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  1. Nov 2021
  2. Apr 2020
    1. The FounderCharlie WilsonCEO, Salvex Corp.The founder, Charlie Wilson, has been dedicated for 30 years finding solutions in the circular economy through repurposing commercial assets. Putting social responsibility in front of profit has been our mission since 1990.
    2. Salvex is a global auction platform that handles the sale of surplus, salvage, scrap, damaged, bankrupt inventories for asset recovery, insurance, transportation
  3. Feb 2020
    1. GARCIA-NAVARRO: Yeah, the CBC sent a professional dumpster diver out to some major Toronto shopping malls while they were looking into this. And she found all kinds of boxes of new items just thrown in the trash. VASIL: It's really alarming, actually, when you realize how much is ending up in the trash that is perfectly good and still in functional condition.
  4. Feb 2017
    1. "progressive approach"

      Sounds a bit like our discussion on the Constitution/recycling. We use such laws as the basis of our society, yet we are human, every scenario and every circumstance is extreme in its differences.

  5. Sep 2013
    1. GORGIAS: Quite right, Chaerephon: I was saying as much only just now; and I may add, that many years have elapsed since any one has asked me a new one.

      Is Gorgias referring to the notion that there are no more original ideas only old ones recycled to fit in new situations? If he though that then, what would he be saying today?