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  1. Jul 2021
    1. What a great about page. Reminds me in part of some of the underlying ethos of the IndieWeb.

    2. New Atlantis was the title Francis Bacon selected for his speculative story of a society living with the benefits and challenges of advanced science and technology. Bacon, a founder and champion of modern science, sought not only to highlight the potential of technology to improve human life, but also to foresee some of the social, moral, and political difficulties that confront a society shaped by the great scientific enterprise.
  2. Oct 2015
    1. As you know, hearsay has it that the island of Atlantis is in the process of rising again. but unlike your concept that such an event will have no value for you or modern day man, it will, indeed, have great value. The artifacts which will be unearthed will verify and substantiate the “chain of scientific being” which Mrs. Eddy spoke of in “Science and Health”.1 You see, Paul, the evolution of the earth, of mankind, on the planet, has been going on for centuries. The presence of the Christ has occurred many times in different names and nationalities and teachings—always within the framework of what could be understood at the time by the people being addressed. this happened in the case of the civilization which developed on Atlantis. The reason the reemergence of the island will be of exceeding, great significance to the world today, is that the Atlaneans were the first civilization, as a whole, to enter into that Place as Conscious Being, as Fourth-dimensional Man. The artifacts which will be found will serve to be the nail holes and spear wound which the doubting Thomas’s of the early decades or centuries of the Age of Aquarius will find resolving their doubts into Understanding. It will be “ancient objective proof” which will settle once and for all, for them, the actuality of the fact that Maitreya is, indeed, the reappearing of the Christ. The reemergence of the island, through further geographic displacement, will occur harmoniously and without causing great earthquakes and tidal waves. it will not happen soon, but it will happen. And these transcripts of our conversations will take their place in some way, further validating for those doubting Thomas’s the actuality about which they are in doubt.
    2. RAJ: Paul, there was, indeed, at one time, an island by the name of Atlantis. The people on this island had developed to a very high point of civilization. This was achieved because of their inner development to the point of being as Fourth-dimensional Man—exactly in the same way that you are growing right now. The problem was that—and don’t conceptualize now—there was an imbalance in the vibrations between their island and the rest of the world. It precluded them from being able to correlate or harmonize with the vast majority of people beyond their island, so different was the rate of vibration. As a result of this difference of rate of vibration, a series of harmonic dissonance’s became generated at subsonic frequencies, which resulted in a physical displacement along a fault line of their island, which sank into the sea. There were no survivors.