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  1. Mar 2019
  2. Jan 2019
    1. Net Neutrality

      Neutralidad de la red y reporte de avances.

    2. How states performed on library measures

      Seguimiento a votaciones en Estados Unidos sobre bibliotecas.

    3. ALA created a resource list to help libraries develop policies for 3D printer use

      ALA creó una guía para el desarrollo de políticas sobre impresión en 3D de armas.

    4. YouTube

      La diferencia es que Youtube es una empresa.

    5. The Making of a MicrocredentialPenn State University Libraries evaluates badge steps with help from artificial intelligence

      Uso de insignias en educación informal.

    6. From celebrated conference speakers like former First Lady Michelle Obama to the long-awaited passage of the Marrakesh Treaty into law, 2018 has been eventful.

      ALA Magazine sobre el Tratado de Marrakech

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  5. americanlibrariesmagazine.org americanlibrariesmagazine.org
    1. Digital Culture Enters Mongolian YurtsInner Mongolia Library, Chin

      Premio a innovación

    2. Resolution to Honor Those Who Fought Segregation

      Segregación racial y bibliotecas

  6. Jun 2018
    1. Library Bill of Rights

      Disponible en este enlace

    2. We have made important progress, but the fight to advance our mission and to strengthen ALA goes on.

      No importa cuán grande sea ALA, igual sigue trabajando para ser más fuerte y mejor. Admirable.

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    1. Gale’s quote begins with “although,” but the more appropriate word may be “because.”

      For someone who spends half the article criticizing ALA because the data reporting methods are statistically inconsistent, you're making a big claim that ALA is a significant reason for Tango's success, with very little statistical evidence.

      My second pet peeve of this article is that you seem to fail to recognize that ALA is almost an entirely volunteer run organization. For an organization with 60,000 members, we have very few staff. The Intellectual Freedom Committee is made up of volunteers who do this work in addition to their day jobs.

      You do have some good points about what constitutes an actual challenge is confusing, and that we need better data. The terminology definition list, apparently created in 1986, is also in desperate need of updating considering it's almost 30 years old. Perhaps you would like to volunteer your expertise and time helping ALA and OIF with this project? We'd even appreciate help retroactively cleaning and coding the data.

      Also, ALA collects challenges to book information via an online form: http://www.ala.org/bbooks/online-challenge-reporting-form or via a paper form that you can print out and fax: http://www.ala.org/advocacy/sites/ala.org.advocacy/files/content/banned/challengeslibrarymaterials/challengereporting/challengedatabaseform_2003.pdf

    2. it seems like an amalgam of news reports and calls from concerned librarians

      And the reporting forms linked to from this site that you didn't mention!