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  1. Mar 2024
    1. Bad Bunny is one of the world's biggest pop stars. His last album, "El Ultimo Tour Del Mundo," was the first entirely Spanish-language record ever to hit No. 1 on the U.S. Billboard albums chart.

      The podcast's purpose is to educate and amuse listeners about Bad Bunny's most recent album, "Un Verano Sin Ti." The hosts want to spark a vibrant conversation with the audience while offering evaluation, observations, and appreciation for the creative aspects of the record.

  2. Feb 2024
    1. "..man's task, is...to become conscious of the contents that press upward from the unconscious...As far as we can discern, the sole purpose of human existence" Carl Jung

    1. Human beings, at some level, need bias to survive. So, are we biased? Of course. Virtually every one of us is biased toward something, somebody, or some group.

    1. https://www.blyberg.net/darien-statements

      The Darien Statements on the Library and Librarians<br /> Written by John Blyberg, Kathryn Greenhill, and Cindi Trainor<br /> Originally published April 3, 2009

  3. Jan 2024
    1. It's original purpose was definitely to create unique output but you can definitely use it for other reasons!

      reply to u/chasemac_ at https://www.reddit.com/r/Zettelkasten/comments/19ep9rc/comment/kjempeu/

      I'm curious from where you draw your "original purpose" claim? This presupposes having identified a zettelkasten progenitor who has clearly made such a statement. (If you're thinking Luhmann, you're missing the mark by centuries. And even if you're thinking Luhmann, where did he say this specifically?) While Konrad Gessner seems to have been an early progenitor in 1548, the broader idea goes much further back. Even in the early days of the commonplace book, the primary analogy was using them as "storehouses" for collecting treasure (thesaurus) aka knowledge or wisdom.

      Even Luhmann's framing of his zettelkasten as his "second memory" was old by the time he wrote it:

      In a short academic dissertation on the art of excerpts, Andreas Stübel described the card index as a ‘secondary and subsidiary memory’ (‘memoria secundaria and subsidiaria’), summing up in just three words the dilemma scholars had been struggling with for two centuries with respect to the use of commonplace books. As far as I know, Stübel was the first among contemporaries to speak of secondary memory. —Alberto Cevolini in “Where Does Niklas Luhmann’s Card Index Come From?” Erudition and the Republic of Letters 3, no. 4 (October 24, 2018): 390–420. https://doi.org/10.1163/24055069-00304002.

      If we look even further back we read Seneca the Younger in Epistulae morales, writing positively about collecting with respect to classic rhetoric:

      "We should follow, men say, the example of the bees, who flit about and cull the flowers that are suitable for producing honey, and then arrange and assort in their cells all that they have brought in;

      Without a clear originator, I might suggest that historically the first purpose was for memory followed closely by learning and then accumulating wisdom and knowledge (sententiae). Using them for output only came much later.

      Why is there so much bad ink in the zettelkasten space about about "collecting"? (a la the "collector's fallacy") If you collect nothing, you'll have nothing. You have to start somewhere. Collecting happens first before anything useful comes out of the enterprise. Where are all these "people [who] do nothing but boast about the amount of cards in their box"? I'm not seeing lots of evidence of them in fora or online certainly. Show us your collection of examples of those to back up the claim. Are there index card hoarders out there who honestly have tens of thousands of notes with absolutely no purpose? I suspect it's rare.

      If you're a collector, collect away! Take solace in the words of historian Keith Thomas:

      Unfortunately, such diverse topics as literacy, numeracy, gestures, jokes, sexual morality, personal cleanliness or the treatment of animals, though central to my concerns, are hard to pursue systematically. They can’t be investigated in a single archive or repository of information. Progress depends on building up a picture from a mass of casual and unpredictable references accumulated over a long period. That makes them unsuitable subjects for a doctoral thesis, which has to be completed in a few years. But they are just the thing for a lifetime’s reading. So when I read, I am looking out for material relating to several hundred different topics.

    1. 27.09 be consumed by the system, or serve it purposefully

      Live in the system, don't try to change it, resisting it (Joseph Campbell)

    1. computational boundary of the self notion is simply a way to try to be able to think about very diverse kinds of uh beings diverse kinds 00:08:12 of intelligences all all on one scale

      for: purpose - computational boundary of self - it's utility is to have one idea that can help define intelligence non-anthropomorphically, not just of humans

    1. Winston Churchill once said, “It is not enough that we do our best; sometimes we must do what is required.” Think about what you are working toward this year. Are you doing what is required or are you looking for a shortcut?

      This is the difference between acting excellence and purposeful.

    2. When I am well rested and working on something I am genuinely excited about, finding time is rarely a problem

      It is about energy and purpose, and not about time.

  4. Dec 2023
    1. 59:00 Purpose and belonging as drivers for happiness. Try to balance both. Purpose can easily cannibalise belonging.

  5. Nov 2023
    1. 16:00 passion is selfish, so, like an alchemist, turn it into purpose

  6. Oct 2023
    1. As a kid, you get the impression that everyone has a calling, and all they have to do is figure out what it is. That's how it works in movies, and in the streamlined biographies fed to kids. Sometimes it works that way in real life. Some people figure out what to do as children and just do it, like Mozart. But others, like Newton, turn restlessly from one kind of work to another.
    1. Knowledge that is excluded from synthesis... .t3_17beucn._2FCtq-QzlfuN-SwVMUZMM3 { --postTitle-VisitedLinkColor: #9b9b9b; --postTitleLink-VisitedLinkColor: #9b9b9b; --postBodyLink-VisitedLinkColor: #989898; } questionOr... what do you all do with expansive lit notes that have been taken from a textbook for future reference and broad understanding of a methodology, rather than for its direct relevance to research and synthesis of new ideas?It's too unwieldly to keep in current form - six chapters of highlighted paras + notes on how I might apply certain approaches, but it resists atomisation/categorisation. Maybe just chapter summaries?Not suggesting there's 'A' way of doing this, but interested in others' approaches to directly applicable/foundational 'textbook' knowledge that is unlikely to evolve.(Someone really should do a PhD in the epistemology of Zettelkasten!)Cheers,Chris

      reply to u/Admirable_Discount75 at https://www.reddit.com/r/Zettelkasten/comments/17beucn/knowledge_that_is_excluded_from_synthesis/

