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    1. Erneuerbare Energien sind der wichtigste Treiber des Wirtschaftswachstums in China. Zugleich droht China die Klimaziele für 2025 zu verfehlen. 2023 hat der Energieverbrauch um 5,7% zugenommen. Zwischen 2021 Uhr und 2023 wuchsen die CO2-Emissionen jährlich um durchschnittlich 3, 8%. Ein Hauptgrund dafür ist die Stimulierung der Wirtschaft in China selbst und den Ländern, in die China exportiert, nach der Covid-Krise. https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2024/feb/22/growth-in-co2-emissions-leaves-china-likely-to-miss-climate-targets

  2. Feb 2024
    1. https://web.archive.org/web/20240215084925/https://bc.ctvnews.ca/air-canada-s-chatbot-gave-a-b-c-man-the-wrong-information-now-the-airline-has-to-pay-for-the-mistake-1.6769454

      Air Canada in a dispute about misleading information from an AI chatbot suggested the chatbot was its own entity and responsible for its own actions, therefore Air Canada not liable for anything it generated. AI Act specifically introduces responsibilities throughout an AI tool's lifecycles, as well as the AI consumer liabilities act. Vgl [[AI Act final annotaties]]

    1. Die Daten des europäischen Klimaservice Copernicus ergeben, dass die Temperaturen erstmals über 12 Monate mehr als 1,5° über dem vorindustriellen Durchschnitt lagen. Jeder Monat seit dem vergangenen Juni war im globalen Durchschnitt der wärmste Monat seit Beginn der Aufzeichnungen. Johan Rockström, der Direktor des Potsdam Instituts für Klimafolgen-Forschung, sprach von einer Warnung für die Menschheit, dass wir uns schneller als erwartet auf die 1,5° Grenze zubewegen. https://taz.de/EU-Klimadienst-Copernicus/!5991185/

      Copernicus-Meldung: https://climate.copernicus.eu/surface-air-temperature-january-2024

    1. EU countries still have room to influence how the AI law will be implemented, as the Commission will have to issue around 20 acts of secondary legislation. The AI Office, which will oversee AI models, is also set to be significantly staffed with seconded national experts.

      Can I find these '20', are they mentioned in the Act? If so they will likely be implementing regulations (IRs) where the Commission has the initiative (like with the HVD IR).

  3. Jan 2024
    1. David Letterman kept the Ed Sullivan Theater around 55 degrees F because the temperature keeps the audience alert.

      Apparently back in the 80s, Dave experimented with different temperatures on different shows. He tried 75 one day. 65 another day. The day he went with 55, jokes really hit and from then on that was the temperature. http://www.sandpapersuit.com/2011/07/why-letterman-keeps-his-studio-so-cool.html

      Some folks say David Letterman doesn’t want to break into a sweat during intense interviews under hot studio lights. But, according to George Clarke, Theater and Building Engineer for CBS, the cool air makes the sound crisper and keeps the audience more alert. “Crowd reaction is very important in this business, and the comedy stays fresh in the cold, too” says Clarke...

      At about 5 o’clock each week night, Clarke and his boss, Joe Soldano, Building Manager, must make sure that the temperature of the Ed Sullivan Theater is pulled down to 50° F before the audience arrives. The MULTISTACK chiller has never failed to cool things down. “The stagehands call this place ‘the refrigerator’.” In the filming rooms everyone sits around in winter coats, hats and gloves. They, too, are kept crisp and alert by the cool temperature. via http://www.multistack.com/casestudies/david_letterman.aspx

  4. Dec 2023
    1. Fast international travel will, at least temporarily, have to be for urgent or emergency purposes only. A triage approach is needed to ensure that the reallocation of society’s small carbon budget, its labour and resources, are used wisely to provide for a thriving society.
      • for: climate crisis - air travel, climate crisis - triage approach, climate communications - SRG suggestion - energy diet

