant burden and responsibility – all the while thinking: “Don’t make me carry this alone!” Hope is the epitome of hard work: he knows you don’t get to opt out of the work if you want to change the world. Imagination One the 6 knowledge fields taught at IMAGI-NATION {University}. Imagination is the beginning of human thought and action. IMAGI-NATION An online world where we can model how society can work differently, where everyone has a seat at the table, where people enter and engage with each other and exchange time, knowledge, and opportunities, and where we are all invited to make an unlikely connection and help build a fairer world. IMAGI-NATION {Ambassadors} One of the options of the {Entrepreneurs} course at IMAGI-NATION {University}. A 100-day challenge for school students to use IMAGI-NATION to create a fairer world through a change mission of their choice. IMAGI-NATION {Artists} One of the options of the {Entrepreneurs} course at IMAGI-NATION {University}. A three-month residency for young artists to be mentored by a team of artists and have their work featured on IMAGI-NATION {TV} and in our IMAGI-NATION {Gallery}. IMAGI-NATION {CEO4Good} One of the options of the {Entrepreneurs} degree course at IMAGI-NATION {University}. A 100-day challenge for school students from inside the margins to mobilise their networks to share wealth, knowledge, opportunities with kids being left behind. IMAGI-NATION {Cinema} Our films and series use story to create unlikely connections with ideas and ways of thinking. Currently: Cogs (film, 2017), Dreams (film, 2018), The Professors (series, 2021), 7 Down (film, 2021), IMAGINE (film, coming in 2022), The Professors’ House (series, coming in 2022). IMAGI-NATION {Citizens} One of the degree courses at IMAGI-NATION {University}. For individuals to lead projects that drive meaningful change in their community and the world using the tools of IMAGI-NATION. IMAGI-NATION {Classrooms} A digital mentoring and tutoring session delivered via online meeting platforms to support mentees academically. IMAGI-NATION {Curriculum} A suite of mentoring tools and activities for school students based around our 18 values delivered through our pop-up IMAGI-NATION {Factory} days, IMAGI-NATION {Teachers} and partnerships with educators. Includes the Magic Maker, the Purple Carpet, the 365-day Goal Station, Sacrifice Planes, AIME Time Machine, Failure Time, GAIME of Life, Keys to the City, the Hoodie, books, films and more. IMAGI-NATION {Entrepreneurs} One of the degree courses at IMAGI-NATION {University}. School students become entrepreneurs for good and gain hands-on experience in leading change for themselves, for others or for the planet, including by using their artistic talents to have their voice and other voices heard. Includes {Ambassadors}, {Artists}, {CEO4Good}, {Filmmakers}, {Writers}. IMAGI-NATION {Executives} One of the degree courses at IMAGI-NATION {University}. For executives wanting to transform the leadership culture of their organisations, level the playing field for young people from outside the margins and bring diverse young talent into the boardroom. IMAGI-NATION {Factory} An immersive theatre experience delivered on school and university campuses to help kids develop confidence, unlock imagination and brave thought, and free their potential to create change in their world and in the wider world. This is how the IMAGI-NATION {Curriculum} is delivered to mentees. IMAGI-NATION {Filmmakers} One of the options of the {Entrepreneurs} degree course at IMAGI-NATION {University}. School students are mentored by professionals from the TV and film industry in how to tell stories and make films. IMAGI-NATION {Gallery} A virtual space and physical spaces (including the Hoodie) where AIME artists can display and sell their artwork and connect with established artists, galleries and opportunities. IMAGI-NATION {Library} A resource library of free IMAGI-NATION knowledge and tools to live on forever, for humanity. Available to everyone, both within and outside of IMAGI-NATION {University}. IMAGI-NATION {Presidents} One of the degree courses at IMAGI-NATION {University}. {Presidents} are university students who lead an AIME student chapter on their campus and create mentoring connections between university student mentors and 100 high school kids who have been pushed outside the margins. IMAGI-NATION {Radio} Where we host our Making of a Hoodie podcast. Each episode invites a different school to give the stage for youngsters to create unlikely connections and co-design an exclusive AIME hoodie sold on ICONIC apparel. IMAGI-NATION {Teachers} One of the degree courses at IMAGI-NATION {University}. Teachers wanting to teach with IMAGI-NATION to engage all students in the classroom and build bridges to local employers and community. IMAGI-NATION {TV} A weekly TV show on YouTube where we curate unlikely connections. Hosted by AIME school students, {Presidents} and partner schools. People from all walks of life around the world come together to connect with young people pushed outside the margins and share knowledge and ideas on ways to actively create a fairer world. IMAGI-NATION {University} A free online university where we educate and inspire people in how to make unlikely connections to act for a fairer world. With courses for school students, university students, teachers, executives and everyday citizens. IMAGI-NATION {Writers} One of the options of the {Entrepreneurs} degree course at IMAGI-NATION {University}. School students are mentored by established writers in how to write and tell stories. IMAGINE film The first crowd-written, crowd-produced feature-length film. To create the stage for kids from marginalised backgrounds to join household names in film and television for a live creation mentoring experiment in filmmaking. Impact Real-life change in someone’s mind, in their life, in their community, in the world because of an unlikely connection with an idea, a way of thinking, a piece of knowledge, a person, and that leads to a fairer world in the short, long or medium term. Initiative One of our 18 values. Initiative is about saying ‘If not me then who? If not, now then when?’ Keys to the City An ingredient of pop-up IMAGI-NATION {Factory} days. A moment where kids step to the front, take the stage and get the chance to shine in any way they choose. Kindness One of our 18 values. Kindness is in the AIME DNA, we LOVE to trade in the currency of kindness. Kindness Hoodie A hoodie designed to inspire kindness throughout the year. Every week, 20 people around the world each wear a kindness hoodie for a week, spread as much kindness as they can in whichever way they choose, then pass the hoodie on to the next 20 people. Know yourself One of our 18 values. Knowing yourself means increasing your awareness of the emotions, motivations, desires, abilities, fears and aspirations that form the self. Lionelcorn Professor of Organising Change at IMAGI-NATION {University}. Lionelcorn is fascinated by organizational systems that exist in the wild. (He’s obsessed with mycelium.) All of his organizational theories are based in natural regeneration. He thinks it’s bullshit that the world isn’t changing like nature. Chaos is natural. He’s pushing for chaos and change. Listening One of our 18 values. Listening is the gateway to empathy and connection, and is often a more powerful action than speaking. Magic Maker An ingredient of pop-up IMAGI-NATION {Factory} days. A question mark wand with 1,000 questions on it that work as a ‘get to know you’ conversation starter to bring mentors and mentees together. Making of a Hoodie A monthly/bi-monthly activated podcast that connects schools with activists, artists and alternative thinkers through ideas, knowledge and perspectives and sees them create a school hoodie together. Making Space A global art initiative that sees the work of youth from marginalised backgrounds exhibited in the IMAGI-NATION {Gallery}, on custom AIME hoodies, alongside profile artists and through their networks, and in galleries around the world. Meeting Place A global exchange portal where youth from marginalised backgrounds can connect with mentors, internships, scholarships and jobs. Mentoring One the 6 knowledge fields taught at IMAGI-NATION {University}. Mentoring is the key to sharing knowledge and wisdom across generations. Mentors in Residence Knowledge-holders from different walks of life who mentor 20 of our key leaders at AIME over a 3-month term twice a year. Mentors, not saviours One of our 18 values. We are not here to ‘save’ the youth that we work with. We are here to mentor kids so that they are stronger without us. Mycelium We are inspired by mycelium, a magical and intelligent web of life above and beneath the soil and a vital force of life on Earth. Mycelium is the oldest continuously surviving multi-cellular network in the world and helps trees talk to each other underground. No shame (at AIME) One of our 18 values. No shame at AIME is one of our earliest catchphrases. There’s zero tolerance at AIME for casting shame on others for expressing themselves or for being who they are. Organising change One the 6 knowledge fields taught at IMAGI-NATION {University}. Organising change is about how we can change things to be fairer. Professors The six non-human and complex academics who are the founders of IMAGI-NATION {University} and AIME’s lead spokespeople: Professor Asterix, Professor Blue, Professor Einstein, Professor Energy, Professor Hope, Professor Lionelcorn. Purple Carpet An ingredient of pop-up IMAGI-NATION {Factory} days. Inspired by world class, theatrical architecture and the red carpet, a device that signals to the mentees they are stepping into the world of IMAGI-NATION. Rebelliousness One of our 18 values. We’re not going to change anything by accepting the status quo. Sometimes a little rebellion is necessary to create change. Sacrifice Planes An ingredient of pop-up IMAGI-NATION {Factory} days. Where mentees write on paper planes the sacrifices they will make to achieve their goals and send them out into the world. Social Network for Good IMAGI-NATION: our social network founded in 2005 that focuses on meaningful human interactions anchored in real life and in the real world, and forges unlikely connections between people to create a fairer world. Sunday Kindness Our weekly newsletter delivering a dose of kindness to the world every Sunday. This Hoodie Pays Rent An initiative launched in April 2020 where we split profits from ‘This Hoodie Pays Rent’ hoodie sales with those struggling to pay their rent because of COVID-19, to help keep a roof over their heads. Unlikely connections Unlikely connections is connecting people with other people and with stories, experiences, knowledge, ideas, perspectives and opportunities they wouldn’t ordinarily connect with, across races, ages, wealth and nations. Yes, and One of our 18 values. At AIME, YES AND means encouraging a collaborative environment and cherishing ideas before burning them.

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