      What is your purpose/need/desire to turn all this material into individual zettels or atomic ideas? If you've read the material, taken some literature notes, and reviewed them a bit, don't you broadly now know and understand the methodology? If this is the point and you might only need your notes/outline to review occasionally, then there's nothing else you need to do. If you're comparing other similar methodologies and comparing and contrasting them, then perhaps it's worth breaking some of them out into their own zettels to connect to other things you're working on. Perhaps you're going to write your own book on the topic? Then having better notes on the subject is worthwhile. If you don't have a good reason or gut feeling for why you would want or need to do it, taking hundreds of notes from a book and splitting them all into interconnected atomic notes is solely busy work.

      It's completely acceptable to just keep your jumble of literature notes next to your bibliographic entry for potential future reference or quick review if necessary. Perhaps you've gotten everything you need from this source without creating any permanent notes? Or maybe only one or two of the hundreds are actually valuable to your potential long term goals?<br /> It's really only the material you feel that is relevant to your longer term goals, research, and synthesis needs that's worthwhile breaking out into permanent notes/zettels.

      syndication link: https://www.reddit.com/r/Zettelkasten/comments/17beucn/comment/k5lr0mz/?utm_source=reddit&utm_medium=web2x&context=3

      Just as Adler and Van Doren (1972) suggest that most books are only worth a quick inspectional read and fewer are worth a deeper, analytical read, most (fleeting) notes, highlights, and annotations you make are only worth their quick scribble while vanishingly few others are worthy of greater expansion and permanent note status. You might also find by extension that some of the most valuable work you'll do is syntopical reading and the creation of high value syntopical notes which you can weave into folgezettel (sequences of notes) that generate new knowledge.

      Don't fall into the trap of thinking that everything needs to be a perfect, permanent note. If you're distilling and writing one or two good permanent notes a day, you're killing it; the rest is just sour mash.

      As ever, practice to see what works best for your needs.

    1. A good college, ifit does nothing else, ought to produce competent syntopicalreaders.

      Adler and Van Doren's minimal bar of a college education is that it produce competent syntopical readers.

    1. t's a hard-driving, danceable track. And that's what I'm saying - where he plays with that nuance again. He's like, oh, you want to dance in the club? Okay, let's dance in the club. But we're going to be talking about Puerto Rican politics while we do it.

      During the interview, the host explains that Bad Bunny creates songs like "El Apagon" with the intention of both entertaining and informing his audience. Sayre points out that Bad Bunny desires for his fans to dance and enjoy themselves, which is why he creates songs with upbeat tempos. However, he also seeks to bring attention to societal injustices and incorporates politically charged lyrics into his music that still maintain a club-like beat.

    1. 03:33 5 intrinsic motivators 04:20 curiosity 04:50 purpose 05:30 mastery 06:00 autotelic: enjoyment of the activity itself (Doris his enjoyment of the topic, and previous three was fairly high, but he didn’t like spreadsheets etc.) 07:00 autonomy

      Aligning these 5 as driving tremendous intrinsic motivation

  7. Sep 2023
    1. Passion, purpose, and curiosity are psychological elements that serve as powerful flow triggers, driving you to experience heightened engagement and enjoyment in your work. Here’s how each plays into performance and flow: Passion: Passion refers to that deep, fiery connection to a specific activity or endeavor that fuels your journey into flow state. It sparks an intrinsic motivation that propels you to wholeheartedly immerse yourself in the task at hand, surmounting challenges and maintaining unwavering focus throughout. Purpose: Purpose gives meaning and significance to your actions and goals. When your work aligns with your values, it’s easier to get into a flow state. Purpose acts as a guiding compass, enabling you to stay resilient despite obstacles and distractions. Curiosity: Approaching tasks with genuine curiosity is key to hacking flow state. As your mind thirsts for novelty and discovery, curiosity drives unwavering focus, honing creative problem-solving abilities and a deep sense of engagement.The triad of passion, purpose, and curiosity creates a formidable fusion of flow triggers. These triggers help boost intrinsic motivation, achieve a challenge-skill balance, and provide a clear sense of direction to enter flow state.

      First flow trigger is passion, purpose, curiosity

      • see zk: on how discernment of these is important to achieve flow (discoverable in many sections), and how we have to figure these out in a bottom-up manner, with tools that aid us
    1. Since arriving at the school, I have said to each class that I am too old to change journalism. Instead, I would watch and try to help students take on that responsibility.
    1. welcome stillness (to discern purpose)

      • see: discernment happens to you, you don't do it) (movement happens to you, you don't force it)
    2. purpose as not my purpose, what does the greater purpose want (power of now written through Eckhart) "what does god/life want from me, rather than what do I want from life" (finding place in the whole)

  8. Aug 2023
    1. We might view human social organization in general in this lens: social organization exists to maximize the extraction of energy from the environment to the group and individual (X), and the efficiency of the conversion of extracted energy into offspring (E). This is identical to the claim that social organization exists to maximize the fitness of the group (Wilson and Sober 1994) and/or the individuals which compose the group (Nowak et al. 2010), given an energetic definition of fitness.
      • for: social organization - evolutionary purpose,
      • paraphrase
        • human social organization exists to maximize
          • the extraction of energy from the environment to the group and individual (X), and
          • the efficiency of the conversion of extracted energy into offspring (E). -This is identical to the claim that
          • social organization exists to maximize the fitness of the group (Wilson and Sober 1994) and/or the individuals which compose the group (Nowak et al. 2010),
        • given an energetic definition of fitness.
  9. Jul 2023
    1. For any action, habit, and belief you have, ask yourself: "Does this help toward my goals and future self or not?", if the answer is no, it is a distraction and part of the 80% you need to let go in order to reach 10X

      Your future self and 10X (or 100X) vision and goals serve as a massive filter for action and belief.

