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  1. Aug 2023
    1. Project that is the EU part of iBOL, the international barcode of life consortium. A DNA base of life forms. Asked them if they are in touch w any citizen science groups in NL.

    1. Dr Christina Lynggaard, Molecular Ecology and Evolution. Does eDNA Profile lists a number of additional publications on this topic.

    1. We provide evidence for the spatial movement and temporal patterns of airborne eDNA and for the influence of weather conditions on vertebrate detections. This study demonstrates airborne eDNA for high-resolution biomonitoring of vertebrates in terrestrial systems and elucidates its potential to guide global nature management and conservation efforts in the ongoing biodiversity crisis.

      eDNA not just useful for presence detection but also for movement across space and time.

    1. https://ecoevo.social/@biodiversity/110790626800847007

      Dr Christina Lynggaard, University of Copenhagen, shows an air sampler for DNA. eDNA as a way to do species observation.

    1. eDNA sampling is dna sampled from the environment, not from organisms. Can be sampled from air. Do I know of eDNA citizen science projects?

  2. Sep 2021
    1. Fundamentos pedagógicos. En el PEI de la institución pudimos identificar las tendencias pedagógicas del colegio universitario de socorro como lo son: el aprendizaje significativo- humanista y constructivista, al igual orientan contenidos al estudio del medio ambiente.