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  1. Nov 2021
    1. Calling a software convention "pretty 90s" somewhat undermines your position. Quite a lot of well-designed software components are older than that. If something is problematic, it would be more useful to argue its faults. When someone cites age to justify change, I usually find that they're inexperienced and don't fully understand the issues or how their proposed change would impact other people.
  2. Nov 2017
    1. however, did not take into account thepotential influence of the magmato-tectonic interactions on thefault growth, whereas all the faults are located in a highly volcaniccontext. Indeed, the influence of magma bodies on the fault activityhas been observed both at short and long time scales in Afar, and inother extensional regions (Mastin and Pollard, 1988; Rubin andPollard, 1988; Rubin, 1992; Gudmundsson, 2003; Gudmundssonand Loetveit, 2005; Doubre et al., 2007; Doubre and Peltzer,2007; Calais et al., 2008; Biggs et al., 2009; Medynski et al., 2013,2016).

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  3. Oct 2013
    1. Four faults of prose style, with illustrative examples: (1) misuse of compound words; (2) employment of strange words; (3) long, unseasonable, or frequent epithets; (4) inappropriate metaphors.