      Note: You should not 10X everything! Just 3 priorities.

    2. Counterintuitively, the 10X mindset and goal setting is not about goals. It is about identifying the essential PROCESSES that lead to significant progress.

    3. What is the game you want to play? What is the game you could play? What is a game you could go all in on and succeed at and be really good at?

      This defines your pathways and strategies within your 20%

      The path can change and adjust over time.

  10. Jun 2023
    1. Something to introduce into your yearly review is to reflect on the period and find out what your 10x cycles were.

      A 10x mindset is defined by letting go of the 80% that isn't useful, and focusing on the 20% that is essential while building 80% new skills or standards that benefit your purpose. A lot of true progress requires sacrifice (stripping down that which is not beneficial or essential).

      Related to what Mihaly Csikszentmihaliy, author of Flow, calls the Ulterior purpose, where the purpose serves as a big filter to focus on what actually matters. Antonin Sertillanges gives a similar account in The Intellectual Life

      The solid maxim: Big change requires great sacrifice.""

      Likely, identifying the essential 20% (and the 80% to learn) requires a lot of introspection and reflection. Something that will help significantly is Kolb's.

  11. May 2023
  12. Feb 2023
    1. If you don't like Zettlekasten (I have my "own" version of Zettlekasten that I use so it's not 100% the original, but it's very heavily based on it - if you hate Zettlekasten this really isn't going to work). 


      Elizabeth Filips is running a validation cohort for a course (presumably called MUSE, the marketing name for her "system" as well) on how to take notes and build a zettelkasten (or a second brain—there's evidence that she's taken Tiago Forte's course). She's got some indications that she's using a zettelkasten-like method for creation, but her burgeoning empire also appears to be firmly centered in the productivity porn space. I'm curious how she views her Muse system being different from a zettelkasten?

      She's got an incredibly focused sales funnel web presence here.

  13. Jan 2023
  14. Nov 2022
    1. In a world that’s heating up, speeding up, and increasingly interconnected, there’s so much that can’t wait—and can be made better. We believe that a more sustainable, equitable future is for all of us to design. Here’s the work we’re doing to get there, and what we’re learning along the way.

      sustainable, equitable future! Yay!

    1. And this is the art-the skill or craftthat we are talking about here.

      We don't talk about the art of reading or the art of note making often enough as a goal to which students might aspire. It's too often framed as a set of rules and an mechanical process rather than a road to producing interesting, inspiring, or insightful content that can change humanity.

    2. Knowing what the four questions are is not enough. Youmust remember to ask them as you read.
    3. 4. WHAT OF IT?

      This reminds me of the purpose of reading at CAA. If you tell no one about it, then it wasn't worth the effort. What new did you learn and how did you pass that on to improve your friends, colleagues, and society?

    1. When I come across interesting information, I highlight then comment a corresponding question:

      Every studio has a slate.

      What is the source for this?

      It's highly related to having a direction in life, or the famous example of Feynman's 12 Favorite Problems that he always kept in mind to slowly be working at.

      Part of having a list of purpose dovetails to how one builds their identity too.

  15. Oct 2022
    1. level 1tristanjuricek · 4 hr. agoI’m not sure I see these products as anything more than a way for middle management to put some structure behind meetings, presentations, etc in a novel format. I’m not really sure this is what I’d consider a zettlecasten because there’s really no “net” here; no linking of information between cards. Just some different exercises.If you actually look at some of the cards, they read more like little cues to drive various processes forward: https://pipdecks.com/products/workshop-tactics?variant=39770920321113I’m pretty sure if you had 10 other people read those books and analyze them, they’d come up with 10 different observations on these topics of team management, presentation building, etc.

      Historically the vast majority of zettelkasten didn't have the sort of structure and design of Luhmann's, though with indexing they certainly create a network of notes and excerpts. These examples are just subsets or excerpts of someone's reading of these books and surely anyone else reading any book is going to have a unique set of notes on them. These sets were specifically honed and curated for a particular purpose.

      The interesting pattern here is that someone is selling a subset of their work/notes as a set of cards rather than as a book. Doing this allows different sorts of reading and uses than a "traditional" book would.

      I'm curious what other sort of experimental things people might come up with? The "novel" Cain's Jawbone, for example, could be considered a "Zettelkasten mystery" or "Zettelkasten puzzle". There's also the subset of cards from Roland Barthes' fichier boîte (French for zettelkasten), which was published posthumously as Mourning Diary.

  16. Sep 2022
    1. No slogan of democracy is more worthy of immortality than that of the women of the New Russia,“Without the participation of women, suffrage is not universal.”

      This quote explains how suffrage shouldn't be just for men or it wouldn't be "universal" it should be for both men and women.

  17. Aug 2022
    1. men in the army of the trenches, women in the supportingarmy behind the trenches. They paid frightful cost of war and bore its sad and sickening sorrowstogether. Tomorrow they will share its rewards together in democracies which make no discriminationon account of sex

      Shows the staute of men and women during the time. Men would fight , women would take care. the only way they were the same or similar is that they went through similar things. But back then it wouldn't have seen it that way. they would only see the men fighting.

    2. Ours is a government of the people, by the people, and for the people.

      Clearly during this time, we know women and African Americans were not included in anything. So only white men would be included in this statement.