      • comment

        • Kevin's use of the term triage is aligned to a Stop Reset Go strategy of reframing the challenges in the next few years in terms of a potentially temporary energy diet
        • That may be more palatable for transition for people accustomed to the existing high carbon lifestyle culture to accept
        • The potential of developing alternative energy resources plus a shift to low energy / high efficiency lifestyle could get us to the target and provide incentive for a drastic energy consumption cut
  5. Nov 2023
    1. Untersuchungen zeigen, dass die COP28 mit dem Emissions Peak für Treibhausgase zusammenfallen könnte. Um das 1,5°-Ziel zu erreichen, müssten allerdings die Emissionen bis 2030 um die Hälfte sinken. https://www.theguardian.com/environment/ng-interactive/2023/nov/29/cop28-what-could-climate-conference-achieve

    1. frontier model'

      a term sourced from the industry itself to 'protect' other foundational models from this very same legislation.

    2. https://web.archive.org/web/20231125082820/http://donaldclarkplanb.blogspot.com/2023/11/eu-ai-legislation-is-firming-up-ill-add.html

      Donald on the AI act. I wonder if he's read it. The premise seems to be that regulating a market is bad for innovation, and that you shouldn't regulate your own market when others aren't doing that for theirs and therefore then will out-innovate you. The underlying assumption seems that adhering to civic rights is tying your hands in innovation, and settting market rules is bad because innovation is a wild west. I call bs.

    3. We had a taste of all this when Italy banned ChatGPT. They relented when they saw the consequences.

      Donald being disingenous here. Italy never banned ChatGPT, it was disallowing OpenAI to operate as it wasn't responding to GDPR related issues (not providing a contact person for the DPA to interact with being one of them, the other absence of age check, no justification for presence of personal data in training data). The trigger was a security breach where paying user's financial info and their stored prompts/answers were leaking into/accessible in other user accounts. Once OpenAI communicated (not meaning the other GDPR issues were solved, just that they communicated) the restriction was lifted. It was a matter of a few weeks. Otherwise known as the 'pinch and peep' method. If you can't get a response, you pinch them until they peep. Italy stopped pinching as soon as OpenAI peeped.

    4. Certainly not for the US, and as for China,

      This is the actual point of the laws under discussion. Not the EU having to 'speak for the whole world', but to not have the USA or China speak for the EU. It's a geopolitical issue, and the EU's proposition starts in a very different place than the other two mentioned. Which is the key thing.

    5. At only 5.8% of the world’s population, there is the illusion that it speaks for the whole world.

      The AI act defines market access condtions for products. The EU is the biggest market, and as such its acts do regularly have a normative impact outside it. The AI sector is clamoring for 'safety' and 'guard rails' (or was it pulling up the ladder, I might be confused), this is the only act that actually starts from the premise, if not formulated by the industry itself (which likely is the actual problem felt).

    6. Unlike common law, such as exists in England, US, Canada and Australia, where things are less codified

      Do you spot the pattern Donald in that list of countries? And then has the gall to write in the next sentence about the EU "having the illusion to speak for the whole world". Common law is problematic as can't at all be geared to the complexity of many current areas. And the constitutional primacy of statutory law in the countries mentioned means it's limited as otherwise cohesion is lost. Statutory law can be changed and routinely is. All EU directives have a periodical review and change process built in, all regulations have mechanism in the law to monitor and review their working with an eye to change.

    7. One problem with EU law is its fixity.

      oh dear. Actually wrt the entire framework it is rather future proof as it isn't built on specific technologies or naming products etc. It is all about types of use and areas of consequences.

    8. It hauls in the Digital Services Act (DSA), Digital Markets Act (DMA), General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), as well as the new regulation on political advertising, as well as the Platform Work Directive (PWD) – are you breathless while reading that sentence? It could become an octopus with tentacles that reach out into all sorts areas making it impossible to interpret and police.

