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  1. Jul 2022
    1. I knew if I wanted this website – which is an extension of my consciousness – to truly thrive, I needed to work on it in a sustainable manner. Bit by bit I slowly transformed the way I thought about it. Previously I would only work on it if I had the energy to make wholesale, dramatic changes. These days I am glad if I made one small change.

      Winnie later goes on to point out that this is much like gardening: it is a slow process, and the process has its seasons which wax and wane, expanding and contracting. You sow. You seed. You water. You fertilize. You wait. You pick weeds. You water. Pick some more weeds. You might prune. You flick off the japanese beetles. And because of the cyclical nature of the planet we inhabit, we also have periods where nothing grows, and the soil lies dormant. Waiting. Resting. This, too, can be embraced as we carve out our little corners of the web, and really all aspects of our lives. I know I'm nearly as tender to myself as I should be.

  2. Jan 2021
    1. ¿Por qué crear un sitio web?

      "Un dominio propio": https://indieweb.org/A_Domain_of_One%27s_Own

      A la Virginia Wolf, en "Una habitación propia": "«Una mujer tiene que tener dinero y una habitación propia para poder escribir novela»

  3. Aug 2020
    1. Sitio sobre Indie Web en Brea

      Esto me interesa ¿hay algo en lo que pueda apoyar con lo que hemos avanzado en ese tema?

  4. Feb 2019
    1. The future we're fighting for has no analog in mainstream tech, and so it's hard to articulate our strategy using their words. I know that we can feel it, though-- when a new person suddenly gets what we are attempting to do, it is like two instruments slowly coming into tune.
    2. The philosophy of the modern web has saturated our world so thoroughly that corporate goals have the appearance of common sense
    1. The emerging wave of Avant-Pop artists now arriving on the scene find themselves caught in this struggle to rapidly transform our sick, commodity-infested workaday culture into a more sensual, trippy, exotic and networked Avant-Pop experience. One way to achieve this would be by creating and expanding niche communities. Niche communities, many of which already exist through the zine scene, will become, by virtue of the convergent electronic environments, virtual communities. By actively engaging themselves in the continuous exchange and proliferation of collectively-generated electronic publications, individually- designed creative works, manifestos, live on-line readings, multi- media interactive hypertexts, conferences, etc., Avant-Pop artists and the alternative networks they are part of will eat away at the conventional relics of a bygone era where the individual artist- author creates their beautifully-crafted, original works of art to be consumed primarily by the elitist art-world and their business- cronies who pass judgement on what is appropriate and what is not.
    2. something else is starting to take hold in the cultural imagination
    1. My dream is to have people inspired to make webpages again about whatever they'd like, and share them in ways that don't promote competitive, addictive 'engagement stats'. And to have cyber-regional zine libraries that are collecting and supporting different scenes' work
  5. Jan 2019
  6. Mar 2018
    1. German credit agency to mine Facebook

      Aquí resulta interesante la autonomía digital y la adopción de la web independiente: no es sólo por tener cierto control sobre los datos producidos, sino por los terceros que puedan sacar provecho de estas plataformas.

  7. Jan 2018
    1. Similarly, the Club is not aiming for visibility at any price; which can be seen in the fact that it does not make use of Facebook or many other capital oriented and data hungry infrastructures.

      En el caso de HackBo, tenemos presencia en Facebook y Twitter, pero no es muy activa y no ha sido estratégicamente usada para atraer a los visitantes a nuestras propias infraestructuras, que además no han madurado apropiadamente y difícilmente podrían facilitar la migración de otras personas a ellas o variantes alineadas con la Indie Web.

  8. Dec 2017
    1. Similarly, the desire to communicate and collaborate and to coordinate activities within and beyond the Club’s boundaries through decentral-ized infrastructures was the driving force behind the hackers’ efforts to establish these networks
  9. Jan 2016
    1. While there are some features shared between a university repository and us we are distinctly different for the following reasons: We offer DOIs to all content published on The Winnower All content is automatically typeset on The Winnower Content published on the winnower is not restricted to one university but is published amongst work from peers at different institutions around the world Work is published from around the world it is more discoverable We offer Altmetrics to content  Our site is much more visually appealing than a typical repository  Work can be openly reviewed on The Winnower but often times not even commented on in repositories. This is not to say that repositories have no place, but that we should focus on offering authors choices not restricting them to products developed in house.

      Over this tension/complementary between in house and external publishing platforms I wonder where is the place for indie web self hosted publishing, like the one impulsed by grafoscopio.

      A reproducible structured interactive grafoscopio notebook is self contained in software and data and holds all its history by design. Will in-house solutions and open journals like The Winnower, RIO Journal or the Self Journal of Science, support such kinds of publishing artifacts?

      Technically there is not a big barrier (it's mostly about hosting fossil repositories, which is pretty easy, and adding a discoverability and author layer on top), but it seems that the only option now is going to big DVCS and data platforms now like GitHub or datahub alike for storing other research artifacts like software and data, so it is more about centralized-mostly instead of p2p-also. This other p2p alternatives seem outside the radar for most alternative Open Access and Open Science publishers now.

  10. Oct 2014