    1. Given these converging lines of research, we tested whetherfriendships with majority-group peers would buffer minoritystudents who are high in RS-race from feelings of alienation anddiscomfort in historically White university settings.
    2. Givenresearch documenting the benefits of cross-group friend-ship for intergroup attitudes, we tested whether friend-ships with majority-group peers would attenuate theeffects of RS-race within these contexts
  18. www.researchgate.net www.researchgate.net
    1. Zande, 1999), we report a study in which friendship was inducedbetween same- and cross-group dyads of Latinos/as and Whites.
    2. Building on the experimental paradigm used by Wright andcolleagues (Wright et al., 1998, 2002, 2005; Wright & van der
    3. Wright and his colleagues(see Wright, Aron, & Tropp, 2002; Wright, Brody, & Aron, 2005;Wright, Ropp, & Tropp, 1998; Wright & van der Zande, 1999)described research that provided initial evidence for the causaleffects of cross-group friendship on self-reported anxiety.
    4. Even though interactions between members of different socialgroups are sometimes characterized by anxiety and threat (Blas-covich, Mendes, Hunter, Lickel, & Kowai-Bell, 2001; Mendes,Blascovich, Lickel, & Hunter, 2002; Stephan & Stephan, 1985,2000), a growing body of research suggests that cross-groupfriendship can attenuate such anxiety.
    5. The authors induced cross-group friendship between Latinos/as and Whites to test the effects ofcross-group friendship on anxiety in intergroup contexts.
    1. A blog post is a very long and complex search query to find fascinating people and make them route interesting stuff to your inbox.

      This phrasing imo instrumentalises those fascinating people you find. Interesting stuff is a byproduct of interacting with those fascinating people, a result from fascinating conversation, a residue of the construct you've built together in conversation.

  19. Jul 2022
    1. society by you know by uh uh you know it's just that's necessarily shares a similar related intrinsic 01:29:58 purpose which is to achieve and maintain vitality maintain and maintain and by maintain i mean anticipate into the future maintain vitality which is accomplished through 01:30:11 cognition and cooperation so the self that we must keep vital is the extended self and it follows that the intrinsic purpose of societal systems like financial systems and other is to serve the intrinsic purpose of society

      Similiarly, the intrinsic purpose of a society as an individual organism, a superorganism is to maintain vitality and sustain a flourishing of itself, including its extended self through its cognitive architecture - sensing, evaluating, modeling, anticipating and taking action.

    2. a biological i call it an intrinsic purpose but like from evolution by being the fact that we are a part of life we have a purpose because 01:28:53 all organisms making capability casual power causal powers and the intrinsic purpose of an organism is to achieve and maintain vitality a sustainable flourishing of self which 01:29:09 can include that extended self and we do that by sensing and evaluating states of the world and ourselves and implementing appropriate actions that that are based on anticipation we 01:29:21 we anticipate what will happen if we do or don't take an action and we choose if we're for functional we choose those actions that can serve our intrinsic intrinsic purpose of of 01:29:33 remaining vital into the future so anticipating vitality and that obviously implies some kind of modeling of the world anticipation implies some kind of modeling in the world so that's an organism's intrinsic 01:29:45 purpose

      Individual organism's intrinsic purpose is to maintain vitality and sustain a flourishing of itself, including its extended self (ie. the environment) through sensing, evaluating states and take actions based on anticipation through models of reality.

  20. Jun 2022
    1. This is a space where we might ask ourselves:

      1. What might emerge from these annotations?
      2. How might we sum up the annotations?
      3. What are fav responses and why?

      Please add to this so we can have a larger purpose and purview. In other words, how can we put the social into social annotation?

    1. A child struggling with emotional regulation, neurodivergence, disability, etc. needs a lot of support. These supports are typically available to families with money, time, and resources available to help their kids.

      Purpose of the article

  21. Apr 2022
    1. Group projects require that learners be present on a particular schedule, reducing the flexibility and convenience factor in online study and possibly causing anxiety and/or resentment, particularly if the purpose of the group work is not clear and the group experience is not positive.

    1. This would work if your transaction only wraps a single model's save operation. I need to wrap at least Node + Version + Attachment

      looking for a callback that you can register to happen after current transaction is committed, not just after_commit of model -- though actually, that might fire precisely when current transaction is committed, too (except that it might only get triggered for nested transactions, not the top-most transaction), so it could maybe go there ... but I think the problem is just that it doesn't belong there, because it's not specific to the model...

      I guess the OP said it best:

      I am not looking for model based after commits on update/create/etc, I want to be able to dynamically define a block that will be executed only if the current (top-most) transaction passes:

    1. structural and functional psychology. I am not sure that I understand the difference, but it probably has something to do with what I have privately been accustomed to distinguish as the analytical and the clinical points of view in psychological observation

      Here James (1907) Is trying to distinguish study of the mind and the treatment of the mind. With structural the organizational study how the mind work, alternatively functional how are mind functions.

    1. An alternative kind of note-taking was encouraged in the late Middle Agesamong members of new lay spiritual movements, such as the Brethren of theCommon Life (fl. 1380s–1500s). Their rapiaria combined personal notes andspiritual reflections with readings copied from devotional texts.

      I seem to recall a book or two like this that were on the best seller list in the 1990s and early 2000s based on a best selling Christian self help book, but with an edition that had a journal like reflection space. Other than the old word rapiaria, is there a word for this broad genre besides self-help journal?

      An example might be Rhonda Byrne's book The Secret (Atria Books, 2006) which had a gratitude journal version (Atria Books, 2007, 978-1582702087).

      Another example includes Rick Warren's The Purpose Driven Life (Zondervan, 2002) with a journal version (Zondervan, 2002, 978-0310807186).

      There's also a sub-genre of diaries and journals that have these sort of preprinted quotes/reflections for each day in addition to space for one to write their own reflections.

      Has anyone created a daily blogging/reflection platform that includes these sorts of things? One might repurpose the Hello Dolly WordPress plugin to create journal prompts for everyday writing and reflection.

  22. Mar 2022
    1. Capybara can get us part of the way there. It allows us to work with an API rather than manipulating the HTML directly, but what it provides isn't an application specific API. It gives us low-level API methods like find, fill_in, and click_button, but it doesn't provide us with high-level methods to do things like "sign in to the app" or "click the Dashboard item in the navigation bar".
    1. Transferring ideas into the external memory also allows us toforget them.