      Silly remark. The EU is legislatiing a framework for a digital and data single market. It is adding digital products and data to the freedom of movement of people, products and capital. And is he really denouncing 'complexity' here, given his field of expertise which is riddled with it? There's a long list of other regulations that should be added to them. Missing here e.g. is the DGA and DA as well as the forming of data spaces which aim to provide more data in a responsible fashion, also to AI products and their development. Unlike a lot of other EU regs, this whole set is remarkably consistent, in aiming at a level playing field, strengthening rights and values, and maximising socio-economic use value. It regulates the market, and I suspect that is actually what grates. Innovation isn't helped by unregulated markets, but that is the presumption here it seems.

    9. By looking for deeper universal targets they may make the same mistake as they did over consent and lose millions of hours of lost productivity as we all have to deal with ‘manage cookies’ pop-ups and no one ever reads consent forms.

      the cookies pop-ups are not required by law at all, nor are consentforms as they appear on the web. Adtech companies came up with them (and various versions being slapped down by the courts) to keep on tracking you despite the GDPR. Also the web isn't the only place the GDPR aims at, so keeping them up as examples of 'looking for deeper universal targets' is a category error. The pop-ups and darkpattern consent forms are because adtech companies don't want to admit adtech is illegal. The actual problem is the limited speed at which the courts are making that clear to them.

    10. Rather than focus on actual applications, they have an eye on general purpose AI and foundational models.

      yes, adding in foundational models at a late stage is caused by the industry itself being opaque about them while they became highly visible through ChatGPT style stuff. The AIR is only about market access of products, with putting obligations on producers, distributors, users and users of outputs. It's not much different from how other types of products are required to fulfill certain things before being sold in the EU. It's literally a CE mark for AI products.

    11. the ban on biometric data

      No such ban in the AI Act. Several use cases of biometric data are considered high risk, face recognition in public spaces is banned (for the purpose of identification, not for e.g. age recognition). Biometric verification and authentication, or biometrics based systems wrt cybersecurity or personal data protection are not in scope.

    1. 清晰音質是同步口譯的必要條件,請大家告訴大家


    1. Auf den Öl- und Gasfeldern der Vereinigten Arabischen Emirate, darunter vielen, die der staatlichen Gesellschaft Adnoc gehören, wurde in den vergangenen 20 Jahren in großem Umfang routinemäßig Gas abgefackelt, was zu hohen Methanemissionen führt. Die Emirate hatten sich verpflichtet, das Abfackeln schnell zu reduzieren. Die dieser Selbstverpflichtung krass widersprechende Praxis gilt bei NGO als weiterer Beleg dafür, dass Selbstverpflichtungen der Fossilindustrie nicht getraut werden kann. https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2023/nov/17/cop28-host-uae-breaking-its-own-ban-on-routine-gas-flaring-data-showsactor

    1. https://web.archive.org/web/20231108195303/https://axbom.com/aipower/


      Per Axbom does a nice overview of actors and stakeholders to take into account when thinking about AI's impact and ethics. Some of these are mentioned in the [[EU AI Regulation]] but not all actors mentioned there are mentioned here I think: EU act not only defines users (of the application) but also users of the output of an application separately. This to ensure that outputs from un-checked or illegal applications outside the EU market are admissable to the EU market.

  6. Oct 2023
    1. Concern whether market regulators will be capable enough for the AI act, in a post market access perspective. Vgl in NL NMA en AP worden de AI autoriteit, maar beiden kunnen dit niet.

  7. Sep 2023
    1. “In a few months’ time, this government will not be accountable for the severe consequences that may follow from the Schiphol decision, particularly with respect to relations with the Netherlands’ trading partners, and lost jobs and prosperity at home,”
      • for: KLM cap, air travel cap, flight cap, degrowth
      • comment
        • “In a few months’ time, this government will not be accountable for the severe consequences that may follow from the Schiphol decision, particularly with respect to relations with the Netherlands’ trading partners, and lost jobs and prosperity at home,”
        • This comment ONLY refers to things economic, and NOTHING to climate boiling, which air travel is a significant contributor to.'
        • If they saw it coming from years ago, why did they not adapt? It is their failure to adapt itself that places themselves in a self-created position of vulnerability
        • During a transition as unprecedented as this, the governments of the world must invoke policy that gives protection to workers in industries such as the airline industry and all industries downstream of it so that they can survive the transition as such jobs vanish or morph.
          • Indeed, this is one of the major tenets of degrowth advocates. A Universal Basic Income and job retraining to sustainable jobs is the responsible thing to do to protect from job losses.
    2. KLM on Friday called the cap "incomprehensible" and said implementing it would damage the Netherlands’ economy.
      • for: degrowth, air travel cap, KLM cap,
      • comment

