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  1. Dec 2023
    1. better described by a phylogenetic network than a bifurcating tree.[1] Reticulate patterns can be found in the phylogenetic
      • for: salience mismatch - comparison - phylogenetic network - bifurcating tree

      • salience mismatch: comparison - phylogenetic network - bifurcating tree

        • Dec 11, 2023
        • Dec 12, 2023
          • Salience mismatch lifting. I think you are applying biomimcry here but the comarison between
            • evolution of living systems and
            • evolution of ideas
          • Two (or more) ideas can interact and give rise to a new idea
          • So at the very least, at least 3 ideas can exist autonomously, each being a source for new ideas.
    1. By consistently avoiding and devaluing the activities of the purple-side Archetypes, we have effectively disconnected the brakes, and disconnected our civilisation from reality.The orange-side
      • for: salience mismatch, question - provide examples - kariotic flow

      • question: Can Kylie provide an example of some damaging right side activities and how it could be corrected by including the corresponding left side activities?

      • for: kariotic flow

      • summary

        • While I appreciate the general idea, the explanation in terms of the 6 parts of the kariotic flow wheel is not clear. I found a strong salience mismatch

        • concrete examples would go a long way to bridge the explanatory gap between the salience landscape of the author and that of the reader

    2. Culturally, and throughout our global civilisation’s systems and structures, we systemically and continuously overemphasise the innovating-constructing-standardising Archetypal activities on the orange side of the Kairotic Flow cycle, while devaluing and avoiding the nurturing-decomposing-reorienting activities of the Archetypes on the purple side of the cycle.This might not sound like much, but the consequences are profound.
      • for: kariotic flow - metacrisis explanation, question - salience

      • question: salience

      • critique,: inadequate explanation
        • I don't understand the salience of why the right half needs that left half.
        • I think the ideas are too abstract and while years of experience may make the author familiar with our salience, to a new mind looking at the ideas for the first time, there is a salience mismatch because they semantic fingerprints are different
        • a few concrete examples of , how this works to explain the metacrisis would be very helpful
        • there isn't enough time spent illuminating and explaining what each of these 6b abstract ideas are our why they are assigned such strategic importance. Hence, I do not appreciate their salience and the salience mishmash occurs
  2. Feb 2023
  3. Dec 2022
    1. A rapidly heating climate puts things out of whack. Synchronicity and timing are all important; and when, for example, the instinctual migration of mammals and birds tied to “locked in” global rhythms and patterns fails to coincide (trophic mismatches) with the great warming-accelerated flourishing, flowering, and fruiting of once reliable food supplies, death and extinction follow.

      !- quotable : trophic mismatch !- important observation : natural cycle perturbations - global warming causes trophic mismatch - in which earlier or later flowering and fruiting will cause chaos in migration times

  4. Jul 2022
    1. A short interaction with any bureaucratic system wouldbe overwhelmingly convincing in this respect. Symbol-mediated systems that excel at objectifyingsome preselected outcomes, isolating and de-contextualising them, harnessing everything else for theircontinuous self-promotion, putting the production loop on a perpetual repeat and failing to makesense of the fact that the results are not what people originally had in mind—are they not ubiquitous?

      They are.

  5. Mar 2022
    1. Goldin-Meadow has found, learners who produce such speech-gesture mismatches are especially receptive to instruction—ready to absorb andapply the correct knowledge, should a parent or teacher supply it.

      gesture mismatch indicates reception to instruction

      People can demonstrate a mismatch between what they gesture and what they say. This mismatch occurs both during development as well as in adulthood and can often be seen during problem solving. Susan Goldin-Meadow had research that indicates that learners who demonstrate this sort of gesture mismatch are more receptive to instruction.

      Is there a way to encourage or force gesture mismatch as a means of improving pedagogy?



  6. Feb 2022
    1. A very visible aspect of the object-relational mismatch is the fact that relational databases don't support inheritance. You want database structures that map clearly to the objects and allow links anywhere in the inheritance structure. Class Table Inheritance supports this by using one database table per class in the inheritance structure.
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  9. Sep 2020
    1. And because it's real CSS, rather than some camelCased quotes-everywhere impostor, we can take advantage of the 'tweak in devtools, paste back into our source code' workflow, which I personally couldn't live without.
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    1. Now of course we know how React handles this conflict: it takes the new nodes in your virtual DOM tree — the waters in your flowing river — and maps them onto existing nodes in the DOM. In other words React is a functional abstraction over a decidedly non-functional substrate.

      To me this is a warning sign, because in my experience, the bigger the gap between an abstraction and the thing it abstracts, the more likely you are to suffer what programmers like to call ‘impedance mismatches’, and I think we do experience that in React.