      While placing our ideas into external memory devices like notebooks or zettelkasten may allow us to forget them, mnemotechniques allow us to perform a similar task, but provides us hooks upon which they might be hung by means of association with other ideas. These hooks and association can be reactivated at later times when the ideas may be needed.

      The zettelkasten allows us to do multiple things. It encourages us to clarify our ideas by writing them down, we extend them by linking them to other contexts, we actively write towards a multitude of interesting goals, by writing, we can forget the original ideas which we can later serendipitously re-link to new concepts.

  23. Feb 2022
    1. In her 2021 book "Bet on Yourself," which features a foreword by Schmidt, Hiatt lays out the two key ways she "up-leveled" her career."First I have prioritized finding a manager who is modeling the career path I want to take and embodies the leadership qualities I want to possess," she wrote. "Second, I have chosen roles that surround me with top quality people and a depth of opportunities to grow with them."

      Look at their life and how it can bring opportunities and then if you will be exposed and streched.

  24. Jan 2022
    1. History will remember technology's leaders not just for exceptional financial results, but for the values and integrity of the companies they built.

      Yes ... and "Fitter, happier, more productive". Where is the systems change.

  25. Dec 2021
  26. Nov 2021
    1. I think it’s a good idea to have a fall break. Also a mental day. But the mental day has to be productive. A roundtable discussion is a really good idea. Maybe even some group therapy sessions if that’s even a thing. And with students with disabilities. We should also have classes that talk about serious subjects. And also give The students with disabilities a chance to air their grievances. And also have teachers explain to them what’s going on and how they can make a change. Or have some additional counseling. Maybe we can even have a way to make sure everybody is safe both physically mentally. And educationally. Students with disabilities have a right to. It’s harder for students is with mental challenges to grasp at serious subject. Maybe we should have a class maybe at the Achieve center like a roundtable class or a class and teaching us how to be more resilient. How to deal with trauma and PTSD and she CPTSD.

    1. we pro-pose to enhance her conceptualization of participationwith the help of Nancy Fraser’s model of justice inwhich parity of participation is the normative aim.

      Improve Arnstein's model by layering on Fraser.



  27. Oct 2021
    1. In psychology, self-affirmation theory suggests that reflecting on our personal values, we are less likely to experience distress when confronted with information that threatens our sense of self. Self-affirmation consists in engaging in activities that promote our values, our beliefs, and the roles we consider to our personal identity. These activities help us to establish and assert our concept of self. 

      I would think that it is more about saying kind things to yourself, but you affirm yourself doing things that align with your purpose and values, that's interesting

  28. Sep 2021
    1. I build upon Shove, Pantzar,

      The author is using past research developed from the theory of dynamics of social practice in order to prove her point. She also later references interviews that were conducted (it wouldn't let me highlight all the way down for some reason). It seems she is using older information to prove her more modern point.



  29. Aug 2021
    1. So try imagining that today may be your last; it might make you second-guess spending the night watching TV when you could be spending that time with your children or partner. Or what about that book you’ve always wanted to write? The business idea you have? Mindfulness of death is a sure way to eliminate, or at least severely reduce, procrastination.

      purpose...how are we really living our lives?

  30. Jul 2021
  31. Apr 2021
    1. The role of the terminal emulator process is:

      Shows the relationship between a "terminal emulator" and a pseudoterminal, as alluded to in the intro:

      is a pair of pseudo-devices, one of which, the slave, emulates a hardware text terminal device, the other of which, the master, provides the means by which a terminal emulator process controls the slave.

  32. Mar 2021
    1. throughout white society are among the factors that led to Jim Crow and the triumph of Southern reaction at turn of the 20th century.

      The author ends by claiming that Lodge's bill was not the only thing that delayed African American rights, a common misconception to his article. By ending the article like this, the audience understands that the Lodge's bill was stopped by senators filibustering. Only in the previous article did the author establish how filibustering is harmful to the society and he once again brings this topic to let the public be more aware of this prevalent issue.

  33. Feb 2021
    1. free rein to twist the institutions of the American republic against its values.

      He ends with his purpose by contrasting the two parties. He praises the Democrats for their ability to stop this nonsense, and he gives an example of a hypothetical situation where Republicans are in control. However, from his diction and negative connotation, one can predict that that society would be dangerous for the public. Overall, he enforces that although Republicans are trying to suppress the voters from voting, the Democrats can succeed if extra support is provided.

    2. And if all this takes eliminating the filibuster,” Obama concluded, “then that’s what we should do.”

      This word filibuster is talked throughout the essay and how it is an impedance to enacting a law or right quickly. The author senses that the person reading this article is educated about political terms and therefore does not feel a need to clarify the term. Also, using previous knowledge, filibusters are one example of what the Congress uses to drag on the bill without coming to a solution. Therefore, the readers are aware that the author is taking a criticizing perspective on either the Congress or parts of the congress.

    1. We cannot and will not realize our full potential as a nation unless we have both parties working to forge a new sense of shared association that can enable a much more diverse America to journey together into the 21st century. Today, sadly, only one party is in that business.

      Friedman ties in his purpose once again at the end. He accentuates that the nation as a whole cannot develop or reach its full potential until the two political parties work together; until they both place importance to the diversity of the nation. This allows him to demonstrate that without change occurring in the Republican party, change cannot occur in the nation. He shows that the Republicans need to change and the parties need to work together to make nation better. He places emphasis to show that we are well into the 21st century and yet we are still not treating everyone equally, showing the importance of what his point of view is. Then he ends with a sentence that is almost demoralizing to emphasize that we cannot become diverse until the Republican party changes.

    2. Can you imagine how much healthier American politics would be if we had a center-right conservative party that was embracing diversity, inclusion, climate change mitigation, and common-sense health care and immigration reform — based on conservative, small-government, more market-oriented solutions — competing with a center-left party?