        • incomprehensible is defined as :
        • yet on KLM's website, they appear aware of climate change and even make the following commitment:

          • https://news.klm.com/klm-groups-co2-emission-reduction-targets-for-2030-approved-by-sbti/
          • "KLM Group’s CO2 emission reduction targets for 2030 approved by SBTi
          • Together with Air France-KLM and Air France, the KLM Group commits to reducing its CO2 emissions by 30% per revenue tonne kilometre (RTK) by 2030, compared to base year 2019; -The Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi) has approved that – in compliance with the Paris Agreement – the emission reduction target for 2030 adheres to the well-below 2°C trajectory; -The validation marks an important milestone in KLM’s sustainability roadmap, which encompasses actions aimed at achieving its 2030 CO2 reduction target."
        • Clearly, they understand the intent of this action. It is not "incomprehensible" KLM language attempts to convey that the cap is not informed by rational thinking, while the rationale is quite obvious.

        • KLM officials must be aware of the record breaking extreme weather events as well as the dire climate situation and planetary tipping points, yet they are not including this in their media statement. All they mention is the economic impact on the
        • Logically, fossil fuel dependent businesses such as the airline industry will fight hard to keep their business alive.Government has to regulate when industry and society are too slow to respond to existential threats such as global boiling.
        • Perhaps a more transparent response would be to say they don't agree with it because they want to continue BAU and are against measures that significantly impact their bottom line, even if it is necessary for the survival of our civilization.
  8. Aug 2023
    1. https://ecoevo.social/@biodiversity/110790626800847007

      Dr Christina Lynggaard, University of Copenhagen, shows an air sampler for DNA. eDNA as a way to do species observation.

    1. eDNA sampling is dna sampled from the environment, not from organisms. Can be sampled from air. Do I know of eDNA citizen science projects?

    1. The Shift Project has estimated that if only 3% of festival-goers attending the Vieilles Charrues Festival come by plane, they account for more than 60% of carbon emissions linked to public transport!
      • for carbon inequality, carbon emissions - air travel, carbon emissions - concerts, stats - air travel - concerts
      • paraphrase
      • stats
        • The Shift Project has estimated that
          • if only 3% of festival-goers attending the Vieilles Charrues Festival come by plane, they account for more than 60% of carbon emissions linked to public transport!
        • Tomorrowland concert - close to 25,000 festival-goers fly in via "party flights"
        • North America Burning Man - 20% of festival goers fly in
        • In general, the largest footprint for famous cultural events is air travel
  9. Jul 2023
    1. Instead of dumping the humidity outdoors, why not have an option to condense it to a water holding tank, thus offsetting the need to purchase water? This sounds like it might even be able to distill water, which would further save money for those who need distilled water for apnea devices and other uses.

      • for: inequality, 1%, carbon inequality private jets, carbon emissions, patriotic millionaires
      • title
        • He’s a millionaire with a private jet. But now he’s selling it for the sake of the environment
      • source
      • date
        • July 13, 2023
      • Stephen Prince, vice-chair of the Patriotic Millionaires – a group of wealthy Americans pushing for higher taxes which also contributed to the report – is giving up his Cessna 650 Citation III.
    1. Air pollution from burning coal, driving cars, and using fire to clear land, among other activities, is the fourth-leading cause of death worldwide, killing about 5.5 million people each year.
      • Air pollution impacts
        • 5.5 million people die each year of air pollution from
          • burning coal
          • driving cars
          • burning fires to clear land
            • and forest fires
  10. Jun 2023
    1. As the EU heads toward significant AI regulation, Altman recently suggested such regulation might force his company to pull out of Europe. The proposed EU regulation, of course, is focused on copyright protection, privacy rights, and suggests a ban on certain uses of AI, particularly in policing — all concerns of the present day. That reality turns out to be much harder for AI proponents to confront than some speculative future

