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  1. Aug 2018
  2. Apr 2017
    1. and set us at variance with nations, who would otherwise seek our friendship, and against whom we have neither anger nor complaint.

      This sentence was added by the British printer. It does not appear in the American edition. Why might Almon have added this? What does it do to the effect of the previous statement? Find out more in the essay, "Holes in the Cloth: What Got Left Out of the British Edition of Common Sense?"

    1. P. S. The Publication of this new edition hath beendelayed, with a view of taking notice (had it been neces-sary) of any attempt to refute the doctrine of independ-ance: As no answer hath yet appeared, it is now pre-sumed that none will, the time needful for getting - sucb aperformance ready for the public being considerably past. Who the author of this production is, is wholly unneces-sary to the public, as the object for attention is the Doctrineitself, not the Man. Yet it may not be unnecessary to sayThat he is unconnected with any party, and under no sortof influence public or private, but the influence of reasonand principle.

      Thomas Paine added this post scriptum to his original introduction.

    1. A NEW EDITION, with several Additions in the Body of theWork. To which is added an APPENDIX ; together with anAddress to the People called QUAKERS. N. B. The New Addition here given increases the Work upwardsof One-Third.

      Not only did the British printer J. Almon remove portions of the text that may be found treasonous, but in several areas he inserted additional lines into the original text.

      The appendix and the treatise on the Quakers are not included in this digital edition.

  3. Oct 2013
    1. Needs a resources section with links to flyers etc, or make it more clear that they will recieve them when pressing a "Take back your town" button.