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  1. Nov 2023
    1. in portland we've legalized the 00:12:50 transformation of street intersections into public squares as many as any residential neighborhood wants all of them if they like and then the streets that connect the intersections together are all available now for being recreated 00:13:02 and you are able to put things in this space between the sidewalk and the curb and between the sidewalk and your property line 00:13:15 free of charge and free of permit so really what you might say liberalized the community right of way to be reinvented based on the initiative of local residents who are right 00:13:32 there
      • for: question - ordinances for street intersection transformation

      • question: ordinances for street intersection transformation

        • how easy is this to do in other cities around the world? Check with city officials.
        • cars obviously still have to get to homeowner's garages so this does not stop automobile traffic
  2. Jun 2023
    1. Just as proper baptism was the beginning of the building upon the rock, so was the covenant of the sacrament. While the ordinance of baptism was a one-time, long-term commitment, the sacrament serves as a weekly opportunity to keep a proper foundation, the rock of Christ, under our quest for eternal life and to build upon it. For those who fail to observe their sacrament covenants, their foundation becomes one of sand and leads to an entrance into the gates of hell (18:13).
  3. Jun 2020