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  1. Mar 2023
    1. implementing feedback sessions with our active community
    2. changes. As much as I try to anticipate the impact of what I do, I know I cannot anticipate every scenario.
    3. I know there is no standard or method that can meet the needs and experiences of all the people who will be affected by
    4. this helps us to accept that our community knows stuff we do not know. So we learn things about our work from the community.
    5. deep knowledge
    6. people who are holding knowledge on specific areas of our project (like me on product design), should be made responsible for communalizing this knowledge
    7. A radical feminist design approach means to me, the acceptance of differences, and the caring of these. Care work is a central aspect of design. For taking decisions I need to invest time to evaluate the situation responsibly. Designing for differences in a world ruled by universal thinking means sometimes designing ideas from scratch, and even rejecting the possibility of using solutions available
    8. Technology (just as capitalist economy) is based on rationalist and individualist paradigms that are afraid of differences and therefore work hard to erase these.
    9. Just as coding languages, the product we ideate and perform, has also languages and we choose these languages to be: participatory-design and radical feminism.
    10. that still rule the current technological landscape
    11. colonial policies
    12. language as a consequence of
    13. the universal
    14. English as modern lingua franca
    15. the fact that the majority of the code in the world -also open-source and free software code- is only available in English
    16. to make my work a complex task is a choice, a political one
    17. Confronting our dominance, even when this implies much more work for me, as well for all my colleagues.
    18. decolonial design
    19. Changing habits is difficult, changing hegemonic habits, in hegemonic people, is a constant struggle.
    20. People around the world(s) are obliged to learn these platforms, to be even considered as applicants to a job. So of course, if we have to already invested part of our ‘personal time’ to learn one technology, to fulfill the profile for getting a job, learning a second or third technology starts competing with visiting friends, going for dinner with our families, taking a walk in the park, or playing with our dog.
    21. I understand that objectivity has been in this colonized world an excuse of the white, middle class, occidental, cis-men to push his interest as a universal solution.
    22. Currently when people do not agree on an Agile working-process, they are considered lazy or slow, but this is mostly because they are not being productive to the capitalist interest.
    23. Fast delivering is the strategic aspect, for people to compete among each other, in order to be the next ‘first ones’, to deliver something, and get the credits for it.
    24. Fast delivering and constantly changing are necessities of capitalism for maintaining its hegemony.
    25. I strongly believe people want to make autonomous decisions, people want to be engaged in decision making, and people are capable of depicting complexity, it is just a matter of regaining confidence and freedom.
    26. Every decision I make in product design involves prioritization. And this process is strictly aligned to the political positions I follow. Therefore transparency in my/our decisions is essential to avoid frustration, both in the communities using what I design, like you, and in all people involved in the design process.