      He illustrates an image of a world where everyone is included. He forces the readers to imagine a world where politics was helping the people and not working against some of them. He shows how there would be changes within many of the topics and how the people would see an improved society: one that put the needs of the people at the highest.

    3. It tells you that there is a market for a center-right conservative party that appeals to today’s America, not yesterday’s. But is there such a party? It’s been suppressed.

      This is almost a call to action. He shows that there are people that are willing to make a change and have ideas that will benefit society, but they are being suppressed. Their ideas are not given importance and they are not being evaluated. Friedman shows that the time to act is now and that we need to do something to prevent this from occurring. He shows that there are people that believe in changes and that they need to become more prominent.

    4. Appealing to the grievances of a minority is easy. Is anyone surprised the Republicans keep choosing the easy path? If we want to revive American democracy, we have to close off that easy path for them once and for all.”

      Friedman highlights how the Republican party has been taking the easy way out. Instead of working to support the rights of the minority and get them more representation, the party is simply trying to deal with their grievances. He then asks a rhetorical question forcing the reader to really consider the impact of the Republican party. After giving various examples of what the Republican party has done and how they are really helping the nation, Friedman is able to emphasize their lack of change. He then brings up democracy, stating that if we want change, then we cannot allow them to have that easy path. Things that are worth doing and that are right for the people are hard, but in the end they are necessary.

    5. But instead of adopting that plan, the party doubled down on its old ways: It tried to gain and hold power one more time with a guy named Trump winking at white supremacy, defending Confederate statues and using every voter suppression trick in the book to protect a predominantly white Christian America.

      To develop his point of view further, Friedman brings up how in the past, the Republican Party was supposed to become inclusive to all people regardless of race, sexual orientation, and nationality. However, instead of doing that, the Party went back to white supremacy and stopped being inclusive. Through this, he once again emphasizes how our democracy has been breached. He brings attention to how everyone is not being treated equally and that change needs to come.

    6. My deer and San Francisco’s school board are local problems. The fact that one of our two national parties would stick with a leader who dispatched a mob to ransack the Capitol in hopes of overturning our last election is an acute national problem — a cancer, in fact.

      Now he ties them all in together. But his main point is Trump's administration. He states that deer and the school board are local problems, but the Republican party is national, making it much more influential. By making this small distinction, Friedman brings attention to how Trump's actions affect our country as a whole. This allows him to establish how Trump's administration is negatively affecting the country. To support this, he references the mob that ransacked the Capitol, demonstrating just how harmful their actions were. He even goes on to compare it to cancer, accentuating that this is no small thing. By specifically comparing the political party to cancer, he is showing the readers that this is not just bad, but it is dangerous. By slowly introducing the party's incompetence by comparing it to deer, then showing how Trump could do anything, and then comparing the party to cancer, Freidman effectively demonstrates his point of view to the audience in a way that is hard to deny.

    1. Donald Trump refused to treat the coronavirus pandemic as a challenge to overcome with leadership and expertise. Instead, he made it another battle in the culture wars, from whether you wore a mask to whether you remained away from public places. He spent more time trying to racialize the virus for cheap points — calling it the “China virus” and the “kung flu” — than he did giving guidance to the American public.

      Donald Trump is a famous politician who was the President of the United States. By describing Trump and even using quotes from him, he utilizes with what the audience already knows and then connects it to his claim. This improves the author's credibility as he is providing many examples of different esteemed individuals to assert his claim to the audience and make them understand the government's role in a crisis.

    2. What do you get when you add a sudden surge of demand to an equally sudden loss of capacity? A crisis, whose roots lie in a decade’s worth of deregulation and cost-cutting, of an energy “independence” that has left the state at the mercy of the elements.

      The author is asking a rhetorical question and answering it immediately. He is doing this not only to clear one of the audience's questions regarding the consequences of Texas situations, but also to make the government officials more guilty for leaving Texas in this situation.

    3. Texas is blessed with multiple sources of energy, such as natural gas and oil and nuclear, as well as solar and wind. But … our wind and our solar got shut down, and they were collectively more than 10 percent of our power grid, and that thrust Texas into a situation where it was lacking power on a statewide basis.

      Rather than taking charge of the action, the governor blamed the fault on the renewable energy and claims that he did the best possible thing he could do for the country. This once again develops the author claim as this now emphasizes that the author wants to criticize these officials for not only ignoring the crisis as a whole, but also blaming the crisis on other people or things.

  34. Jan 2021
    1. A Svelte component that monitors an element enters or leaves the viewport/parent element. Performant and efficient thanks to using Intersection Observer under the hood. Can be used in multiple projects including lazy loading images, infinite scrolling, playing/pausing the video when in the viewport, tracking user behaviour firing link pre-fetching and animations and many many more.
  35. Oct 2020
  36. Aug 2020
    1. This is twitter. What is its purpose? It is a general-purpose electronic communication medium on the Internet, accessible via web and apps, comprising a high-volume global stream of written thoughts of people, attached with pics, gifs, links and audio- & video-embeds.

  37. Jul 2020
    1. As mentioned earlier in these guidelines, it is very important that controllers assess the purposes forwhich data is actually processed and the lawful grounds on which it is based prior to collecting thedata. Often companies need personal data for several purposes, and the processing is based on morethan one lawful basis, e.g. customer data may be based on contract and consent. Hence, a withdrawalof consent does not mean a controller must erase data that are processed for a purpose that is basedon the performance of the contract with the data subject. Controllers should therefore be clear fromthe outset about which purpose applies to each element of data and which lawful basis is being reliedupon.
    1. The surprising truth about what motivates us

      MIT Study Mechanical skills: larger reward leads to better performance Cognitive skills: larger reward leads to poorer performance

      Pay people enough to not think about money, it is no longer a factor

      Autonomy/Mastery/Self-Actualization If want engagement, self-direction is better Atlassian, work on whatever you want for 24 hours Allow learners to guide their own learning

      Mastery--we want to get better at stuff because it's satisfying; people have jobs, and for free people do lots of hard work; challenge, mastery and making a contribution: purpose motive

      We are purpose motivated and want to be self-directed

  38. Jun 2020
    1. NHL Plans Move to Small-Group Training, Reopening Practice Facilities as Phase 2 of Return <div class="inner-container"> <img src="https://api.time.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/05/nhl-return-coronavirus.jpg" alt="Philadelphia Flyers left wing James van Riemsdyk (25) skates with the puck during the first period of an NHL hockey game against the Washington Capitals in Washington on March 4, 2020." title="Philadelphia Flyers left wing James van Riemsdyk (25) skates with the puck during the first period of an NHL hockey game against the Washington Capitals in Washington on March 4, 2020."> </div>

      The purpose of this article is to inform and entertain.