      While wrongly describing the EU regulation on AI, author rightly points to the geopolitical reality it is creating for the AI sector. AIR is focused on market regulation, risk mitigation wrt protection of civic rights and critical infrastructure, and monopoly-busting/level playing field. Threatening to pull out of the EU is an admission you don't want to be responsible for your tech at all. And it thus belies the ethical concerns voiced through proximate futurising. Also AIR is just one piece of that geopolitical construct, next to GDPR, DMA, DSA, DGA, DA and ODD which all consistently do the same things for different parts of the digital world.

  11. May 2023
  12. Apr 2023
    1. Extending the life of electronic products and re-using electrical components brings an even larger economic benefit, as working devices are certainly worth more than the materials they contain. A circular electronics system - one in which resources are not extracted, used and wasted, but re-used in countless ways - creates decent, sustainable jobs and retains more value in the industry.

      This paragraph caught my attention for several reasons. The first is that it was one of the first paragraphs that I actually understood what it was saying. Additionally, it made me feel like I could do something about it. When it said that reusing electrical components are better, it helped me see a clear way that I can direct effect this. Finally, I thought this paragraph was interesting because it talked about creating jobs. This is important to note because more and more people are going to school for something involving technology. This creates jobs for that specific group of people.

  13. Mar 2023
    1. 1% of the world's population is responsible for an estimated 50% of emissions from commercial air transport, most of this associated with premium class air travel of affluent frequent fliers
      • Quote
        • carbon inequality stat
          • 1% of the world's population is responsible for 50% of emissions from commercial air transport
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    1. finally the boundary on air pollution on aerosols a boundary which we today have scientific evidence that it actually has 00:07:02 impacts on regulating the state of the atmosphere and the hological cycle pushing the monsoon systems in the southern hemisphere particularly into less rainfall

      Fifth boundary : air pollution

    1. how to use low-cost sensors to provide real-time, local-scale air quality information. EPA and state and local agencies face persistent challenges meeting such air quality information needs, including challenges in understanding the performance of low-cost sensors.

      GAO statement on low cost senstors

    1. ince September 17, the extens

      HoLU sensor kits, some dutch talk about calibration that needs to be translated, but seems to confuse collocation correction with calibration

    1. Sensor technology is getting cheaper and better. Sensors to measure air quality are also

      second version of dutch HOLU-kit

    1. f you have a sensor kit from Hollandse Luchten, we urge you to disconnect the humidity meter. We recently found out that the humidity

      They quit using these HoLu kits as the data was unrealiable. Here they were removing the humidity sensor as it was causing some problems

    1. ost commercially available sensors are expensive, and cannot be altered orextended to accommodate your specific data collection needs. In open hardware

      open hardware approach (2018) from Waag group

    1. These ‘HoLu kits’ are being distributed in pilots to residents who live in regions where the air quality is poor, such as around the Tata steel factory in the IJmond area. We teach citizens to measure the surrounding air quality and to interpret the data.

      Smart Citizen Lab aspart of Waag.

      pay attention to the HoLu project

  16. Dec 2022
    1. Project description sensortoolkit - Air Sensor Data Analysis Library

      EPA sensor toolkit read the docs with python code

    1. It is a standard practice to test 3 or more identicalsensors at the same time because

      use of three sensors

    2. , the U.S.EPA published reports (hereincalled ‘Targets Reports’) thatprovide recommendations on howto evaluate air sensors thatmeasure criteria pollutan

      EPA target reports



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    1. emma o kelly [@emma_okelly]. (2021, December 6). I was @scoilidepps today looking at ventilation. Built in 60’s with dual aspect classrooms for cross ventilation. Handy outdoor ‘corridors’ too. All designed to prevent the spread of TB. School has also bought HEPA filters for classes. Re Covid it has managed pretty well so far. Https://t.co/KgZgABDeDL [Tweet]. Twitter. https://twitter.com/emma_okelly/status/1467922855333699587

