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  1. Jan 2023
    1. The myth of technology is

      The myth of technology - is - the myth that the software issues are technical; - whereas what matters is - communicating to the mind and heart of the user, - and that is not a technical issue at all.

      do how : annotations & TrailMarks - instead of tags - compose Clues

      compose : Clue - Clue consist of two parts a Clue Term and - an Outline - (possibly nested) ordered list of items - where items can be text images html fragment or nested clues

  2. Jul 2022
    1. A special case is when the content is program code, and the environment becomes an intelligent IDE
      • Within Indyweb ecosystem,
      • would this be when a user uses Trailmarks to identify a potentially useful application
      • and a bounty can then be offered to app developers
      • to develop an Indyweb app
      • to process the new function?
    2. interactive documents that capture more richly what the user is trying to accomplish.
      • Once again, is Indyweb and Trailmarks doing this?
      • If so, can you provide some examples?
    3. The environment can operate on these intentions and assist the user to create semantically richer documents that can be processed and executed, similar to a spreadsheet.

      @Gyuri, * Is this what Indyweb and specifically Trailmarks is also attempting to do? * Is there an example you can provide for clarification?