    1. Your research is complete. In one field you planted soybeans several weeks earlier than normal and managed them through the season. It paid off in higher yield. Now you’re ready to plant more early beans. “Early planting can be very successful — if you plan ahead,” says Farm Journal Field Agronomist Ken Ferrie. Take these steps:

      Content is focused on news, trends, products, or development of the specific field or industry.

  39. May 2020
    1. In this textbook, we’ll cover theconventions of writing, and we’ll alsocover some of the resources available toyou as a CNM student

      The purpose of the textbook is inform college students attending CNM, the resources available to them and to educate the conventions of writing.

    2. In Part One of this textbook, we covered collegewriting at CNM, and reading strategies that will helpyou succeed in different disciplines. As reading andwriting go hand-in-hand, we will now turn to the stepsyou can take toward effective writing, also known asdeveloping a writing process.

      This is the conclusion to Part one of the textbook, and it includes the purpose for all the Chapters. This also brings us to what we will see next in Part 2 of the textbook.

    3. in high school, teachers generally focus on teaching you to write in avariety of modes and formats, including personal writing, expository writing,research papers, creative writing, and writing short answers and essays for exams.Over time, these assignments help you build a foundation of writing skills. Incollege, many instructors will expect you to already have that foundation

      The purpose of this chapter is to inform the reader that the way you used to write in high school is going to just be the foundation and assignments are going to be different going forward.

    4. College instructors are familiar with the ups and downs ofwriting, and most universities have support systems in place to help students learnhow to write for an academic audience. The following sections discuss common on-campus writing services, what to expect from them, and how they can help you.

      One of the goals for this chapter was to inform students that if they needed help there are resources available for them at CNM

    5. we will discuss another important strategy:college reading. Two important steps of reading at the college level includeconsidering your writing situation and developing strong reading strategies.

      The purpose of this chapter is to educate students on how to develop strong reading strategies that will help with other classes and writing.

  40. Mar 2020
    1. As part of our preparedness we have a “whole house” generator, which is the size of a nuclear submarine but more expensive.

      This statement reveals how people have spent much money and time preparing for the hurricane, but the simile undercuts the heavy subject with humor. The author's purpose could be to provide comic relief in a time of fear and panic, a way to distract those in Florida from the hurricane.

    2. We NEVER eat lentils. I am not 100 percent sure what a lentil is. I do know for a fact that not once has anybody in our household ever said, “You know what would be great for dinner tonight? Lentils!” But at the moment we have roughly a 45-year supply of lentils on hand.

      This anecdote provides comic relief to the serious situation with Irma. It describes a reaction that many have to impending disasters, which is stocking up on food they usually would never eat. This is a relatable example told in way that lightens the situation by making it seem more funny.

    1. No, I’m not crying. I just stepped on a Lego.

      Uses humor to keep his audience grateful for what they have as parents and grandparents instead of focusing on time and age

    2. That’s what’s different about being a grandparent. You know how fast the days go by.

      Barry reveals that grandparents are much more aware of how little time they have left with their grandchildren as opposed to parents and their children. Gets a bit dark, but Barry lightens the mood a bit at the end while remaining sentimental.

    3. One of the best parts of grandparenthood, I think, is seeing your kids handle the awesome, sometimes terrifying, responsibility of raising their kids.

      Barry explains one of the best parts of being a grandparent, seeing your children become good parents and knowing that you raised them to be good parents.

    4. ranging in size from French fry down to molecule.

      Barry provides facts the way a child would. Does he do this to emphasize the impact his grandchildren have had on him and how they make him take things less seriously?

    5. When I was young, during the Cretaceous period

      Barry addresses his age in a humorous and light-hearted way to detract focus from the growing age of grandparents but instead focus on the experiences they get to have and all they should be thankful for.

    6. Literacy Day, Star Trek Day and Iguana Awareness Day

      Barry includes other holidays to briefly take the importance away from Grandparents Day so that he can then describe why Grandparents Day is so important and is much more celebrated in comparison to the other silly days.

    7. The question is: Why? We already have Mother’s Day and Father’s Day. Anybody who’s a grandparent already falls into one of those categories, right? What’s so different about grandparenthood?

      Barry's purpose is to explain the importance/significance of Grandparents day by explaining why grandparents should be celebrated, and not just as a parent of their own children. Barry wants to reveal the differences between being a parent and being a grandparent.

    8. What we need is Stop Sign Awareness Day, or Your Car Has Turn Signals For A Reason Awareness Day, or It’s Not A Great Idea To Celebrate Festive Occasions By Shooting Your Gun Into The Air You Moron Awareness Day.

      Barry uses funny yet relatable and serious examples of what kind of days need to really be celebrated to emphasize that holidays like Iguana Day and Star Trek Day are unnecessary, but Grandparents Day is very special and important in comparison. He explains that Grandparents Day are as important as his unreal examples.

  41. Feb 2020
    1. Motor and Deano have starkly contrasting coaching styles.

      Barry develops stark contrast between the two coaches regarding their personalities and coaching styles, but then follows this up by saying "But they're both great coaches, and I love them" (Barry). Readers can infer that Barry possibly uses this contrast to convey that not all coaches are the same, just like how no two soccer dads are the same. He does this to convey that all soccer dads, no matter their personalities, deserve recognition for their devotion to supporting their daughters and being at their games.

