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  1. Aug 2022
    1. The attack could potentially be successful with much less, however. For instance, voter participation is typically very low, the network can be clogged so that honest participants have little chance to react, and dishonest MKR holders could collude with miners to censor voting and CDP collateral transactions. Another added complexity is that MKR is burned when closing a CDP. Thus an attacker in the MKR→Dai Exit Attack could seem to attack the oracle with <50% of MKR and, once the CDP holders start closing the CDPs, actually gain the full 50%.

      can be lower than 51%

      low voter participation clogged network colusion with miners to censor voting and CDP collateral tx

      when cdp is closed the MKR is burned, therefore an attacker could potentiall - through time - gain full 50%

  2. Jul 2020