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  1. Apr 2024
  2. Jan 2024
    1. Web assimilation is the extent of organizational use of web technologies in facilitating e-commerce strategies and activities. Our definition focuses on the relative success of firms (as compared to other firms in the industry) in incorporating the Web technology into its e-commerce strategies and activities. This definition is consistent with perspectives on Type III IS innovations, with earlier treatments of IT assimilation at the organizational level (Armstrong and Sambamurthy 1999), and reflects our interest in understanding firms as innovation systems for attaining differential levels of technology assimilation success (Fichman 2001). We regard the level of assimilation to be one of the visible outcomes of the stream of structuring actions across the firm. Further, we anticipate the differential level of assimilation success across firms to be linked to the nature of the institutional enablers or the metastructuring actions within those firms.

      Definition and further explanation of the mean of Web Asssimilation.

  3. Feb 2023
    1. Despite that the original St. Patrick’s Day was an effort to celebrate Irish culture, daily discrimination still wore on Irish communities. Moreover, Anglo American society pushed the Irish to assimilate into mainstream culture—in other words, to become more American than Irish. This assimilation occurred twofold: not only did Irish Americans suppress their own heritage, but many sought to turn the discrimination they faced against others, such as toward Black Americans and other immigrant groups. To escape oppression, they would oppress others

      Assimilation as a cycle: changing our own ways of doing in order to fit in doesn't just help us to "escape oppression" because part of fitting in means adopting ways of doing that include acting out oppression.

  4. Dec 2021
  5. Jun 2021
    1. when i was in high school just a high school in chester pennsylvania there was like english class there was also like a card game that was happening in the back of the room

      when i was in high school just a high school in chester pennsylvania there was like english class there was also like a card game that was happening in the back of the room and no one like asked those students what they were teaching in that card game because we were like supposed to be doing worksheets in english class but that's also an intellectual practice so like ...—Christopher R. Rogers (autogenerated transcript)

      I love the idea of this parable of a card game in an English class.

      Moral: Don't marginalize the card game in preference for the supposed main topic as it has its own power and value, and may in fact be more valuable to the participants and their lives than the "main conversation". Value the thing for itself and not for some perceived other thing. View it in a positive framing rather than in a negative one. Simultaneously, don't attempt to subvert it either to reframe or re-capture the topic. Let it be what it is.

  6. Mar 2021
    1. In the last months, as we prepared for the stable release of web support, we made lots of progress on performance optimization, adding a new CanvasKit-powered rendering engine built with WebAssembly.

      CanvasKit uses WebGL to render the application. This means that Web Extensions have little ability to shape or augment the user experience.

      This feels like an existential crisis for the web, a stripping away of the agency that the User Agent, the Browser, once offered. CanvasKit represents an existential crisis for the web, takes away all of the rich, interoperable systems of HTML, and replaces it with moving pictures.

      I had hoped the Flutter team would come in peace, but you are riding onto the web like rampaging conquerors. I hope a better balance can be struct.