    2. We’ve watched a million games from our folding chairs on the sideline. We’ve been rained on more than a Vietnamese rubber plantation. We’ve cheered our girls when they won, and we’ve hugged them when they lost

      Barry is emphasizing the sacrifices and hard work that he has put in as a soccer dad to support his daughter in order to acknowledge all soccer dads that make a commitment to their daughter's love of soccer and their ability to grow from it. Readers can discern that the subject/topic of this article is not simply soccer dads, but it is the love, support, and sacrifice that they give for their daughters and how they need to be recognized for this on Father's Day.

    3. We’ve been through a lot together: We’ve driven countless miles to games and tournaments, and we’ve spent many nights in hotels with questionable hygiene standards

      Barry is emphasizing the sacrifices and hard work that he has put in as a soccer dad to support his daughter in order to acknowledge all soccer dads that make a commitment to their daughter's love of soccer and their ability to grow from it. Readers can discern that the subject/topic of this article is not simply soccer dads, but it is the love, support, and sacrifice that they give for their daughters and how they need to be recognized for this on Father's Day.

  42. Jan 2020
    1. On TV, the professional Explainers, having failed spectacularly to predict what just happened, pause for a period of somber and contrite self-reflection lasting close to 15 minutes before they begin the crucial work of explaining to the rest of us what will happen next.

      Barry warns his audience to blindly follow/listen to the news and other sources of information.


      Barry uses real world issues, such as Trump explaining his interactions with women, to push the audience to look in the mirror and see if what he's describing about Trump also describes them, such as reflecting/projecting your issues onto others.

    3. The North Korean government insists that these items are intended for “medical research.”

      Although Barry greatly exaggerates throughout his column, he is still warning readers to not trust everything they hear and read. Perhaps his style of writing and twisting truths is meant to show readers how writers often tell truths in their own way to manipulate beliefs.

    4. Harambe, who instantly becomes way more revered on the internet than Mother Teresa.

      Pushes the audience to question their own values. Barry wants the audience to face their own flaws.

    5. A Trump spokesperson, speaking on condition of anonymity, says that the Trump campaign “will not speculate on Mrs. Clinton’s health,” adding that “she obviously has some terrible disease.”

      Barry frequently attacks the hypocrisy of others, revealing negative sides to people some may favor and pushing the audience to acknowledge hypocrisy in their own lives and society as a whole.

    6. Republican leaders are quick to note that, while Garland appears to be qualified, his name is an anagram for “Rancid Lark Germ.”

      Conveys how the two political parties dislike each other, and how this aversion blinds them from acknowledging the accomplishments and qualifications of others.

    7. chairperson Debbie Wasserman Schultz states that “the DNC is scrupulously neutral in the contest between Secretary Clinton and the senile Commie fart.”

      Barry attacks hypocrisy in society.

    8. even though they are both physically attractive.

      Attacks our value of looks and attractiveness, and reveals that they are not the defining part of a person or relationship.

    9. In a fad even stupider than “planking,” millions of people wasted millions of hours, and sometimes risked their lives, trying to capture imaginary Pokémon Go things on their phones, hoping to obtain the ultimate prize: a whole bunch of imaginary Pokémon Go things on their phones.

      Conveys the idea that people place too much importance on the small things and that sometimes what we see as a huge part of our life isn't actually that big of a deal. Barry uses humor to develop a piece of writing like satire, where he portrays human values in comedic descriptions and comparisons to reveal how trivial they really are.

    10. shot a 78-year-old man in the face, only to be exonerated after an investigation revealed that the victim was an attorney.

      Barry's tone is facetious while talking about serious matters, exposing how wrong things are and exemplifying how society often accepts these wrongs and makes excuses for them.

  43. Dec 2019
    1. It’s hard to see beyond the “small here” and the “short now,” especially if you live in a favored place and time. That’s why so many of the really important things do end up on the plates of non-profits. That’s why a time like this, when the bubble is bursting, is a great time to see how important it is to think about the big picture, and what matters not just to us, but to building a sustainable economy in a sustainable world.
    1. Using the browser field in package.json allows a module author to clearly articulate which files are innapropriate for client use and provide alternatives.
  44. Nov 2019
    1. It is used to expose internal data from within a render prop component for making it accessible to other components within the render prop component's composition.
    1. These four things lead to a near total loss in the intended utility of integrated/functional tests: as the code changes make sure nothing is broken.
    1. Whereas Webpack bundles all our JavaScript source code files into one bundle (including custom configured build steps), Babel enables us to use recent JavaScript features that are not supported by many browsers yet.
  45. Sep 2019
    1. . i have my foot on the pedal

      This is meant to say that he is the person that takes charge of his life and no one else. Also, by not using capital letters at the beginning of the sentence(s), it allows it to seem more intimate and less professional, scripted.

    2. my mom hugs

      The purpose of the poem is to portray the life of a Mexican immigrant in The United States and the relationship with his mom

  46. Jul 2019
    1. [21]  The Tax Court found that the object, spirit and purpose of section 84.1 was correctly identified in Descarries v. Canada, 2014 TCC 75 (CanLII), [2014] D.T.C. 1081: an anti-avoidance rule “to prevent taxpayers from performing transactions whose goal is to strip a corporation of its surpluses tax-free through the use of a tax-exempt margin or a capital gain exemption.” (reasons, paragraph 67).
  47. Apr 2019
  48. Feb 2019
    1. Groups that foster connected learning have shared culture and values, are welcoming to newcomers, and encourage sharing, feedback and learning among all participants

      Teaching our students to be open with others' differences is important when setting up their learning environment. We need to have a safe space for every single one of our students no matter who they are.

    1. communicating

      See Locke's second function of language: "for the communicating of our thoughts to others" (817). Although Locke is skeptical as to language's ability to accurately communicate these thoughts, apart from civic discourse. But Astell is referring here to meaning related to "those Truths."