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    1. https://maya.land/notetaking/

      Maya.land talks about their methods of note taking and a nice looking TiddlyWiki set up hosted on Glitch.me.

    1. https://opml.glitch.me/

      Get websites and RSS Feeds of the people you follow on Twitter. Import the OPML-file with your favorite feedreader. Examples: Feedly, Inoreader Tiny Tiny RSS, NewsBlur.

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    1. The exploit triggers conversation and has the potential to open up a space for discussions about code and software, but this is only one way of understanding the rhetoric of the exploit.

      Street Fighter is a video game that is known specifically for its glitches. For regular players of the game, glitch is normalized as a regular part of play. For example, the Street Fighter wiki returns 30 results for the search term "glitch." The difference, however, is introduced through ways in which individuals discuss the activity of exploiting such glitches. This Street Fighter discussion thread reveals some contention among users as to whether or not exploiting glitches in the game constitutes "cheating." Significantly, in this paragraph, Brown models a method for talking about glitch in a way that diffuses assumptions of dishonesty. See Boyle "Glitch"