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  1. Dec 2023
    1. well, someone finally made a "crypto-decentralized" #hypothesis. I guess that's a big deal.

      It is not everything I dreamed of; and it feels like the authors dont see the worth of the data feed. I wonder if anyone looks at this streaam.

  2. Jul 2023
    1. More than a century later, the American biologist Daniel Janzen extended this view in his paper ‘What Are Dandelions and Aphids?’ (1977).
      • A research paper "What are dadelions and aphids?
        • Biologist Daniel Janzen argues that
          • Much like the strawberry,
          • both dandelions and
          • aphids can (all) alternate between asexual and sexual reproduction.
        • Most of the dandelion clusters that you come across in the yard are clones resulting from asexual reproduction.
        • So from the perspective of evolution, Janzen argued, all these clones are part of the same scattered individual.
        • On this view, a single dandelion is not actually the familiar small plant;
          • it’s more akin to ‘a very large tree with no investment in trunk, major branches, or perennial roots.
        • It has a highly diffuse crown.’ -
  3. Dec 2022
  4. Nov 2022
    1. 自己虽然有梯子,可以正常访问github页面,但是在发现“git clone”命令速度特别慢,有时还经常卡掉。本文通过设置git 代理,解决被墙问题。

      git clone 无法拉取被墙的 repo

  5. Aug 2021
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  6. Jul 2021
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  7. Apr 2021
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