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  1. Feb 2024
    1. Hugh will be the first to produce aconcordance to the Bible, to break the book down and rearrange itinto an alphabetical index of its words.

      Hugh of Saint-Cher was the first person to produce a concordance of the Bible around 1230.

    2. In fact, this final detail is a mistake, an anachronism. Hugh died acouple of decades too early to have benefitted from this invention:two magnifying glasses bound together by a rivet in their handles.

      The image of Hugh of Saint-Cher wearing glasses in the fresco at the former convent of San Niccolò, Chapter Room, Treviso, is an anachronism as their invention was decades following his death in 1263.

  2. Oct 2023
  3. Dec 2022
    1. Ephesus was cut off from trade and communication (today it isseveral miles inland); by the thirteenth century, it was all butdeserted.

      The river mouth at Ephesus gradually filled with silt and eventually "moved" the location several miles inland. As a result, over time it went from a thriving port city to a nearly deserted town by the thirteenth century as the result of being cut off from trade and communication.