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  1. Mar 2024
    1. 45:00 We used to be "out of touch" before the age of smartphones.

      The argument made that what if something bad happens is historically ungrounded. We could go on hours without a smartphone.

  2. May 2020
  3. Jun 2019
    1. ‘This idea that every kid has to have one device per student is going to seem obscene in 20 years’ time when these devices aren’t sustainable anymore. The amount of rare minerals and just plastic products and power and everything associated with using technology use needs to be rethought,’ he says.

      This is a point that I tried to capture in my reflection on mobile devices.

  4. Jul 2018
    1. the more devastating impacts of pedal-to-the-metal digital capitalism fall on the environment and global poor. The manufacture of some of our computers and smartphones still uses networks of slave labor. These practices are so deeply entrenched that a company called Fairphone, founded from the ground up to make and market ethical phones, learned it was impossible. (The company’s founder now sadly refers to their products as “fairer” phones.)Meanwhile, the mining of rare earth metals and disposal of our highly digital technologies destroys human habitats, replacing them with toxic waste dumps, which are then picked over by peasant children and their families, who sell usable materials back to the manufacturers.

      Adam Greenfield touches on this in his book Radical Technologies, see an extract here.

  5. Apr 2016
  6. Dec 2015
    1. Mozilla's Firefox OS is just the latest in a long list of mobile operating systems that have struggled to get the attention of consumers, who have typically shied away from upstarts often characterized by a weak selection of apps available. That hard-luck list includes Microsoft's Windows Phone, Samsung's Tizen, Jolla's Sailfish OS, Canonical's Ubuntu, Hewlett-Packard's WebOS and BlackBerry's BlackBerry OS.
    2. "We are definitely working with a good number of partners who desire a non-Android OS to power their mobile devices," Acadine founder and Chief Executive Li Gong told CNET. He declined to detail discussions but said, "We are now the frontrunner in terms of choice in this space."

      Hong Kong-based startup Acadine Technologies may take over development of Firefox OS, as H5OS.

    1. Mobile users have a constant low-level awareness of their device; the possibility that communication may arrive at any instant inhabits their awareness. It’s like you’re expecting a visitor sometime or have a pot slowly boiling in the other room, your attention is split.
  7. Nov 2015