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    1. If they offer it, it must be based on a relationship of trust no ? Would that be a good indicator of good values on the part of the lender ?

  5. Feb 2020
    1. Every mortgage settlement requires at least two parties—the lender and the borrower. Nearly all mortgages, however, also involve various third parties.

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    1. the ability of an organization to rapidly adapt and steer itself in a new direction

      This is critical for financial services, given the intensity and frequency of regulations this millenia (2002 on). Having an organization that is agile, in addition to having infrastructure that is agile. Imagine a mortgage company that can consume new regulations by reading, analyzing and implementing in operations, compliance (tracking, attestation, reporting) with relative ease - massive competitive advantage. Now imagine a mortgage company that innovates and is ahead of regulations and is ensuring that they are competitive through efficiencies and innovative products without introducing unnecessary risk to customers or to themselves through questionable practices. Possibly unstoppable?