    1. David Fisman. (2021, December 15). HEPA air cleaners in hospital...lets compare cost to ECMO. ECMO course in the US costs around $93,000 CDN; US cost:charge ratio is around 0.2, so let’s say that’s $20,000 CDN. That’s the cost of 50 high end hepa air cleaners! Or you could do 250 CR boxes at around $80 a pop. [Tweet]. @DFisman. https://twitter.com/DFisman/status/1471259305961828355

    1. It will, here again, find amplematerial in the short circuits of Duchamp’s antiart objects: “Metaphor ‘taken atthe letter’: a geometry book suspended by a thread (‘geometry in space’),” not tomention “the ‘Paris air’ ampule.” 10



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    1. Faktor geologi berupa endapan alluvial yang memiliki permeabilitas umumnya rendah dan berada pada topografi landai hingga datar menyebabkan terjadinya intrusi air laut terhadap airtanah dangkal.

      Penyebab intrusi air laut disebabkan oleh jenis material dan juga adanya pengaruh topografi. Sehingga dalam penentuan daerah intrusi air laut hal yang perlu diperhatikan terlebih dahulu ialah apakah material di daerah tersebut memiliki parameter aquifer yang mendukung adanya transport air laut kedaratan, seperti permeabiltas dan porositas.

    2. Pengambilan sampel diperoleh dari sumur gali penduduk sebanyak 100 sampel (n=100) pada periode Maret-Juli 2019 dengan variasi jarak dari pantai 0,04-5,52 km dan elevasi muka airtanah (MAT) antara 0,43-30,01 mdpl.

      Data yang diambil dalam penelitian ini ialah data sumur gali, elevasi, dan juga pada saat kapan data itu diambil. Sehingga untuk peneliti selanjutnya dapat melakukan hal yang sama dan hanya mengkomparasi antara data sebelumnya dan data yang didapatkan.

    1. Genangan air yang tampak jernih membenamkan seluruh pekarangan dan sebagian lantai rumah yang terletak dua kilometer dari muara Sungai Kakap, Kubu Raya, Kalimantan Barat.

      Genangan air bukan hanya membebankan pekarangan rumah tp juga dapat merusak barang-barang masyarakat yang berdampak terhadap genangan air tersebut

  23. Nov 2021
    1. Gösling and Humpe found that no more than 1% of the world population likely accounts for half of aviation emissions.30

      Wow! Will carbon neutral fuels be greenwashing or real solutions? Will carbon neutral SpaceX flights be greenwashing, or real carbon neutrality?

    1. 𝚃𝚘𝚖 𝙻𝚊𝚠𝚝𝚘𝚗 💙. (2021, October 30). From the paper—Ventilation makes a big difference further away, but below 1-1.5m then you’d have to be in a gale to be safe! ✅DISTANCE if you can ✅VENTILATE - works even within 2m, but sadly not so much within 1-1.5m ✅PPE if you have to get close #COVIDisAirborne https://t.co/wYuWdG47He [Tweet]. @LawtonTri. https://twitter.com/LawtonTri/status/1454355692593328132

  24. Oct 2021
  25. Sep 2021
    1. Helleis, Frank, Klimach, Thomas, & Pöschl, Ulrich. (2021). Vergleich von Fensterlüftungssystemen und anderen Lüftungs- bzw. Luftreinigungsansätzen gegen die Aerosolübertragung von COVID-19 und für erhöhte Luftqualität in Klassenräumen. https://doi.org/10.5281/ZENODO.5070421

    1. Derek Thompson. (2021, August 25). Adult hospitalizations since July 1 vs. Vaccinations, by state: 1) The relationship between more vaccines and less hospitalization is pretty straightforward. 2) Holy moly, Florida. Among states with more than one shot per person, FL really is on its own island of pain. Https://t.co/tuTAdUT0OM [Tweet]. @DKThomp. https://twitter.com/DKThomp/status/1430643278337163267

  26. Aug 2021